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Top 10 Share Market Websites in India

Indian Share market is a market where people publicly-traded goods are known as share market. Stock change only happens when the stocks are listed on it. Where sellers and buyers meet on the share market and trading shares, mutual funds, bonds, etc in the Indian share market. Many share market websites in India describe share markets and how investments are profitable.

There are two kinds of Share Markets:

  • Primary Share Market

Primary Markets are those markets where securities are created. In this market, a firm sells bonds and new stocks to investors for the first time.

These traders allow investors to buy securities from the bank that they did the opening underwriting for a distinctive stock in the Indian share market. 

  • Secondary Share Market

Secondary share markets are those markets in which they buy their securities which they own. Investors who think that these stock prices will increase their values in a market buy those stocks first.

In the Indian share market, the secondary share market is famous for using assets and goods to invest in the share market.

List of Top 10 Share Market Websites in India 2022-2023

There are many share market websites listed in India, but these are the top 10 best share markets in India, which shows most of the Indian stock market websites.

Rank Website Ratings
1 Bloomberg Quint 4.55/5
2 BSE India 3.45/5
3 Economic Times 4.30/5
4 Screener 3.60/5
5 Business standard 4.10/5
6 Value Research 3.35/5
7 Live Mint 3.75/5
8 NSE 3.85/5
9 Investing 3.60/5
10 Money control 4.80/5

10 Best Share Market Websites in India

Below are the best share market websites list in India.

1. Bloomberg Quint

This is a co-partnership between Quintillion and Bloomberg Media, and they both are doing positively well in the share market. This incorporation is wonderful for new investors who want to get about the Indian share market. This website is helping customers to get knowledge about the share market and risks about the stock market. Bloomberg’s main content is based on the economy of India, corporate law, international finance, etc. This India share Market website came very late in the share market but this website made a lot of progress. Within 5 months of going in the live session, the Bloomberg portal gained 1 million users and soon they had the plan to open a free-to-air TV channel. 

Importance of Bloomberg Quint

  • Bloomberg and quintillion media work together and they both decide the success rate of the websites.
  • Bloomberg quint is used for new users which they provide their contents and articles about share markets in India.
  • This website is also listed in the Indian share market company list.
  • Bloomberg is a new website but they easily achieve success because their user’s interference is better than any other site.
  • Bloomberg is usually for new investors, buyers and sellers which they recommend by their official employees. 

2. Bombay Stock Exchange  (BSE) India

BSE is also known as the “Bombay Stock Exchange” this is located in Mumbai. This website is one of the oldest share exchanges in Asia. And, also the tenth oldest stock exchange in the world. BSE is 1st and the fastest stock market exchange in the world with a speed of 7 microseconds and one of India’s best and leading exchange limited companies. This website is the Best share market website because its working capability is the oldest of any other website. The owner of BSE limited is Shri Ashish Kumar Chauhan, he is also a founder of India’s national stock exchange. He is also known as the father of modern finance because his work in the market is amazing. This share market website in India is very popular for its work and its planning in the share market. 

Importance of Bombay stock market 

  • The Bombay stock market is the oldest market all over Asia.
  • Bombay stock market is the best share market in India.
  • This website is very popular in India. Their article goes internationally.
  • This also helps to get the best knowledge about share markets, funds, investments, etc. 

3. Economic Times

Economic Time is the English language based and focused in a daily newspaper, it also gives information about the stock market, values and their nature. This newspaper publishes in 13 cities – Nagpur, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bhopal. Its major concept is based on the share prices, price of commodities, and international finance. This is another share market website in India for the stock market and finance. This website offers all the latest and accurate information about the stock market and financial data of any company in a single click. Economic times are best to share market website because of their high information technology and for customer convenience priority. Economic times gives similar information as money control websites about providers like portfolios, mutual funds, stock charts, expert views, commodities, etc.

4. Screener

A screener is a set of tools that allow investors to quickly obtain shares and increase trading funds according to their measurement. Screeners are normally available on brokerage trading platforms, but there is also some investor who is independently based in Screeners. Screeners allow investors to work on their ideas and methods about share markets and funds. This website is the Best share market website in India

How did Screeners work?

Screeners allow investors to go through the field of developing financial investments and funds using their methods. Investors start the process by selecting certain investing plans and based on their requirements.

The more methods investors add, the potential security to invest in the share market. Screeners already have something for every investor for their basic knowledge of shares, stocks, funds, economics and should be used to see what type of information is available before entering a trade or investment. Because of this understanding nature screener is the Best share market website as follow in the share market website list of India.

Screeners are very useful because it saves a lot of time. As an investor, you want to check some basic knowledge and want to know about the best share markets in India. The only thing you have to do is apply a basic filter which you want to know about and the main contents are shown easily with only 1 click. 

5. Business Standard

Business standard newspapers like Economic times also provide all information about share markets. It’s an English and Hindi both language edition daily newspaper published by Business standard Pvt Limited. This site is also an Indian share market company.

The main English and Hindi language editions come in 11 regional centers – Chandigarh, Chennai, Kolkata, Lucknow, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi. This website is also in the share market website list in India. It’s not confirmed exactly how many workers and employees work there, don’t know about the accurate employee count but more than 99 business journalists are working in publication. This publication website is also the Best share market website in India. 

Importance of  Business standard 

  • The business standard is a daily publishing newspaper and is easily bought, but only in some cities. Another way to read this newspaper is to download the app on a cell phone. And also it is listed in the Indian share market company.
  • This newspaper is sold at Rs 4.45 in some cities and they also start e-paper for the people who are interested more in share markets.
  • Business standard newspaper is also a popular publication. You can buy their app in the play store easily. And in Indian stock market websites also.
  • On Sunday the publication discontinued publishing newspapers on weekends.
  • This website is also the best share market website and also a appear in share market website in India.

