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Want to be a food blogger – submit a food blog for us

Would you like to share your thoughts or ideas with us? At, we love to get your best recipes, food and food culture posts. We always feel interested in getting good guest posts stories about different food and culture.

At, our food blogs represent a diversity of food and culture which is the result of creative endeavors. It is the right place for the beginners who would like to share their ideas and thoughts with the people of the world. You can share your experience in eating foods at any workplace, during traveling or any kind of recipe which you have tried at home and it tasted good.

We want that our writers adopt a friendly, encouraging, open-minded and professional tone so that others get inspired from it. Here, we are trying to build up a foodie community with the stories from our writers which are written with a positive voice. The writers are requested to write contents in such a manner that it encourages other people try out that food or recipe.

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Benefits that a writer can get by submitting a guest post

  1. It expands your reach to your targeted readers
  2. It will help you establishing your profile as a blogger in the food community
  3. It will help you getting high-quality do follow links from our website
  4. It will help you getting more traffic to your blog post

Voice tone guidelines for the writers

  1. Always try to be honest and put only authentic information in the content. Make sure your writing flaws your personality and style.
  2. At, we welcome topics which are edgy in nature.
  3. Don’t choose a topic where you have to apply a critical tone of writing
  4. Your food story should always provide information to your readers
  5. Be clever while writing for your readers but don’t be too snarky
  6. As you are writing on topics related to food, it should be the centerpiece of your content
  7. Include catchy headlines and subtitles to grab the attention of the readers at once

Content guidelines need to follow by all writers

  1. Your guest blog content should be 100% original and copyscape pass. We do not accept duplicate or spinning content.
  2. Please check the facts of your story before start writing and provide sources of your info
  3. If you want you can add images to your content to make it look more attractive to the readers but the images should be relevant to your content
  4. Submitting a guest blog on does not guarantee that it will be published on our website. Our editorial team will go through it and make sure it adheres to our mentioned guidelines. Once we find it appropriate, we will publish it on our website.

Authors must fulfill the following aspects

  1. Submit your email address so we can reach you easily
  2. Add short bio about yourself. We will post it along with your content
  3. Post must be submitted in a word doc file format. Don’t make any PDF submission
  4. By submitting guest post to, you are giving us the permission to apply short editing in your content if we find it necessary. Otherwise we will post the same content submitted by you.
  5. Before you write a blog post for our website, make sure you go through the contents that are already published on our website. It will give you an idea about the type of content we are expecting from our writers.

Topics for guest blog writing

As you are writing a food guest blog post, you can choose to write about various delicacies and drinks that you have tried in different places. Not only this, you can write about restaurant reviews where you have been while traveling. You can write about interesting recipes that you have tried.

What we are looking for at

  • Unique analysis and expert opinion from the writers: you should choose a topic to write where you can put your own viewpoint along with proven facts.
  • Unseen stories: This means the story or content you write can’t be find anywhere else over the internet.
  • Relevant post: Write contents related to food, food tech, food maker and food e-commerce.
  • Organized writing: The writer must represent his content in an organized manner. Make sure you divide the content with bullet points and sub-heading which will make it easy to read and understand.
  • Accuracy: the writer must maintain 100% accuracy in the content in respect of grammar, spelling and facts.

What we will not accept –

  • Promotional content: we will not accept promotional content. Do not write a blog which seems like a press release or a classified advertisement. You must not use your content as a marketing tool. You should not disclose any kind of potential conflicts.
  • Free from attacks: Your written content should be free from personal attacks, defamation or conspiracy theories.
  • Free from copyright issue: Make sure your submitted post should be free from any kind of copyright issue.
  • Keyword marketing: Do not use your content for keyword marketing. Adding keywords for increasing SEO ranking is not allowed at

Frequently Asked questions

  1. Why I should contribute at

At, we give 100% credit to the writers and mention their name and bio along with their guest blog posts. Authors can share their published blog links in various social media platforms such Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. your submitted guest blog post will get maximum exposure in the online platform.

  1. Does accepts new writers?

Yes, we always welcome new writers. If we find a blog that nicely fits for our website, we make it live on our website.

  1. Does your website have regular contributors or writers?

Yes, we have regular writers or contributors who write for our website on regular basis and we publish them on our website. If you would like to be a regular contributor for our website, we welcome you.

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