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Top 9 payment processing companies 2022

Your company has created a website and has already filled it with products, creating all the necessary content. Now your site can bring you good money. But have you forgotten about anything? Who will process payments from customers?

If you have not initially negotiated with payment processing services and signed an agreement with one of them, you will have to wait a little longer to make a profit and choose the best service available on the market.

This task is certainly not easy, but we have decided to facilitate it as much as possible by analyzing the most well-known today services that can be trusted.


Even people who don’t know what a payment processor is, but simply make purchases on the Internet, know the name of this company exactly. Millions of people around the world use their convenient digital wallet. PayPal is ready to offer no cancellation fees, transparent prices, maximal possibilities, convenient settings and the most modern software.

The company takes care of many issues related to the processing of payments, and if anything is unclear, they are always open for contact and ready to advise you by phone, through messengers or by e-mail, as well as other means of communication.

Google Pay

If the user has an Android smartphone in his hands, thanks to Google Pay he will be able to make a very quick payment for the goods of interest in a contactless way.

All the user needs to do for a successful payment is just to link the credit card to the account. This service provides reliability, safety of confidential information storage, as well as an opportunity to keep track of the history of one’s purchases.

X- Payments

In order to process your orders not only quickly but also securely, you should trust X-Payments. In this case you will get several solutions in one and will be able to accept repeat orders, make regular payments, store and process payment cards directly through the site. PSD2 support is available.

This company meets the requirements of PCI, so you can not worry about the safety of each payment, because the payment processor takes this responsibility.

It is worth noting the convenient process of ordering goods, because in order to pay for the selected product, customers will not have to leave your site, which means that not only will increase the level of convenience of customer service, but also reduce the cases when customers simply leave their shopping cart and do not pay for the order.


Payop is an inernational payment aggregator for various types of Internet businesses, offering accepting payments from 170+ countries by 300+ methods, including internet acquiring.

The company operates bot with low risk and high-risk businesses providing a wide spectrum of solutions, including multicurrency acceptance and mass payouts.

Apple Pay

Another provider that provides secure, convenient and very fast payments for items. All you have to do is bring your smartphone within a certain distance of the payment terminal, and the payment will be made.

Save your card details to make purchases even faster. The users assured of exceptional confidentiality.


By partnering with this processor, you get access to a wide range of tools for accepting payments in a variety of ways. This campaign belongs to PayPal, that’s why all payments are guaranteed to be fast and as safe as possible, and the company’s specialists will help you solve any issue you may have.


You can use both ready-made settings and create your own checkout and optimize it for you. Maximum convenience for all customers ensures the ability to save information on their cards. In the future, you can save a lot of time by making one click each time you use it.


A great way to attract attention to your company from the supporters of cryptocurrencies. In addition, BTC owners can quickly transfer their bitcoins into U.S. dollars.

High protection of payments is provided by Full Payment protocol. To use this method, you will need to download a digital wallet. You can always keep your money in this wallet and not worry about your privacy.

Given the growing popularity of bitcoin, you will definitely want to add Bitpay features to your website.


The capabilities of this platform go far beyond simple payment processing. The platform copes with this task perfectly, but if you need to schedule or track your working hours, get a great tool for managing your projects on multiple levels, bill your payers individually in different languages of the world, Due will also be useful. By paying a small fee, you get very solid capabilities, and not just in terms of accepting payments from clients and processing them.

To sum up, when choosing a processing company, it’s a good idea to be clear about your needs because you’ll have to pay for every opportunity. These companies are ready to provide you with the best service. All that remains is to find out if your budget is ready for these opportunities.

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