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Top 10 trending clothing brands in India

We all want to look good and what is better than the perfect clothes to make a statement. A good personality goes along with the perfect set of clothes and helps you look your best. We have a lot of occasions to wear different clothes and the various brands available in the market help us a lot in that regard. With the advent of online shopping, we are now spoiled with choices to wear and have a lot of brands to select from.

We have various e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, and Jabong among others that offer great discounts on a variety of fashion products. They offer great discounts and deal with various brands and provide us with a lot of options. Indians have been very brand conscious and thus we have tried to compile a list of trending clothing brands. Be a smart buyer and be informed with the list of top trending clothing brands.

1) Fabindia

Founded by John Bissell, Fabindia was started to give the Indian Cottage Industry a boost and is wonderfully doing so. They source their products from weavers from around India. Apart from clothing, they also have organic food options that offer healthy options when it comes to packaged foods such as pickles and jams. Their signature chanderi sarees and khadi shirts are some of the bestsellers and are available for online shopping.

2) Louis Phillipe

It is one of the premium clothing brands that offer chic and formal clothing options for men. One of the subsidiaries of Aditya Birla Group, this brand is as Indian as it can get. They have a very wide variety of clothing on offer and also have a monthly magazine. The parent company also has various other brands such as Allen Solly, Van Heusen, Peter England, and People and are available online at various stores. Get wide range of Louis Phillipe products at cost-effective prices by making use of ongoing Myntra offers; styles at a discount of up to 70%.

3) Nike

The american multinational is one of the leading sportswear brands in India. They are really popular among the youth in India. Nike has on offer clothing as well as footwear and other accessories. They are also kit sponsors for the Indian Cricket Team which adds to their popularity in the masses. They come up with different sales and one can get Nike products for a discounted price. They are also available at various online stores as well. 

4) Adidas

One of the biggest sportswear brands, Adidas has been a leader in their field for a long time now. They offer great range of active sportswear that consists of tracksuits, t-shirts and other products that are specifically engineered to suit the needs of any sportsperson. Adidas has a strong network of retail stores and has a good online presence too. The products from Adidas are also available at online stores such as Myntra, Amazon, Jabong, and Flipkart.

5) Flying Machine

One of the biggest retailers of Denim Clothes in India, the Flying Machine is a leading brand that deals with all kinds of clothing. Flying Machine brand is famous among the youth as one of the best brands that deal with denim merchandise. They have a strong presence in the offline market and they also sell their clothes online with different online portals.

6) Puma

Puma is another sports clothing and accessories brand that has been a bestseller in India for a long time now. The German sportswear manufacturer is a leader when it comes to the sale of its products. Most of the products that they manufacture are sports-oriented with the products ranging from T-shirts to shorts to football jerseys. Like most of the other brands, they sell their products through offline stores and their own online stores along with the other online portals.

7) Monte Carlo

Named after a region in the principality of Monaco, this clothing range from Punjab has been operating under the name of Monte Carlo and has been very popular among the Indian population. They sell a lot of products ranging from Jeans to Shirts to Cardigans to Jackets. The wool products and the clothing from this brand are very sought after and are sold through online fashion websites such as Myntra, Jabong, and Amazon.

8) Park Avenue 

Presented by Raymond group, Park Avenue is a flagship brand that offers a great range of formal clothing. Along with Park Avenue, they also have clothing ranges such as Park and ColorPlus that are also widely popular brands in India. They offer suits, shirts, trousers among the other products that they have. You can buy Park Avenue clothing from various online stores.

9) Levis

Started out as a clothing provider for mine workers of America, Levi Strauss is a world leader when it comes to denim clothing. They have become a renowned brand in India and continues to be a top-selling brand. They offer great products such as Jeans, Denim Jackets and other such products. The US company has made a substantial presence in India and is going strong thanks to its quality product.

10) Wrangler

They are another top brand that has been preferred by Indian men and women alike. They are famous for their workwear and casual wear and sold around the world. In India, they have a strong presence and youth like their products too much. They have a distinct country vibe to their clothes which gives it a very diversified look.

There are a lot of brands in India and the online market has grown manifold. The public has grown a lot of consciousness towards online shopping and is spending a lot while shopping with various online portals. There are a lot of options available and we are spoilt with choices for the same.

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