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17 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Your Website in 2020

Plugin is nothing but a piece of software consisting of group of functions which can be combined with the WordPress website. They help to add certain new features to your WordPress website. So you need to know certain must have WordPress plugins to make your website work great which are listed as follows-

List of Important plugins you must have for your WordPress website:

1. Hummingbird Plugin

See to it that your site does not take more time to load. If this happens you are likely to loose your visitors. According to Google your site should not take more than two seconds to load. Here comes the role of hummingbird that helps you scan your website providing you an analysis of your website. You get the scores of your websites speed or if any glitch occurs you can easily fix it.

2. W3 Total Cache Plugin

W3 Total Cache precisely outlined to escalate the page load speed for WordPress sites. The W3 Total Cache enhances web server performance at the time of high traffic which is necessary for larger websites.

3. Defender Plugin:

Defender plugin shall help you out to keep your site secured and protect from hackers. Setting up a good defense system makes you less vulnerable to foreign attacks.

4. Jetpack Plugin:

Jetpack is another guide offering characteristics for your wordpress site. Along with this you get certain added features like upgraded site performance, other content tools. The best part of this is that Jetpack offers you number of mobile theme alternatives specially created for phone, tablets.

5. Akismet Plugin:

Akismet helps to remove all comments from your blogs, even if these comments were flagged, marked, unmarked will be highlighted in the history.

6. Google Analytics+ Plugin :

If you want to gain popularity for your website you must also use Google analytics, which is best tool for this purpose. It does not only track your page views, average visit duration, referrers but you can enable advanced settings to track your site’s statistics.

7. Sitemap Generator Plugin:

Google sitemap is essential to help search engines index your blog. With sitemap, web crawlers are able to see the architecture of your site and get back results in much less time.

8. Contact Form7 Plugin:

If you have numbers of contact forms, why not manage them via this plugin. If you make use of this contact form7, you can save time that is utilized in coding. It is a deadly condition while your backup is lost or somehow gets deleted. Having

9. Appointments+ Plugin:

Incase if you need to plan meetings, better use appointments + that helps you streamline your schedules that you avoid double booking the clients. The WordPress appointment booking manager is also another way to fix your meetings and consultations.

10. Marketpress eCommerce Plugin:

While you sell products on your site it is substantial to select the apt solution since you want shopping to be full of fun. You can use market press eCommerce networks to manage solutions for eCommerce networking.

11. Membership 2 Pro Plugin:

A trial version of the membership 2 Pro works with single as well as multi-site installs of WordPress platform, one of the easiest plugins to use. You can also try the free version of it.

12. Parasites Plugin:

The advantage of using a Prosites is creating networks of sites just like which have paid upgrades for creating sites, blogging. Designed for multi website networks, it can integrate with buddy press too.

13. YARPP Plugin:

YARPP is yet another related post plugin displays a list of pages that are relevant to the current post. This way YARPP provides users to make extra income by displaying sponsored content.

14. WP Smush Pro Plugin:

WP Smush Pro helps to upload images that you would be using for your sites and post it in the most luring way to capture your visitor’s attention. You can also compress images without losing its quality. You can also try the free version of WP Smush.

15. WP Mail SMTP Plugin:

The WP Mail SMTP plugin redesigns the WordPress delivered mail functions to make use of SMTP. Along with this you get a setup page that consists of a number of email options wherein you can set SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) username and password.

16. EZDFP Plugin:

EZDFP wordpress plugin facilitates integration of Google DFP Ads in your WordPress site. EZDFP makes it easy to insert ads and manage campaigns without any type of programming. Basically you find EZDFP offering you with modules like inventory management, ad targeting management, campaign management. This management is done through UI interface.

17. Snapshot Pro Plugin:

Having backup of your data is something you did not think about. For this, you can make use of Snapshot Pro. Or else you can also save your backups at discrete locations like Google drive, Amazon etc.


While you run a WordPress site, looking professional is equally essential at the same time. Your plugin can help you out to achieve branding of your site. These simple must have plugins are sure to offer you with better site performance and most best WordPress company uses these plugins.

Anjum Ruquiya
Anjum Ruquiya
Ruquiya Ansari holds a Master’s degree in Information technology. She is awarded a gold medal for being the topper in B.Sc(IT). She is working with a software company as a SEO specialist. In her free time, she enjoys writing articles on Social Media, SEO, Blogging, Internet Marketing and Business Technology. In her personal opinion, she believes in hard work and practice.
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