What is the full form of IIT


IIT Full Form

IIT Full Form

The most common full form for IIT is India Institute of Technology.  The Indian Institute of technology (IIT’s) is premiere and prestigious autonomous public institute for engineering and higher technical education in India. There are 23 IIT’s in India located at different places and runs course in engineering and post graduate course. These IIT’s are governed by Institutes of Technology Act, 1961. Each IIT is autonomous and linked through common IIT Council. Currently there are total of 11,279 seats for B.Tech in IIT’s.

IIT Full Form
IIT Full Form in EnglishIndia Institute of Technology
IIT Full Form in Hindiभारतीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान
JEE Full Form in EnglishJoint Tentance Exam
IIT – JEE Full FormIndia Institute of Technology – Joint Entrance Exam

IIT Full Form In Hindi :

IIT full form is “Indian Institute of Technology” and in Hindi full form of IIT is “भारतीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान”.

Other IIT Full Forms are:

  • Italian Institute of technology
  • Islamiah Institute of technology
  • Illinios Institute of Technology
  • Impulse Invariant Transform

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List of IIT’s (Indian Institute of Technology) in India:

Serial noNameShort NameEstablished YearState
1IIT KharagpurIITKGP1951West Bengal
2IIT BombayIITB1958Maharashtra
3IIT KanpurIITK1959Uttar Pradesh
4IIT MadrasIITM1959Tamil Nadu
5IIT DelhiIITD1963Delhi
6IIT GuwahatiIITG1994Assam
7IIT RoorkeeIITR2001Uttarakhand
8IIT RoparIITRPR2008Punjab
9IIT BhubaneswarIITBBS2008Odisha
10IIT GandhinagarIITGN2008Gujarat
11IIT HyderabadIITH2008Telangana
12IIT JodhpurIITJ2008Rajasthan
13IIT PatnaIITP2008Bihar
14IIT IndoreIITI2009Madhya Pradesh
15IIT MandiIITMandi2009Himachal Pradesh
16IIT (BHU) VaranasiIIT(BHU)2012Uttar Pradesh
17IIT PalakkadIITPKD2015Kerala
18IIT TirupatiIITTP2015Andhra Pradesh
19IIT DhanbadIIT(ISM)2016Jharkhand
20IIT BhilaiIITBH2016Chhattisgarh
21IIT GoaIITGOA2016Goa
22IIT JammuIITJMU2016Jammu and Kashmir
23IIT DharwadIITDH2016Karnataka

IIT’s Common Entrance Test In India

For Engineering, There is a common test taken which known as IIT JEE. The IIT JEE full form is Indian Institute of Engineering Joint Entrance Exam. One needs to appear for IIT JEE Advance. Once a person qualifies for JEE Advance they get rank according to the mark and get admission after counseling.  Similarly, if a student want get enroll for B Arch program from IIT then he need to clear architecture aptitude test.

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Courses offered By Indian Institute of Technology (IIT’s)are :

CourseDurationEntrance Exam
Bachelor of Tech4 YearsIIT Jee then JEE Advanced
Bachelor of Pharm4 yearsIIT Jee then JEE Advanced
Bachelor of Arch5 yearsAAT
Master of Tech2 YearsGATE
Master of Tech. Integrated5 YearsGATE
Philosophy of Doctorate (Ph.D.) in TechnologyN/AGATE

History of IIT’s (Indian Institute of Technology)

The first ever Indian institute of technology was established in Kharagpur in year 1951 and after gap of eight years second IIT was inaugurated in Bombay in the year of 1958. In year 1959, IIT was established at Madras and Kanpur together. Currently, capital of India got his IIT in year 1963. Guwahati got her IIT in year 1994. In year 2008-2009, there was set of eight IIT’s. All list of IIT and their city present in list of IIT’s at beginning of article.