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Top 10 Largest Companies in India by revenue 2021

Leadership is not about holding a prestigious position or a title. Rather it is a combination of both. The importance of a leader in the success of an organization or a business idea cannot be described in words. He is the one who run the entire business, implement techniques and attain its business goals. Therefore, it can rightly be said that when it comes to business establishment, leadership is the main factor which can make or break a company.

India is a place with some of the big companies of the world. From Information Technology to infrastructure, our country is the home of some of leading companies which have achieved tremendous success with the help of their highly efficient leaders. If you would like to know the list of top 10 Indian companies, please go through this blog.

List of Top 10 Largest Companies in India by revenue in 2021

1.Tata Group

A multinational company, Tata is known to be the most popular Indian company ruling all over the world. Tata Group is the parent of some of the most popular consumer services and brands covering a wide range of sectors such as Tata Sky, Tanishq Jewelry, Taj Hotels, Vistara Airlines, Fast Track, Westside to name a few. Tata consultancy Services (TCS) is said to be one of the biggest names in the IT industry of the world. The present chairperson of Tata group is Natrajan Chandrasekaran. However, it would be unfair if we do not mention the name of Ratan Tata who is the founder of this big business set up.

Tata motors have also spread its business all over the world. Therefore, it holds the first position in the list of top 10 Indian companies.

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2.State bank of India

The present chairperson of State Bank of India is Rajnish Kumar. State Bank of India is the largest public sector bank of India. This bank has an age old history over two centuries. Founded in the year 1806, it is the oldest public sector bank of India offering its services to the people of this country.

SBI has successfully established more 25000 branches all over India and its offered services are not only limited to the citizens of India but also to the NRI living in different parts of the world.

SBI is considered to be one of the trusted banks of India and holds the 10th position in the year 2020 as per the reports of Brand Trust of India. Not only this, the bank has received many prestigious awards including the best transaction bank in India. It participates in a number of welfare and social causes.

3.Reliance industries

 This industry was founded around 60 years ago as a Reliance Commercial Corporation. This is a multi-national company which holds the third position in the list of top 10 Indian companies. Reliance had made a modest beginning as a textile product manufacturer in Maharashtra and then entered into the telecom sector in the year 1990.

Both these ventures of Reliance proved highly profitable and since then, the company never looks back. Reliance has a number of subsidiaries that include Saavan, Jio and Hathaway. Presently, the company ranks 106 position in the list of Fortune Global records. The current chairperson of Reliance is Mukesh Ambani who happens to be the richest person in Asia. As per Forbes Magazine, he is the 13th richest person in the world.


It is a multi-national company which specialized in services related to Information Technology and business process. Apart from this, it is a manufacturing company of many various branded soaps that include Yardley, Santoor and Aramusk. The company was founded by Mohamed Premji in the year 1945 as Wipro.

Its present chairman is Azim Premji who is known as the king of the Indian IT industry. He is the person who is responsible for the enormous growth and diversification of this brand in different sectors. Under his leadership, the company has successfully established itself as one of the global leaders in the IT industry. As per the reports of Stanford Alumnus, he is the second richest person in India and also a recipient of Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhusan awards.

5.Godrej Group

Godrej is a multi-industry giant in the business sector of India. This company was founded over a century and this brand is mainly known as a renowned manufacturer of locks. The company took an active position in the Swadeshi Movement.

This is the company which has manufactured the world’s first fat-free soap and eventually spread its wings in various sectors that include ballot box, furniture, refrigerators and other infrastructural items. The company owned and managed by the great Godrej family and the present chairperson of this group is Adi Burjorji Godrej. He has played a key role in establishing the current management structure and implementing various new technologies in the company.

Under his supervision and leadership, the brand Godrej has achieved many new heights and made a strong presence in both national and international markets. Godrej manufactures a wide range of consumer products that include Godrej expert hair color, Cinthol soap, Good Knight and Nature’s Basket.

