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Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out In 2022

Complete Digitalization is going to be the next revolution of this century. With the influx of such a disastrous pandemic that can change the way the globe functions, new doors of digitalization and innovations are on their way to being revealed and experienced. If you are a digital marketer, content creator, online agency owner, eCommerce business owner, or entrepreneur, you should be aware of the digital trends. Digital voice and visibility can take your brand and business to such an extent that you would never have thought of before.

This article reveals the top 10 trends of digital marketing for 2022:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

This buzzing word itself speaks for why it is first on the list. Every one of us, in one way or another, has interacted with artificial intelligence. Starting from virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant to chatbots, all are powered by AI for fast and better serving.

The content we absorb from the web is polished and edited by AI to make us feel comfortable and engaged with the content. AI has been functional in increasing the attention span of the users and enhancing the quality of content. The impact of AI is so momentous that the AI software revenue projects to $62.5 billion in the year 2022, an increase of 21.3% from the year 2021.

2. Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality is a highly interactive experience of the physical world with physical objects and obstructions dealing with digital information overlaid on the surface of the real world. From the perspective of the market and business, augmented reality is going to become a popular platform in no time.

Big brands like Asian paints use AR to let you see which color will suit the walls of your bedroom just by moving your camera on the desired walls. IKEA allows you to see how well the furniture will fit in your room from different angles. Augmented Reality (AR) has created a disruption in the way people shop and market. It has remarkably reduced the shopping time and eliminated the tedious physical visits to the shop. Within the next decade, AR will find numerous innovative applications in the marketing of brands, utilities, and education.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots are another interesting AI-based technology that allows the customers to communicate with the brand and company through textual and auditory methods. With the surge of increasing visitors to the website, it is very tedious and difficult to take care of the query of each customer. Here the chatbots come to play.

These bots instantly reply to the messages of the customers seeking help with the product or the service 24/7. This greatly has reduced the workload on the human resource and has resulted in the increased quality of customer service.

4. Micro Influencers

This century is going to experience a whole new horizon of Influencer Marketing. Influencer Marketing is where the celebrities or influencers like YouTubers, Instagram influencers leverage their great following using their word-of-mouth to spread the voice of the brands through their social media handles.

Influencers have a tremendous potency to connect the brand with real stories and emotion and pass it on to their huge follower base. This could change the way marketing is done and could become the next big shift in digital marketing.

5. International Ads

You can reach and sell anywhere around the globe irrespective of where you are due to the evolution in digital marketing. You can now target your prospects in any country and can run ads at a much cheaper cost to sell them your product and services. This is soon going to open many doors of opportunities for many SMEs and vendors.

6. Voice Search Optimization

Many households are already adopting themselves with the trend of voice search by bringing in smart speakers like Alexa and Google Home which are fully controlled by voice commands. The demand increases where we use Google Assistant and Siri to do tasks for us on mobile phones and tablets. Soon there will be voice search daily for online shopping and social media. Being a gigantic market of $40 billion, voice search is going to spread its wings to almost every website up to an extent. Making your website ready for voice search will be an appeal to invite more customers to your site in near future.

7. Personalization

According to a survey by SmarterHQ, 80% of people are more likely to buy a product or service from a brand that provides a personalized experience. According to Instapage, 90% of consumers say personalization looks appealing and approaching. This itself speaks for personalization before selling. The attention span of web customers is really small amidst the vast confusing social world. Personalization will always stand out; not only in consumable content and B2C brands but also in emails and communications. Personalized emails have higher possibilities of getting seen and clicked on than generic messages. It is important to make your customers feel more connected and special.

There is much software on the web which helps in changing the generic messages into personalized emails and content by the input of a few details like the tone of communication. Amazon, Flipkart, Netflix, Starbucks, and many more businesses give personalized recommendations and suggestions as per the user behavior which increases the engagement time significantly.

8. Video Marketing 

Statistics say video content is the most consumable and engaging content found in these few years. The huge shift of brands and influencers toward video content indicates the appetite of the consumers. It is high time that we understand the importance of how crucial it can become for a business. With the emergence of Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, the server is overflowed with video content. It can, therefore, act as a weapon for marketing as well. Brands showing how to use products and services using video have a much higher sales rate and reach than brands stuck in static posts.

According to OptinMonster, brand awareness increased by 54% using video content. 86% of businesses use video content for their brands and this trend will never go down. Websites containing a video are more likely to dominate organic searchers than websites that don’t. This 2022, you need a video marketing strategy to change the buyers’ perception of your brand.

9. User-Generated Content

With the increasing trend of social media and influencer marketing, User Generated Content has a huge potential in influencing the buying decision of the consumer. When iPhone launched their campaign to submit their best clicks under the tag #Shotoniphone, out of those images they presented 10 best clicks in the billboard of Apple across various cities. To date, there are more than 24 million posts under the tag. The simple campaign turned into a game-changer for Apple with user-generated content. 

The users and consumers themselves helped apple spread Apple’s business voice across the globe. This has its advantages. With no cost or minimal cost to the organization, an enormous amount of promotional content is generated for the company. It significantly reduces the cost, time, effort of the organization and helps build a strong community driven by emotion. Since more and more companies are moving towards UGC, it can be the next revolution in 2022.

10. Personalized Retargeting

According to SmarterHQ, 91% of the customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand that provides personalized recommendations and relevant offers. People who are interested in your product need more nurturing than people who don’t even know about your product. Here is where retargeting comes to play. You can retarget the visitors to your website to show them relevant ads to increase sales.

It is much easier to convince the people who are already interested in your product than people who have never heard of you. People who have already bought from you are yet another group to target for upselling. Retargeting can eventually lower your click rates and bring on more qualified leads and increase ROI. This is in trend to become one of the lucrative sectors in the digital marketing industry in 2022.


There are many more digital marketing trends like VR, live streaming, omnichannel marketing, Hyperlocal SEO – these trends will be excessively used in 2022. With this extent of advancement in technologies, many new, unknown and unheard trends are also going to emerge in 2022. The path of trends is always uncertain. It entirely depends upon what strikes the users and the appetite of the consumers. To keep up with these trends, we need to do thorough market research and study the competitors. Along with constant constructive criticism and customer feedback, you and your brand can catch up and climb to great heights.

A trend that is going to be prominent in 2022 is of publishing engaging content. Be it on your website, blog, or social media, it is a fact that your content defines your brand. WordBrew is a content creation hub that helps brands to scale their digital presence and gain visibility. If you want content that compliments your online marketing strategy and helps you reach your business goals, get in touch with the WordBrew team now.

Ujwala Sakorkar
Ujwala Sakorkar
I am a digital content creator and a blogger. I am the Founder at WordBrew - A Content based startup. I have been researching and strategizing content and I have experience in working on content related to all industries. Putting explanations, concepts and brand identities across through the power of words is my prime objective. Irrespective of whether it is brand story, website content or a blog, using the right words and portraying the right message is crucial.
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