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Why Should You Suspend The Computer Instead Of Shutting It Down?

There are some false myths about the options of turning off the computer. We tell you the advantages of suspending or hibernating the device instead of turning it off.

If you use the computer with some frequency you will know that turning it off is a very uncomfortable process. First of all, we must close the programs and save our work. Then, when we turn it on again, we will have to wait patiently for the whole system to start up and restart all the programs and documents that we need. Suspend and hibernate the computer, on the other hand, keeps our session intact.

The truth is that modern computers are designed for the user to suspend the computer instead of turning it off. In this way we can close the lid of the laptop without worrying about saving or closing programs and, when we turn it on again, everything will be exactly as we left it.

The suspension makes the equipment work at very low power, keeping in RAM all the information about our session. The computer devotes a small amount of energy to keep the volatile memory operational. Thus, when starting the system, we can resume our work where we leave it in a matter of seconds.

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Hibernation saves the state of the computer on the hard drive and then shuts down completely. The computer does not consume additional energy, as it does when it is suspended. When you turn on the system again, it will load the disk data into RAM to resume the session. This process is a bit slower, but it’s still faster than turning off the computer completely. The time depends on the speed of our hard drive, if we have an SSD it will be noticeably faster.

Windows 10 computers automatically enter a sleep state after a period of inactivity. Generally, laptops are configured by default to suspend and resume the session when the user closes and opens the computer lid. If not, you can customize this function in the Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Power Options. The same goes for the physical shutdown button. Check Information At: MicrosoftTop.Com

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But is it worrisome to use the power of a suspended computer? The answer is no. On a laptop, this state drains the battery bit by bit, but they are usually programmed to hibernate after a few hours of inactivity. The sleep mode allows us to intermittently use the equipment without having to start it from scratch several times a day.

Another argument against the suspension and hibernation of the computer is that assumes, logically, that Windows needs a daily restart to function properly. We may need to turn off and on after installing or updating a program, but there is no reason to do so out of habit. If our computer needs a daily reboot it is probably because it has some deeper problem.

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In the old computers there were problems when suspending and hibernating due to conflicts with the hardware controllers. Current computers should not have these limitations. However, Linux users may still experience some conflict, which is why hibernation is disabled by default in Ubuntu.

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