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Types of UCLA Housing For Students

UCLA supports different kinds of student housing options for both graduate and undergraduate students. Among these housing options are on-campus residences and off-campus apartments. 

The former UCLA housing type is usually offered to undergraduate students, while the latter is generally for graduate students. Both housing types are fully furnished. 

What is included in undergraduate housing?

Residential halls or on-campus housing already includes a meal plan. UCLA housing supports university apartments within the Westwood residential area and is within walking distance from the UCLA campus. To get more information about this plan, you can visit UCLA’s website. 

If you’re an incoming freshman student attending UCLA iSTART or New Student Orientation, and you plan to arrive weeks before the set move-in date, you’re eligible to move to the UCLA residence halls earlier. 

What is included in graduate housing?

Residential areas for graduate students are usually located outside the main campus, either in the Palms or Westwood areas. Unlike undergraduate students, graduates in off-campuses are required to pay an additional cost for on-campus dining. 

If you’re an incoming freshman graduate school student and you’re scheduled to arrive before your committed move-in date, you can change the starting date of your lease. To change your move-in schedule, get in touch with the UCLA Housing department. 

University apartments in the Northern campus (UAN) like the Hilgard Apartments and the Weyburn Terrace are sold through housing contracts where the following terms are specified: 

• Contract commencement date

• Contract expiration date

• Length of Stay 

University apartments in the Southern campus (UAS) are sold every month. Once the offer is accepted, the tenant should pay the security deposit amounting to $500. While the length of stay is not specified, the tenant is required to file a Notice of Intent to Vacate 30 days earlier once they decide to give up his lease. 

What are the things you should consider before if you’re living in off-campus apartments?

These are some of the things you should take into consideration before moving into your new UCLA apartment.

Proximity: If you are commuting daily, make sure to check the nearby public transportation available. 

Housing Utilities: Water, electricity, trash, and gas may or may not be included in the apartment lease price. If these are excluded, ask your landlord for an estimate of the cost of utilities per month.

Lease Contract: Before signing your lease contract, make sure to read it thoroughly. Typically, lease contracts are renewable after 12 months. The good thing if you’re a UCLA student is the Legal Services will review your lease before you sign it. The Student Legal Services can also help you with your tenancy termination agreements, a roommate agreement, and more. 

Security Deposit: In apartments outside UCLA, most landlords require a security deposit equivalent to a month’s rent. While some need you to pay this upfront, other landlord allow you to break your payment into two to three installments. The UCLA Student Legal Services can also help you with issues related to your landlord and security deposits. Request an appointment if you need their help. 

To know more about the housing options available for both undergraduate and graduate UCLA students, check out Daniel Adea’s housing tour videos on campus Reel.

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