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Top 15 Websites to Learn Mobile App Development in 2018

About Mobile App Development:

Learn App DevelopmentIt is very clear that the demand for mobile apps has increased in all businesses whether large scaled or small scaled. It can be clearly seen that mobile application development is the new trend in the market which is being adopted by all the businesses. In this article, we are going to talk about Android App Development and the best resources for learning iPhone Application Development. Before enhancing this topic further, we will first know about how apps are beneficial for businesses

Benefits of having a mobile app for your business

  • Stay connected with your consumers
  • Creation of a Direct Marketing Channel
  • Helps in providing value to your customers
  • Creating a brand and recognition
  • Improvement of customer engagement
  • Helps you in coping with stiff competition
  • Enhancement of customer loyalty

Top 15 unbeatable resource to learn Mobile App Development

Resources for learning Android Application Development

  1. Java for Android Development

This book is ideal for beginners to intermediate programmers. If you are not having any prior experience coding then don’t worry, this guide will help you get started, as well. Since Java is an integral part of Android app development, that’s what you’ll be studying in detail.

  1. Android Development Community

Anddev or the Android Development Community is dedicated to mobile app development on Android platform. It’s primarily a platform where individuals working on the same path can discuss mobile development related topics. However, there are also plenty of useful tutorials available. It’s a great forum for the developers of any skill level.

  1. Android Developer’s Community Portal

You will not find tutorials or coding advice on the official Android Developer’s Community Portal managed by Google developers. However, you are going to find enough information about the Android platform as a whole. This is the platform where they discuss software updates, new trendy features and talk about important development information.

  1. Android Developer’s Training

This guide is based on the Official Android Developer’s Training, but it’s definitely something you will have to save as a mobile dev. Very experienced coders may not want to visit the guide frequently, it takes you through getting started and help you to build your first app. Therefore, it’s great and very efficient as a resource when you learn to know how to do something specific.

  1. Android SDK from Scratch by Tuts Plus

If you’re a newcomer to coding you should definitely check out the Tuts Plus Android SDK Tutorial. It’s free, and it helps you in using the Android Software Development Kit, which can be a very difficult task to set up if you have never handled something like it priory. It’s also a great resource for the intermediate level coders as well. Experts might not find using it worthwhile.

  1. Coursera

This course for beginners is a great platform to learn the basics of programming and computer science. First, it will help in to explain you the introductory material and then it will walk you through the Android specific lessons using Java and other software development tools. Prior coding experience is not necessary to get started.

  1. Development of Android Apps Udacity Course

Udacity is another online coding school for beginners, but their Developing Android Apps course was actually built by Google. If you are going to learn the course, you can continue learning more topics precisely in regards to Android development. It is a great and efficient platform for beginners

  1. Vogella

This website offers plenty of high-quality Android development tutorials for beginners, and the best part is that they all are free.It can be beneficial for Coders of all skill levels. The tutorials are precisely written, provide in-depth tips and information and also includes plenty of useful code snippets and exercises. It also provides links to more resources, in case the user need them.

  1. Technotalkative

This website is run by Paresh Mayani, a renowned Android developer, who specializes in mobile app development tutorials. Technotalkative is the platform where he compiles all his guides and mentions about his experiences with Android development. After you complete it, you can then go to the main blog where he precisely tells about working with various aspects of Android.

  1. Made in Android

This website is another platform or rather an online publication that offers a wide range of Android app development tips, guides, and tricks. It is efficient for all skill levels, especially if the user is looking for guidance with something specific like creating a custom list view in the app with a search option or creating an application enabled with Google map option.

Resources for learning Iphone Application Development

  1. iOS Development Center

Apple gives a free online course for the users interested in iOS application development. It comes with beginner guides, tutorials, learning videos, and other important documentation. Coders belonging to all skill levels will be benefited by iOS development Center.

  1. Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swift

This course by Stanford is hosted through the iTunes online university To attend or go through the lessons, you should have iTunes downloaded on your system. Because of the idea of the course material, it’s likely best left to those with an earlier coding background.

  1. NSHipster

NSHipster is an online journal that talks about many aspects of Swift, Objective-C and other development programs. It doesn’t solely offer instructional exercises, resources and aides, there are a plenty of articles and highlights that are awesome for remaining on top of it That means it’s a favorable platform for developers having the different skill level.

  1. OneMonth iOS

This one-month iOS course helps you through the process of creation of your first iPhone or iPad application. If the user will go through the syllabus in detail, he/she will finish the project in a month. This iOS project is a video app made using Vimeo’s API. This learning course costs $49.

  1. Geeky Lemon XCode 6 Tutorials

Geeky Lemon provides plenty of tutorials for the starters on working with XCode 6, which is important for the development of apps for iOS. This portal provides 3-full length courses which will help you in learning better. The course costs $99

Author Bio -Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by E-commerce mobile app development I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.

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