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Tips for parents to help in fundraising and supplies!

parent fundraisingNo matter whether your child is raising funds to get new basketball team uniform or for anything else, you can help your child in fundraising with ease without doing their task for them.

First of all, sit with your children comfortably and ask them what they really want to have. There are some children who are enthusiastic about raising funds while some needs encouragement. If your child wants to sell the minimum required things then let him do it. If your child needs encouragement then here are some tips for you to help your child in fundraising and getting supplies.

Know the product before selling it

If you and your child want to sell a huge number of things then, first of all, you need to know about the items you want to sell. You should know the answer of all the questions which a buyer can ask from you. You should know when you can deliver the product, whether there is an extra cost or not and from where and when you need to collect money from the buyer.  First of all, you should be clear with it then start selling your minimum required products.

Walk around the neighborhood with your child

If your child has a strategy to sell products by going door to door then accompany your child in his/her efforts. It is not only good for his/her safety but it will help to boost his confidence if they are getting low and you can encourage them too. This will also be a good exercise for you in fresh air. So, if your child wants to go door to door then walk around the neighborhood with him/her. It will also create a trust among neighbors when they will see your support.

Encourage teaming up the spirit

If another child is also involved in fundraising as well then split the area to have healthy competition among the kids. Divide the area or number of houses in equal numbers and then each of the sales kid will get one side of the block or area. This does not only enhance the habit of having a healthy competition but other parents can also complete their own duties.

Don’t buy too much for you from your kid’s fundraising

Remember that the amount of fundraising is the efforts of your kids, whether you had helped your child but your child was the main contributor of the fundraising, you need to make him/her feel that he/she was the main contributor. Although, you can buy a thing from your child fundraising which your family can use to make your kid feel proud on his/her efforts. Remember this activity is for the kids to develop a personality and learn different skills.

Suggest to start an internet campaign

The internet has become a powerful tool these days. You can help your child in using email so that your child can connect with potential buyers. It is your responsibility to check spellings and what your kid has written. Help him/her to add lines such that the recipient will forward the email to those who might be interested in your products.

Encourage him/her to use social media

You can encourage your kid to use social media to post his/her message with the product. Make sure to help him using social media and help him/her to write a message along with the product. Social media is a better way to reach to more audience at once.

Point your child in direction if you think that one of your friends, family members, co-worker is interested in his/her product

If anytime one of your friends, family members, co-workers have shown you desire to buy the product which your child is selling then you can point your child to that direction. Let your relatives know that your child is interested in fundraising so they are not obligated to buy the product, however they can if they wish to. Let your kid talk to them in a way as a fundraiser does to enhance his/her confidence. If he/she is able to make a deal then you can gift him/her a small thing to improve his/her confidence and to praise his/her hard efforts.

Make him/her to write your appreciation or thank you

Let her/him know the importance of thank you. Have her/him to write a thank you especially for the deals. Make him/her to write polite words and say thank you or say I appreciate your order. This will enhance the fundraiser skills in your child. Your child polite words might work magic and the buyer will become happy to make another deal with your child. This will doubles the confidence of your child.

Don’t do her/his tasks

Remember that you are not the main contributor of fundraising, it is the task and the strategy though by your child, you are just playing a side role whose task is to just motivate him/her or to encourage him/her. Thus don’t make sales yourself or don’t do the task which your child has to do. Let your child do all the tasks from making phone calls to emails, online campaign to door to door delivery, product delivery to collection of amount. Just offer sufficient support to him/her but let him/her do all the tasks.

 Wrapping it all up

There is nothing wrong in fundraising and getting supplies. It makes your kid enhance lots of soft skills as well as develop a positive personality. Support him/her in every step he/she takes. The above-mentioned points will help you in doing so.

Author Bio: Dave Singer is the content analyst and editor at Public School Review and Private School Review. He has an insatiable interest in writing on education system, child-parents relationship, parenting tips. With years of experience in giving quality information on how parents can help their children shape a beautiful future for themselves.

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