6. Value Research

Value research is a website that provides suggestions on investments, studies and learning about the share market. And this website is also listed on the share market website in India.

This website is also the same as any other website but it can help to research easily about every market fund. It also gives the best result to see mutual funds, fixed income, stocks. This website is the best Indian stock market website. Value research is an app that easily shows the investigation and full research about stock markets.

Some Important points of Value Research

  • Value research is popular for its basic information content on the share market. It gives all the important data on mutual funds.
  • They also have a lot of data about share markets you may find easily in their app.
  • This website also comes in the share market website list in India.
  • Value research is share advisor which they have been helping investors,  to earn profits through their organic analysis on the Indian share market company list.
  • Value research website best share market website in all over Asia.
  • With Various research websites, you can easily get recommendations and track your statements by their analysts. 

7. Live Mint

Live Mint is one of the most popular websites and the best Indian share market site. In this site, you can read various informative articles which help to gain knowledge about, share markets, economics, politics, science, finance. It’s an Indian publishing newspaper that helps to know about many markets, funds, and investing plans. This newspaper is also on the Indian share market company list.  Which shows how popular this publication is in India and about share markets. 

Advantage of Live Mint

  • Live mint is one of India’s genuine business new publishers- 72% of Live Mint readers do not read other articles of business papers.
  • This website is also included in the Indian share market company list.
  • Live mint is very popular in India and very popular in Indian Youths too.
  • Live mint gives daily the latest news of cryptocurrency, mutual funds, and many more shares. That’s why this website is the best share market website.
  • Live mint is also collected information from many international and national share markets all over the world.
  • Live mint provides broadcasts, podcasts, videos, slideshows all over the world.

8. NSE (National Stock Exchange)

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India is the biggest share market. NSE was established in 1992 and it is developed into an electronic market, which leads to fourth position in equity trading volume.

NSE dues in 1994 which they launch a wholesale cash market and debt market for investors. The NSE limited is the first share exchange and provides modern and fully automated trading in electronics. NSE is also a private network it is the best share market website in India. 

Some important notes of NSE

  1. The NSE Limited is India’s largest share and financial market, India.
  2. The national stock exchange also ranked in the fourth-largest market all over in Asia. And popular in the Indian stocks market.
  3. The National stock exchange is the largest and biggest private domain network in India and is also a famous website in India.
  4. This is also listed on Indian stock market websites and in the Indian share market.
  5. The National stock exchange has been explored in the Indian finance market.
  6. This is the first electronic limit book to trade or contract between share markets. 


Investing is a website which is a finance platform and the latest news websites, it is one of the three top globally financially websites in the world. And the best share market website.

It gives and offers market information, about shares, commodities, analysis, economic calendar, future options. It is also listed in the Indian share market company list. It gives investors and readers basic knowledge about all financial status or shares, and profits loss in shares.

An investing website usually helps to give more and more profits, knowledge about financial platforms. This shows that this website is the best share market website.

Importance about 

  1. Investing is a worldwide portal of information about the news of share markets, funds, mutual funds.
  2. Investing, com is one of the three most trustworthy financial portals all over the world.
  3. Investing, com can provide a better interface to 20 million users at once and can also take live sessions of 182 million sessions at once.
  4. According to the latest news, they can provide their services in 44.5 different languages. 

10. Money Control

Money control is the most trending share research website among Indian share investors. As well as it is helpful for sharing investors within the world. This website is also listed in the share market website list in India.

It is a digital platform for users that have an interest in trading such as trends, charts, marketplace news, livestock costs, mutual fund, and it is easily found on This website is the Best share market website. This website provides us with a lot of technical as well as fundamental data of a company. And the website also provides essential information on the share market. 

Importance of Money Control

  • Money control is a trending and popular website in India as well as all over the world for its data entries. And also in the Indian share market.
  • Money control also has a mobile app on all  IOS, windows, and Android.
  • Money control gets more than 50 million users every month. That’s why this website is also listed in the share market website list in India.
  • Money control is very useful for new investors to gain knowledge about current share market values.
  • It can easily be used by new users and for readers. 


Money is an essential part of our daily needs and for our lifestyle. This article helps many New Share Investors to gain some useful knowledge where they can invest their money and this article also tells about the advantages as well as disadvantages of Money Growing by investing in stock and shares. This also helps in international trade between investors and share selling companies. Thus, it gives the latest news of the share market and mutual fund. The information provided is very useful.

Share Market Websites – FAQ’s

Q1.  Why do Investors use Money Control?

Ans. Because Money control is providing all the important features virtually to their users. And they give a better user interface to its users. Money control also helps their new users to gain knowledge about share markets and their advantages and disadvantages. Also, money control is the Best share market website.

Q2. Which share market website has more users?

Ans. Money control has a maximum number of users because of their better user interface. And Money control is also listed in the share market website list in India.

Q3. Why is screener more useful in the stock market?

Ans. A screener is usually an instrument that is used by traders with their preferences. A screener is also the best share market website in India. Screener websites can have a subscription price on certain websites either it is free.

Q4 What kind of research can be done on the Equity master website?

Ans. It provides details regarding stocks where all important and useful data is stored. This website gives all information about companies’ shares and data. which helps users gain knowledge about stocks markets and share markets. And this website is also shown in the share market website in India.

Q5 Which is the best website for technical analysis?

Ans. BSE is the best website for technical analysis. It is loaded with statistics and gives less or more each and every detail which assists you in the fundamental study of share markets. That’s why this website is listed and shown in the Indian share market company list.

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