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Varanasi: The historical city that has a lot to offer

India has a number of cities spread in different states that have a number of historical places. However, the Varanasi city situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh has a different image. Varanasi is also known as one of the cities with oldest civilization and has a history of almost 3000 years. It is situated on the bank of one of the most famous rivers Ganga. You can have a look at the river from the window of various hotels in Varanasi also.

  • Jantar Mantar: It is a famous observatory made of stones with the help of which one can know the planetary position and movement of celestial bodies. It was built in 1737 and located near the palace of King Jai Singh of Jaipur. It is a place where one can know the planetary situation, time and present Nakshatra without the use of any modern equipment.
  • Ganga Arti: Ganga Arti is a felicitation to the water of river Ganges or Ganga which is believed as flowing from the head of Lord Shiva who stays in the Himalayas. The water of this river has some amazing properties and hence in Hinduism to have a holy bath in this water is much important. In the evening time of Sunset, people who are locals as well as tourists go for the worship of the water which is known as Arti. Usually the Dashashwamegh Ghat is famous for this Ganga Arti where thousands of people stand together with holy oil lamps and chanting hymns. Many people also float the oil lamps known as Diyas in the water of the holy river. Ganga Arti is a leading attraction of this city, and if you are visiting Varanasi, it must be on top of your list.
  • Visit to Bharat Kala Bhavan: As the name suggests, it is a center cum museum dedicated to the various art of this area. In the past, due to rulers who were fond of art, many arts and craftsmanship have developed here. Cloth making, embroidery, designing and weaving are some of the leading crafts grown here and one can see some masterpieces created by leading experts in the field. The samples of various arts which one can see here cannot be found in any other area of the world and hence it is of great significance for an art lover to visit this center.
  • Visit to Ramgarh Fort: This fort also holds a great historical value and it is in proximity to Varanasi so to arrange a visit to it is not difficult at all. Those who love to explore the lives of kings in older days and have a look at carving on the stones, this is a must place to visit. The fort is opened at 10 am and closed at 5 pm. It is a huge premise and as there is also a small museum you may need to move a little faster to finish the visit on time.

For a comfortable stay, you can get advanced booking at Varanasi hotels during the peak season also. Just pack your bag and explore the city.

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