Tips to Choose the Best Holiday Tour Packages


Willing to embellish this season with a memorable trip to Dubai? Nowhere on Earth, will you find the luxury hotels giving you an eagle eye-view of that state from the skyscraper suites. For sure, such hotels are very expensive except when you travel from Doha to Dubai in summer. What’s better than enjoying the priceless luxury being in your budget?

While wandering around looking for the better yet favorable travel packages, you’ll come across a bazillion. Choosing the suitable package at best price might be critical at that moment. So just check out some useful tips that will help you get along with the most favorable package;

Book In Advance

While you plan to travel from Doha to Dubai, it’s essential to go with the advanced bookings as it offers plenty of affordable options. Before you rush for booking in advance, makes sure to do complete research about the destination you are planning to travel. It would be even better to check out the seasonal preferences of that location. For instance; summer is considered to be off-season in Dubai that makes it affordable for you to enjoy the maximum luxuries without having to shake your budget.

Only Book to-from & Stay Package

Make sure that you don’t get too fascinated with the pitch presentations of travel agents that you end up buying the whole package. It’s won’t turn up lucrative in case you are intending to play smart without spending plenty. If you are very enthusiastic and passionate about exploring the destination, don’t end up spending too much.

Just buy to-from & stay package, don’t pre-book the guided tours, city walks and etc. There are better options to explore the location. