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The gaming industry is expanding every now and then. Almost every day, a new video game is released to keep the gamers’ attention intact. If you are an online game freak or have vast knowledge in this field, write gaming guest blog post for us. You will earn the fame as a gaming blogger.


In today’s age, when we people are living in the era of video games, online games and digital media, we look for the latest news and articles in the gaming field where we will come to know about the latest release of new games, how to play them and what its features are. If you are game pro and would like to share your knowledge and gaming experience with the people of the world, then is the right platform to represent your skill.

At, we welcome new and passionate writers to write for us. If we find that your submitted article is fit for our website, we will make it live on our website and help you establishing your own reader base across the globe.

Write to us:

Why you should work for

  • You can work freely. There is no time limitation. Unlike other writing jobs where you are given deadline on projects, at you don’t have to worry about this. Write a guest blog post as per your convenient time and send it to us. Our editorial team will go through it properly and update you if it gets our approval.
  • As a game writer, you will get hundreds of topics to write as per your interest. You can write on whatever games you find interest. It will improve your writing skill to a great extent.
  • By writing gaming guest post for, you will get the maximum exposure on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and so on.
  • You can easily reach out to your target audience base and get maximum visibility.
  • You can improve your writing from suggestions and comments.
  • You will get the platform to share your own ideas and experience with the people of the world
  • As a writer, your horizon of knowledge will gradually expand in various fields
  • It will give utmost pleasure to share your experience and knowledge with your readers.
  • You may avail other opportunities for your excellence in content writing field

The best part of is that we accept all contents that are written by various writers either a beginner or an expert writer. We only make sure that the content belongs to our specified category of topic and adhere to our mentioned guidelines. When you write a quality content for us, you will get maximum visibility to our social media platforms. Not only this, if you have a twitter account or Pinterest account, we will allow you to promote it on these social media platforms.

At, we accept guest post request from all writers either a beginner or an experienced writer. All the writers are requested to focus on the category which means if you are writing a gaming blog, make sure the content is filled with gaming information. Therefore, if you would like to enhance the effectiveness of your guest blog post, this is the right platform.

We accept guest posts on various game related topics. The writers are requested to read all the guidelines carefully before writing as it will increase the chances of getting positive response from our side. So, feel free to write for us.

Gaming guest post guidelines

  1. The guest blog post you write for us should be informative, high quality and provide maximum value to the readers. We will not accept duplicate or spam content. At, we mainly aim at offering high-quality information to our readers. Make sure the content you write should be interesting and easy to read.
  2. The length of the content should not be less than 1000 words. This much of word count is required to write for our website. We only accept quality contents from our writers.
  3. The length of the article should be more than 1000 words and it must cover points and sub-headings to make it easy to read.
  4. The content should be organized the right way and it should be grammatically correct. We prefer those guest posts which are ready to publish on our website.
  5. The content should be 100% original and unique. We do not accept duplicate or spam content and therefore, it is a crucial factor which you should keep in mind.
  6. Make sure your guest post must include unique and useful information. As you are writing a guest for the readers, so you have to give utmost focus and attention on the topic. Your ultimate aim is to give high-quality information to the readers.
  7. The guest post you submit to us, it should not be published in any other website. Otherwise we will remove it from our website without giving any prior notification to the writer.

What we are looking for at

  • The fellow gamers who would like to share their gaming experience and knowledge with the people across the globe
  • People who are passionate about writing. This is a purely write from home concept where you can write as per your convenient time and determine when and how much content you would like to submit to us.
  • Knowledge about SEO is important of you would like to increase the visibility of your guest blog post. if you can write the content in a search engine friendly manner, your submitted post will be on top of the result page.

What we don’t accept

There are certain things we do not accept from the writers –

  • Any topic or post which is already live on our website. Please go through the posts that are live on our website before you choose a topic to write for our website.
  • We do not accept such type of content which has purely been written for link-building purposes
  • Any content which found too much promotional to publish on our website
  • Any content which is inaccurate or offensive will not be accepted by us
  • Any content which has been made overly critical for a company or organization will not be accepted by us

How to submit your post

  1. You must complete your writing in word doc
  2. You can attach relevant photographs to it
  3. You should write a short bio about yourself and if you want you can attach an image of yourself. We will publish it with your content
  4. Send it to us via filling up our contact us form from the website. Write down your subject name and paste the content on the content box.

Our expert editorial team will go through the content and if they find that it perfectly adheres to our mentioned guideline, we will publish it on our website and let you inform about this through notification.

Write to us:

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