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Tire care tips for summer in Dubai

In the hot summer, the average temperature of Dubai is recorded to be over 41°C that make it justifiable for people to be highly conscious their car tires. In the summer season, the car tires are mostly at risk especially in the Country like Dubai where the temperature usually hikes to the limit. With the hot burning roads that are in direct contact with your car tires, one shouldn’t be so hassle free unless some safety measures are applies. Frist of all it’s important to buy Dunlop tyres Dubai that are especially manufactured for the summer.

Let’s dig in further to understand some useful tire care tips so that you can prevent any physical damage either to you or the vehicle in case tire gets damaged;

Check Tyre Pressure

For the obvious reasons, heat happens to affect the tyre as much as it affects the human body. Depending on the heat, the expansion and contraction takes place in the rubber and air. When you drive, the tire pressure undergoes constant change in the summer. Even when the car is not moving, the shoe of your vehicle gets heated and the pressure in it increases. It’s highly recommended not to over inflate the Dunlop tyres Dubai as it leads to excessive wear and tear to the tread. In fact, it can even cause your tire to burst that’s one of the major causes of accidents.

The best way to maintain the suitable tyre pressure is to check it on weekly basis. In fact, it’s even better if the tyre pressure is checked every time you refuel. It’s advised to park your car in the shade and make sure to pour some water on the tire rubber to cool it down.


Air expands faster as compared to the nitrogen. That makes it quite obvious, one can save a lot of effort repeatedly checking the pressure if replaces the air with nitrogen. Filling up nitrogen in you Dunlop tyres Dubai does not mean that one should then be totally ignorant towards the tire. Remember, maintenance does require attention.

Tire Valves

Just try to make sure that the valves are in proper shape. Mainly, the cap that covers the valve has to be fitted properly otherwise it can cause leakage of air/nitrogen. It’s all because the valve cap usually causes air leakage from the tip of the valve if not tightened or over-tightened.

Spare Tire

One should always be ready to deal with the situation when tyre is punctured. Having a spare tyre can save a lot of your time and effort. For instance, you got the tyre punctured in the

midway and you don’t even have a spare tyre. In that case, it can be quite a hustle to run around in order to look for the tyre shop. It’s recommended to have a spare tire with you in your vehicle so that it can be useful in the time of need.

In a nutshell, it’s really important to take good care of your car tire before you get stuck with a midway inconvenience or even some other big trouble. It’s the tire that’s in direct contact with the road so it should be maintained properly.


Check out this article in order to discover some tips regarding the tyre care in Summer Season.


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