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Top 10 Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms And Diabetes Warning Signs

Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus is one of the most prevalent diseases of the modern era that has taken a large part of today’s population into its arrest. Type 2 Diabetes is characterized by a body condition in which the levels of blood sugar increase from the normal state over a protracted duration of time. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder i.e. a disorder in which anomalous chemical reactions take place inside the body which affects the metabolic processes and causes severe acute and chronic health issues. This bodily predicament arises mainly due to the ceasure in the production of a chemical in the pancreas. This vital chemical is known as insulin. The other cause of diabetes is the enigmatic behaviour of the body cells to the produced insulin.

Diabetes Mellitus is classified into 3 main types:

1.Type 1 Diabetes:

This occurs when the pancreas lose their ability to yield sufficient amount of insulin because the body cells start attacking and damaging the beta cells responsible for the insulin production. Earlier, Type 1 Diabetes was also called as Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus.

2. Type 2 Diabetes:

This type of diabetes occurs when the body cells become unresponsive to the insulin produced. This is the most common type of diabetes and is caused by unhealthy lifestyle and sometimes this also depends on the genetic conditions and heredity. Formerly it was known as Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus.

3. Gestational Diabetes:

This diabetic condition occurs in women during their pregnancy when they have no former diabetic records in the past.

Of the aforementioned types of diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes is the most widely observed diabetic condition. A large part of the population is suffering from this chronic disorder. Type 2 Diabetes rises when the blood becomes insulin resistant. This provokes even more insulin production in order to cope up with the requirement. Which in turn lowers the insulin yield. All this results in increased blood sugar levels.

The major patients of this diabetic condition are over the age of 45. But due to an unhealthy lifestyle, obese body conditions and lazy regimes, many youngsters are also coming under the seige of this disorder.

Top 10 Common Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

Top 10 Type 2 DiabetesType 2 Diabetes may cause more complications if not assessed properly. The major symptoms of this type of Diabetes are listed below. you might be interested in reading tips to make skin younger.


In simple words, polydipsia can be defined as the condition when an individual becomes extremely thirsty. When a diabetic person suffers from excessive urination, the body craves for even more fluids (water) in order to compensate for the water lost due to the urination. Polydipsia is one of the earliest symptoms of the Type 2 Diabetes. The extremities in the level of blood sugar results in frequent and intense thirstiness. This condition persists irrespective of the amount of water the person drinks because the increased blood sugar level forces the kidneys to do more work and filtration.


The condition of excessive urination is known as Polyuria in medical terms. Polyuria is one of the most basic symptoms of diabetes mellitus. This condition arises because the body is not able to compensate for the excessive glucose (blood sugar). So, as a result, the load on the kidneys increases as they have to filter out more amount of liquids from the body. Polyuria and polydipsia have a concomitancy. Polyuria causes a condition known as osmotic diuresis which is nothing but a significant increase in the rate of urination because of the accumulation of other substances in the kidney tubes such as glucose. To normalize the glucose concentration in the urine, more water is used by the body that is excreted out by the urinary tract resulting in surplus urination.

Weight Loss:

Type 2 Diabetes can be detected by unsuspected and rapid weight decrement. According to the experts, this weight loss is directly linked to polyuria. When the diabetic person is suffering from excessive urination, vital components and calories are also excreted from the body along with the urine. Apart from this issue, the metabolic disorders prevent the utilization of the sugar obtained by the food intake by the body cells. These two occurrences lead to the rapid weight loss in the body of a diabetic patient.


Apart from the rapid weight loss, one of the symptoms of type 2 diabetes is polyphagia or excessive hunger. It is also known as hyperphagia. Polyphagia arises because the cells in the body do not get sufficient amount of glucose to function efficiently. This situationarises mainly because the cells develop resistance to the blood sugar. And when they do not get enough sugar from the blood, they demand more food in order to get sufficient components. This results in a feeling of intense hunger.

Tiredness Symptoms in Type 2 diabetes:

The individuals suffering from diabetes often experience tiredness or fatigue. A diabetic person feels tired all the time because of the presence of unutilized glucose present in the blood. This unused sugar in the blood makes it a little bit glutinous which in turns hinders the blood flow rate and slows it down. This condition results in under oxygenated cells and causes nutrient deprivation. Furthermore, high blood sugar levels also cause tiredness because the blood vessels become puffy and go through inflammation causing a special variety of cells known as monocytes to enter the brain. This result in the condition of fatigue. It is mostly experienced right after daily meals.

Blurry Vision Symptom in type 2 diabetes:

Blurred vision is the most primary symptoms of diabetes. This might affect either one eye or both of them. The vision gets blurred because of swollen and deformed lens making it difficult to focus for the eye. The lens becomes puffy due to the leakage of a fluid in the eye lens, macula or the centre of the eye. This swelling causes the eyes to lose its ability to focus on the details and the sharpness. The blurred and fuzzy vision is often accompanied by the colour changes. With the changes in the blood sugar levels, the vision also fluctuates from its normal form.

