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What to Know about CBD Wax

The industry for cannabidiol or CBD is now booming, and every day more people are able to discover its therapeutic benefits. This cannabinoid has become popular because of its non-psychoactive properties. It reduces stress and anxiety without making the users addicted to it.

Nowadays, CBD has become a household name. Many elderly, ill patients, and fitness enthusiasts have a tincture or wax made from cannabidiol in their homes. There are a lot of products in the market that can benefit countless individuals.

With this said, various formulations and products of CBD are ideal for different people. One form that is rapidly gaining in popularity today is waxes made from cannabidiol. But what exactly are they?

Introduction to CBD Wax

If you are new to the world of cannabidiol concentrate, this is a type of cannabis concentrate that has a heightened potency compared to other forms. Because of its concentration, the wax allows you to take higher levels of CBD while your body ingests just a small amount in the process. You can achieve relaxation and decrease your anxieties without the need to finish a full bottle of CBD.

How Is It Made?

The wax is made from different processes of extraction. Manufacturers start by blasting high-quality, premium hemp plants in a solvent, and this process is called the closed-loop extraction system. Other standard methods in obtaining the product include the following:

1) Butane Hash Oil Extraction – As the name implies, BHO utilizes butane as a chemical that extracts the CBD from the plant. It pulls out the essential oil, including the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, resulting in an entourage effect. Read more about butane on this site here.

The chemical butane is left to evaporate, and the result is a highly potent and concentrated substance. Although using butane is very popular in recent times, it has its own disadvantages, unfortunately. There’s always a risk of explosion in the production process, and any residue of butane should be removed for the safety of the product. This is because butane is naturally toxic to humans, and it shouldn’t be consumed.

2) CO2 Extraction Method – This is one of the most popular extraction methods today, and it’s the most preferred one in obtaining CBD wax. The pressurized carbon dioxide is pulling out the cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and other trace compounds from the hemp plants. The high heat and extreme pressure turn the carbon dioxide into supercritical levels, and it transforms into a liquid-like form.

Unlike the first method that utilizes butane, the CO2 will simply evaporate. This can result in a cleaner wax compared to that of butane production. Consumers are confident that they don’t ingest residual solvents with the CO2 extraction methods.

These methods may be virtually unheard of from a decade ago. However, they are now very commonplace in the cannabis industry. Many manufacturers need the right tools, expertise, and a high level of knowledge to produce high-quality wax. Each process should be mixed with science, skill, and a blend of creativity to produce a premium product.

Different Types of Wax to Know

1) Shatter – The shatter is different from the regular wax as it can appear like broken shards of glass. Most people may describe this as having similarities with rock candies. The shatter is produced by heating the oil and other chemicals then cooling them for the hardening process.

The appearance will then be similar to that of amber glasses, and the shatter is heated afterward. The texture is often gooey and thick, similar to that of honey.

2) Budder – Budder is made by purging hemp with air pressure at a very high temperature. The result is fluffy wax with the texture and consistency of butter. The budder is derived from butter, which is excellent for people who love soft and creamy products.

3) Crumble – Crumble is made by an extraction process similar to that of budder. Know more about other extraction processes here: The main difference is that the crumble uses a pre-purged cannabidiol extract with a higher viscosity and moisture. The crumbly texture is comparable to that of feta cheese.

4) Live Resin – To produce the live resin, the hemp is first dried by freezing. The extraction methods used to make the wax utilize fresh plants that have been cured and air-dried. When the plants are first frozen, all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are preserved, and this may be one of the expensive products in the market today.

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