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Top 20 Patriotic Independence Day Quotes Of 2020 – Updated

For you to celebrate independence day with your loved ones we have made a list of top 20 independence day quotes that you can share on the 2018’s Independence Day. But before that read some interesting facts and history.

best independence day quotesWhat is Independence? It simply means freedom! Every country has its own independent day which is very special for its citizens. Likewise, in our country, India also fought for the freedom that we have and has a long history of being oppressed and revolts and pain has been expressed in various independence day quotes.

Who wouldn’t wish to be free? Freedom is not understood by other and majority of times its taken for granted especially with the current generation who have not suffered the way our ancestors have suffered. But those who have ever been caged or captured by someone or has been forced against their will might understand the need and importance of freedom for an individual as well as his/her country. Freedom is the birthright of all, even animals, or living being.

Following is Top 10 Patriotic Independence day Quotes & Slogans of India 2020:

  • Beloved Indians, Let us rejoice the freedom we got to live independently in our country with love and peace, and remember our national heroes who gave us this Freedom by sacrificing their lives .Happy Independence Day!
  • India, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grandmother of tradition, was and will always be world’s most beautiful country.
  • In doing what’s right, lies true independence and freedom
  • Today, on this auspicious day, think of the past and how far we have come. Think of the sacrifices made to achieve this. And think how we will make a better future out of it. We all must serve our duty towards the nation and call ourselves a proud India. Happy Independence Day.
  • No country is perfect, but it is the duty of the people to try to make it perfect. Happy Independence Day and always make your country proud!
  • A country will never ask you to do anything, but you have to ask yourself what you can do for the country. Think for the country and country will think of you. Happy Independence Day!
  • Let’s all salute to all those men and women who made our journey so far possible by keeping our souls prideful, our mind independent and our faith in the country. Happy Independence Day!
  • With our roots of responsibility and wings of freedom, lets salute this beautiful and brave nation and its people because of which this all came true.
  • Liberty is the secret of happiness and courage is the secret of liberty. Make yourself and the country liberal and joyous.
  • Hundreds and thousand of men and women laid down their lives for the better future of our country. Come together and make our country proud and not let their lives go in vain.

    10 More Famous Independence Day Quotes

  • A country worth dying for is a country worth living for. Happy Independence Day!
  • On this Independence Day, take some time to thank the almighty for the precious gift given to us. Take some time to cherish the life that you live and the motherland on which you live. Take some time to remember and respect all those who sacrificed everything to make this day a reality. Happy Independence Day!
  • As we celebrate the day of Independence, remove some time for history, to understand and acknowledge what the deeds that happened decades ago when we were bound by shackles, when our forefathers did everything they can to give us our beloved freedom. Remember the agreement out forefathers made for which rivers of blood were shed. And question yourself, what can you do for your country? How can you make it a better place for generation to come? It is time to give back to our country the honour that it deserves.
  • Walk with your head held high, with your chest swelled with pride. You were born in a country who fought for its respect, honour, pride and independence. Happy Independence Day!
  • Freedom is considered everlasting birthright of all. Our brave men and women gave up their lives to give us this birthright. Let us all salute them and make them proud. Happy Independence Day!
  • Freedom was taken by us with the blood sacrifice. Let’s not make that go in vain. Proud to be an Indian. Happy Independence Day!
  • Freedom is indivisible, Peace is indivisible, And Economic prosperity is indivisible Happy Independence Day!
  • Live for the legacy, Die for the legacy
  • Independence day is not to be taken for granted We should all do our bit, that is all that’s wanted. Happy Independence Day!
  • With care we carry, With pride we live, With love we share, The glory that is rare, Sacrifices made will not go in vain, Independence is what we gained. Proud to be an Indian
  • Let’s take an Oath, To forever value our nation’s pride To always remember the sacrifices made And to make our country proud.

The History, the Struggle of Indian Independence

India got its freedom on August 15, 1947, which is now celebrated as our Independence Day and many Independence day quotes were noted from famous Independence day speech. We were ruled by the British for 89 years which is almost a century and have been struggling to get our freedom ever since they entered. In 1947 finally, the day came when we got free of England’s captivity. Once the world’s richest country was brought down to rags under the 89 years of British rule.

One will not understand the pain endured by the people during those days unless and until they live their lives. But to get an idea, think in this way, How does it feel when you want to do something, achieve something but are denied the right to even do it? This denial of rights in their own country made our ancestor fight for it. Not just a few cities but whole India was oppressed and rejected their right to freedom, moreover freedom of any kind. So it was necessary to fight against and therefore this movement to get independence started where all Indian came together.

The fight for independence started from the very first day British entered by making small rebels, small fights to creating that fire and aggression needed to make British go away. All the small battles that were fought individually as well in the mass movements, is what made the independence possible after almost 90 years. The price paid by our ancestors to achieve this can never be repaid. The air that we breathe or the land on which we live is achieved after so many sacrifices and bloodsheds. Let us never forget our roots, our origin, and our history.

Independence Day is important to all and this can never be emphasized enough. But now with the technology people look for messages and quotes to wish each other on this auspicious day. People like to share this happiness with their loved ones by posting slogans and quotes on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Annually every country celebrates Independence day to honor the country’s freedom fighters and its motherland. This day is considered so special worldwide that in most of the countries it is a national holiday. Lets read curated best independence day quotes.

May you have a life filled with independence and may you make your country proud. Dont forget to share independence day quotes. Jai Hind. Keep browsing Marketvein for Best article and send your topic suggestion at contact us page.

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