6.Adani group

It is a multinational company which has made its presence in various sectors that include resources, energy, agribusiness, logistics, financial services, real estate business, defense, financial services and aerospace. Compared to other established companies, it is relatively a new establishments which has been founded in the year 1988 a commodity trading organization. It has started its coal trading business in the year 1999 and ventured into the market of edible oil as Fortune Brand.

The company makes active participation in various socio-cultural activities and has taken strong initiatives in various sectors that include sports, education, community health, rural infrastructural development, livelihood development and so on.

The present chairperson of this group is gautam Adani who is known as the founder of this company. In the year 2017, in India Today Magazine, he ranked as the 4th most powerful person in India.


Another IT giant in the global business sector is Infosys which has hold the third rank in the 2019 Forbes magazine World’s best Regarded companies list. The current chairperson of this company is Nandan Kilekani. He is a graduate from Bombay IIT and has been honored with many prestigious Awards that include Padma Bhushan and Yale University’s Legend Leadership Award. He is also the co-founder of this company.

The inception of this company take place in the year 1981 in Pune and gradually it becomes a multinational company having its presence both in India as well as abroad like the USA, Australia, China, Europe and Middle East.

Infosys works on a number of platforms that include software development, website maintenance, validation services to companies for managing their finance, manufacturing, insurance and similar other fields. It has also ventured its name in the artificial intelligence sector which is known as Infosys Nia.

8.Bharat Enterprise

Set up in the year 1976 as a bicycle manufacturing company, this Bharti enterprise has successfully established itself as one of the biggest and most respected business in all over the world. It has established a global business in insurance, telecom and food sectors.

Bharti telecom service has started in the year 1995by launching Bharti Airtel and mobile services respectively. It is the flagship company of this group and gradually it becomes one of the top telecom companies in the world as well as one among the top three mobile network operators all over the globe. The company has successfully established its telecommunication business in India. The present chairperson and the founder of this company Sunil Bharti Mittal. It has made its operations in more than 18 countries all over the world. The founder Sunil Bharti Mittal is also known as first generation entrepreneur who has started the company with a small amount of 20,000 rupees. He has been awarded with many prestigious awards including Padma Bhushan award.

9.Mahindra Group

Mahindra Group is one of the top 10 Indian companies. It is a multinational organization which has successfully established a global market leadership all over the world. It has made its presence in more than 100 countries. The company has started its operations in various sectors such as – agribusiness, aerospace, automotive, construction equipment, industrial equipment, finance, hospitality, logistics, information technology, retail, real estate business and two wheelers.

This company was founded in the year 1945 in Punjab as a steel manufacturing company and now it has established itself as one of India’s leading multinational corporations. In the year 2011, the Group has launched a new brand called Mahindra Rise to felicitate the profile of Mahindra across various business sectors. The present chairperson of this company is Anand Mahindra who is also the alumnus of Harvard University. He has awarded with many prestigious awards.

10.Bajaj group

It holds the 10th position in the list of top 10 Indian Companies. Bajaj is one of the largest and oldest organizations of India. The group consists of around 30 companies and among them Bajaj auto is one of the oldest two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturing company all over the world.

The company has made its presence in various sectors including home appliances, automobiles, wind energy, electric lamps, stainless steel, special alloy, forgings, and material handling equipment, infrastructure development, life insurance, investment, personal finance and so on.

The company was founded in the year 1926 and took an active participation in India’s independence struggle. The present chairman of this company is Rahul Bajaj. The company has received many prestigious awards as well as recognitions including Padma Bhushan by the government of India. Along with this, the entrepreneur has also been awarded with Lifetime achievement award from Economic Times and CNBC.

Therefore, these are the companies that have achieved their positions in the list of top 10 Indian companies in 2021. These companies have established their empires not only in India but also in abroad and so it is now wrong to title them as global enterprises. These companies have achieved these positions under their leadership of the great entrepreneurs who have given their utmost dedication and hard work in establishing their empire all over the world.

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