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Tower Cakes Vs Sheet Cakes? Which One is Better

Cakes are a universal thing that we use to celebrate any special or joyous occasion. This is true in all parts of the world, whether you are in India, USA or Denmark! When a birthday comes up, the first thing we think of is a cake. When there is a wedding, the first thing we think of is the wedding cake. When cakes are so important, it is also important to know which cake to use in what scenarios. There are two kinds of cakes primarily, the sheet cakes and the tower cakes. The sheet cake is basically a rectangular cake that is flat with no layers as such. The tower cake is a vertically built cake that has layers upon layers of cake which are stacked to give the appearance of a tower.

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Both cakes can taste the same but they are used for different purposes. Let’s try to learn when to use a sheet cake and when to use a tower cake during celebrations.

The Sheet Cake

The sheet cake is used in occasions such as birthdays and official occasions like the celebration of an anniversary at work or the celebration of a milestone in a company’s tenure. Sheet cakes rarely contain a lot of creamy toppings and are often just a uniform layer of cake all around. This is a good kind of cake if you are not too interested in having a lot of layers. It is also a good option for those who want to have a simple cake for celebration purposes. The advantage of a sheet cake is that it provides a lot of surface area on the top for cake toppers to be inserted. These cake toppers are basically things that you put on top of a cake for decoration purposes. They can be things like candles, cream flowers or anything else that you can think of. If you live somewhere near Sri Ganganagar, you can get an online cake delivery in Sri Ganganagar .

The Tower Cake

Tower cakes are not just cakes, they are pieces of art as it takes a really long time to make a perfect tower cake. Some tower cakes can have up to seven layers of cake which would make them extremely tall. Tower cakes are traditionally used in celebrations such as weddings and wedding anniversaries which call for very grand cakes. The ironic thing is that wedding cakes are hardly ever finished. They get wasted a lot and hence they are more of an aesthetic addition to the wedding than a food item. Tower cakes can also have cake toppers. The most famous cake toppers are those of a man and woman dancing, which is used in weddings. They are also a lot more expensive when compared to sheet cakes as it takes a lot of manual labour to make a good quality tower cake. Live in Bhilwara and want to get this cake delivered? Then you can try online cake delivery in Bhilwara.


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