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Top Trendy Bangle Designs That Will Never Disappoint You

One ornament that has been connected from Mohenjo-Daro times, is nothing but the bangles. This excellent jewelry has become consistent with Indian culture for ages and if it’s in gold, there is nothing further to say. So, since time has changed and designs have upgraded, this traditional piece of jewelry made its way into the modern world too. Thus, the fascination for trendy bangles has never been out of style. Whether it is in bright yellow, sparkling white gold, or rose gold finish, this is an upright piece of ornament that never goes unnoticed. Therefore, let’s explore a few of the trendy bangle designs that will never disappoint you. Hence, it should be in your closet to pair with almost everything.

Plain gold Kada-like bangle:

A simple and classic plain gold Kada rules the millennial collection. It is one of the best examples of simple and trendy gold bangles that can be paired with any outfit and can enhance the stacking game too. If you underestimated a plain gold Kada all this while, it is time to purchase it to know its beauty around your wrist. It’s minimalistic, classic, and traditional yet modern.

 Heart cut-out bracelet:

For special days, a corporate meeting, or the times when you wish it to be sleek and pleasing to the eyes, this one piece will fill your heart. The concentric heart cut-out on both sides of the bracelet is an intricate bangle around the wrist that will enhance your outfits beautifully. Its little feminine touch enhances the hand like never before giving a graceful appearance.

 Symmetrical chic designed gold bangle:

With the symmetrical two-stranded fin motifs on both sides, feel like a fairy by wearing this gold bangle that adds the right amount of glamour and beauty to your style in a subtle and surreal manner. If you are looking to invest in such a gorgeous piece, never miss checking today’s gold rate to know if it’s feasible to purchase on that day or if you should wait for a little. This will help you decide the best time to invest.

Chain gold bangle:

Interlocked oval motifs connected to form a gorgeous chain-like gold bangle are nothing but a pleasing sight to admire. Such a gold bangle is the right choice if you love Indo-western style and are away from the cliché traditional designs. The chained design is a trendy concept that will enhance any western, or Indo-western drape on festive days. You can even pair it with your formal wear, and it is sure to add elegance and charm to your attire.

Motif gold bangle:

Bring out your inner twinkling side by matching your motif gold bangle to your outfit. There are different motif designs in the center, and you can choose the motif bangle as per your choice or that matches your energy. This intricate piece of jewelry is a lightweight piece that will become your refreshing choice every season.

Lace bangle:

When they say less is more, it holds for lace bangle Kada. This kind of bangle comes in a broad design with lace-like symmetrical flowers made across the bangle taking the uniformity game to another top-notch level. The best part about this is you can team it up with a cocktail evening gown along with bold stud earrings to obtain a posh and a rich gaze or pair it with your traditional saree, or suit, and you are done to appear elegant with minimum effort.

If you are looking to pick up trendy gold jewelry to blend with your outfit and lifestyle, pick a gold bangle. It is all you need to assemble yourself trendy subtly.

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