Light-Headedness Symptom in Type 2 diabetes:

A person suffering from Type 2 diabetes also suffers from a symptom popularly known as dizziness or light-headedness. The person suffering from strokes of dizziness can be identified by the unsteadiness in the brain for a short interval of time. When the body is going through the phase of polyuria, the essential nutrients and calories are also excreted out during urination. This makes the person weak and causes some parts of the body (especially head) go through numbness and unsteadiness. Also, due to dehydration, the brain doesn’t get sufficient water to function properly. This results in light-headedness.

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Psoriasis signal in Type 2 diabetes:

Type 2 Diabetes has a direct impact on the skin condition of the individual. When a person suffers from psoriasis, he develops red lesions and patches on the skin which are distinguished by the scaly texture. These lesions are mostly observed on the areas near elbows and knees. According to a study, a person suffering from psoriasis has a very high probability to catch up with Type 2 diabetes because both of them are related to the resistance to insulin by the body. Moreover, the person experiences intense inflammation in the blood vessels.

Slow Wound Healing:

This is the most widely observed symptom of Type 2 Diabetes as well as the Type 1 Diabetes. When the diabetes is not treated well in time and is sustained, then the nerves get directly affected. Slow wound healing is often accompanied by wretched circulation of blood which slows down the process of skin and tissue recovery. Of all the body parts, the feet are affected by it to a very large extent. This is a very dreadful situation and it needs to be treated well in time because many diabetic patients have to go through amputation because of it.

Genital Prickling:

Type 2 Diabetes can also cause an itching and prickling sensation around the genitals. The major cause of itching is the accumulation of the yeast around the private parts of both the sexes causing a microbial growth resulting in infection. The increased blood sugar levels. The high blood sugar level creates an optimum growth environment for the fungi and yeasts. Moreover, the body is unable to fight the infection. That is why the yeast grows to such an extent that patches are observed near the genitals which cause irritation.

Top 10 Early Warning signs of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic disorder which can be taken under control if diagnosed on time. This type of diabetes doesn’t seize a person overnight. Rather, it evolves over a long period of time. There are several warning signs of Type 2 Diabetes. If they are observed on time, then an individual can easily dodge himself from it.

Dry Mouth:

When the blood sugar level goes high, it causes frequent urination. This occurrence has a domino effect on the body. Eventually, a person starts to feel intense dryness inside the mouth and wants to quench it. If a person feels more thirsty than usual and the mouth becomes dry often, then it might be an early indication of Type 2 Diabetes.

Pain in the feet:

When an individual is undergoing high blood sugar, his nerves go through a lot of internal disruption and damage. This is called diabetic neuropathy. This condition is experienced by only a part of diabetic patients but this can not be ignored. A person’s feet go numb and a tingly sensation is experienced at frequent intervals. In some situations, it is painful.

Skin infections:

Type 2 Diabetes can be detected at early stages by observing certain occurrences in the body. Frequent skin infections and redmarks on the skin are one of them. Rough lesions over certain parts of the body such as elbow, knees, genitals and scalps are considered as a strong indication towards ‘prediabetes’.

High Blood Pressure:

Even though high blood pressure can be caused by a large number of factors. But when it is observed along with the mentioned warning signs, then it should be considered seriously and the person must go through proper medical check up. Also, statistics show that the individuals suffering from high B.P. have twice as many chances of having diabetes.

Less Sleep:

According to the experts, the people who sleep less than 5 hours at night are very much prone to type 2 diabetes. In addition to it, the person is lethargic throughout the day. It should be noted that apart from genes, Type 2 Diabetes is also caused by unhealthy lifestyle and unmanaged routine.

High Sugar Content in urine:

If an individual is suffering from more than one of aforementioned signs auxiliary to excessive urination, then he should go for a urine test. If the concentration of glucose is higher than the usual count, then there are chances that the person might be having Type 2 diabetes. That is why diabetes is also known as sweet urine disease.

Dark Patches on Skin:

In medical terms, this situation is also called as acanthosis nigricans. This is an early indication of the type 2 diabetes. Dark blotches occur over the areas with skinfolds such as the knees and elbows.

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Erectile dysfunction and Impotency:

This is another warning sign of the Type 2 Diabetes. This occurs because of the constant feeling of fatigue which results in loss of ability to maintain the penile erection in males.

Frequent Headache:

One of the most common warning signs of diabetes is the headache. This occurs because of increased blood sugar level which results in sludgy blood. This slows down the blood circulation and directly affects the brain.

Extreme Hunger:

This is one of the signs of Type 2 diabetes which is generally overlooked by many people. If an individual experiences hunger even if he had a meal a while ago, then it is a sure shot sign of Type 2 Diabetes.

These were some of the early signs of Type 2 Diabetes which can be taken under control once identified correctly and prevent further damage.

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