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Why Hong Kong Should Be Your Next Holiday Stop

Hong Kong is definitely an expansive, cultural and artistic city. The sites are simply breathtaking with a modern twist to them. You get to feel the rich cultural heritage and explore the city in more ways than one. I always felt that I had to visit Hong Kong. It was quite refreshing to be able to enjoy the good food and awesome scenery. The memories are still with me.

For first timers, here are the places that you should definitely visit in order to have that lasting experience.

Avenue of the stars.I am a big fan of international celebrities. That is why I visited this place in particular and was able to get an overview of the stars in the Hong Kong film industry. These are the likes of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee just to name a few.

Situated along the Victoria harbor, you are able to enjoy the magnificent view and at the same time celebrate the local celebrities through their hand-prints.
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Museum of history.One of the most renowned places in Hong Kong, is the museum of history. Having incorporated the history and culture of the region into the display, it is quite a sight to behold. Ranging from Chinese art to exquisite costumes, you will be exposed to a background of unique and interesting culture.

Open market. I usually strive to visit the market whenever I go to any city. I believe it is a better way of exploring the city and interacting with new people in a relaxed way. Furthermore, you get to utilize your taste buds by engaging in local dishes. Engage with the locals perhaps even take pictures . Visit the Ladies’ market, the flower shops and purchase something worthwhile that will probably have a sentimental value.

Peak tower.This has got to be the one of the most magnificent architectural designs that I have ever seen. Standing gracefully at 396 meters, it contains shops, restaurants and other entertainment avenues. The view of the city from the Victoria Peak is simply stunning portraying an aura of peace. It is a work of art beautifying the city.

Hong Kong massage.I had to save the best for last. After a thorough tour, I had to find somewhere to relax. I indulged in the Chinese massage and aromatherapy massage. It was rejuvenating. Hong Kong massage was all about the muscles and how to stretch them in order to promote relaxation. It focuses on the tension of the limbs and how to ease the pain. Aromatherapy is about using traditional oils to massage your body so as to provide relaxation. The most common oils are usually lavender and eucalyptus. The massage comes in handy especially when you have back pain and a lot of muscle tension.

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Hong Kong is an amazing city with so much to offer within your set budget. You can still be able to enjoy beautiful scenery at a pocket friendly price and create memories that will probably last a lifetime. Make it your next destination and be amazed at what you will get to see.
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