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Top 6 Android Apps to Find Driving Partner on The Road

Mobile Apps to find Driving PartnerSmartphones are changing the way we live and the way we think. The world is becoming increasingly interconnected, and for the right users, the shift is a blessing in disguise. Thanks to the tech people, we have now arrived at the intersection of smartphone technology and automobiles. Car apps have made an appearance in our lives, and everything has changed.

Gone are the days when drivers had to guess the routes or predict fuel hikes. Now there is an app that will do the job for you. All you need to do is turn on app notifications and stay updated through the smartphone. With more traffic and more complicated driving patterns, drivers can enjoy the comfort of some good apps that can make the daily drill easier.

Let’s show you some apps that will transform the way you deal with your vehicle:

Repair pal:

Car repairs are a frequent pain point for car owners and car buyers. Who like unexpected repairs? No one. Repair pal is a great application, available on both iOS and Android. Even if the repair has sprung up out of the blue, you will have the situation covered with the help of Repair Pal.

If your car has broken down in the middle of the highway, you shouldn’t worry because Repair Pal uses GPD technology to locate the nearest auto repair station. It is an important tip for traveling long distances because you can have the flexibility and comfort through this app.

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The service also presents competitive prices for the repairs. They have a list of common repairs and labor costs, so you do not overpay wherever you go. The additional features include emergency calling for immediate roadside assistance, history of repairs and tracking facilities. You can have a service that can assist you 24/7 with Repair Pal.


This is a one of a kind service that has helped hundreds of clients find the best valuation for their vehicles. No matter what vehicle you own or how it is doing, you can find a correct valuation and sell the vehicle. WeBuyCarsToday keeps it simple and offers the best prices to both sellers and buyers. If you have a car that has a valid registration number, you can enter this and other details to find the accurate online valuation through the website.

The company promises that they buy any car, accept instant payments and send an agent to collect the car to save you the hassle! When you have checked your car valuation and agreed upon the quoted price, an agent will come down to your location and inspect your vehicle. If it is good to go, the process will be completed on the spot. Same day payments are 100% free. You can get an instant quote anytime through WeBuyCarsToday.

Gas Buddy

Now that your car valuation and repairs are sorted let’s talk about gas. From now on, you can stop wondering if the gas price has spiked or not, or if you ended up paying too much. Gas Buddy is a service that finds the cheapest gas station for you to pick. This service also uses GPS to track your location and identify nearby gas pumps through their vast directory.

If you are on the road, you can use the search bar to locate nearby gas pumps on your chalked route. Search a city by name or zip code, and the gas pumps will appear. What’s more, you can send low-priced fuel pump locations to your friends and family. If you report a low gas price, you can become one of the lucky users to earn $250.

This fuel app is a must-have for all vehicle owners. Even if you do not get $250, you end up saving a lot of gas money every month.

Map Quest:

Let’s talk about maps and navigation. Automobile companies have been making and installing GPS systems in the vehicles since long, but many drivers find it hard to learn those native systems. Most manufacturers also find it an additional cost to pay alongside the vehicle.

Enter Map Quest. This is a navigation service from the heavens above. Its voice-guided directions are very easy to follow, and you don’t have to be Mark Zuckerberg to learn how to use it. It is a hands-free service that you can avail as soon as you open the app.

If you miss a turn and drive ahead, Map Quest will reroute and align you with the next best route. This service is perfect when you are driving on long routes and going to a new neighborhood. You can also receive live traffic updates and prompts if there is an accident on a road you are taking. Map Quest saves your destination and also suggests gas prices.


Some malls are huge, and if you are forgetful like me, finding where you parked is another misery in itself. If you always have trouble getting back to your car, you can use Parkify. No, the app doesn’t work only when you turn it on. Parkify is a smart technology that gets into motion by using the accelerometers in your phone. Even if you forget to turn the app on, the technology will start powering up the app.

The accelerometers notify Parkify that you have parked and have gone out of the car so that it can save that data for your usage. Now a trip to the mall or amusement park will never be stressful because Parkify has got your back! Get it on iOS or Android. The app is completely free to install!

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Last word:

You can breathe new life into your old driving routine by gearing up on these cool technologies. Gone are the days when long driving destinations used to be frustrating. These services are free of cost, with some additional or premium models packed with more features.

Are you using an app or service that has revolutionized your driving routine? We would love to hear about it in the community discussion section

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