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Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in India 2020

With the workforce evolving and passing the torch to the millennials, discover the top careers that will be in high demand moving beyond 2020.

The lowest recorded rate of unemployment was 2.5% in 1953. While we are getting close to that number present day, college students and those entering the workforce need to know the best jobs for the future. 

What are the careers in demand? Which path will give you the most job security? 

In an ever-changing world, how do you prepare for the jobs of the future?

As the workforce changes because people are retiring and young millennials are jumping into the employment landscape, jobs will evolve as well. What are the top careers you can expect to see in 2020?

List of Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in India 2020 

When predicting jobs for the future many factors are taken into consideration. Will the economy continue this boom? What are the latest scientific and technological advances? What jobs may come along that don’t exist right now? Let’s take a look. 

1. Nurse Practitioner 

How often do you make an appointment to see your doctor and get asked if it’s okay to see the nurse practitioner instead? With an ever-growing population and an increase in longevity, the demand for doctors exceeds the number of doctors practicing medicine.

The need for nurse practitioners who can make diagnoses and treat patients will only increase in the future to keep up with an aging population.

The median salary for a nurse practitioner is $107,000.  

2. Solar Energy Technician 

With an increasing desire for clean energy, solar power is a growing industry. The price of solar energy gets less expensive each year making it an affordable choice for home and business owners. 

The US can expect to see 30,000 additional solar energy technician jobs with an annual salary of around $45,000. 

3. Construction Laborer 

Construction laborers are needed in road construction, plumbing, home building, carpentry, etc. As cities and towns expand, more and more building takes place increasing the demand for construction laborers. 

You can expect an increase in construction laborer jobs of almost 13% over the next four years. 

4. Digital and Video Marketer 

How many things have you purchased after seeing a video featuring it online? Digital and video marketing is a hot ticket right now. The marketing industry needs people with these skills to deliver video content in a fiercely competitive field. 

5. Software Developers 

Learn to design, develop, write and implement software and you’ll write your own ticket in this technological field. As a software developer, you will support and install applications and operating systems.

With an 18% increase in demand and a high salary, it’s a job to explore. 

Take a look at this cover letter sample to use a guide when applying for your next job. 

Prepare for the Future

Now that you know the top careers for the future, you can plan your educational path. Will you go to a four-year college? Maybe a trade school? Whatever you decide, keep in mind where the job market is headed. 

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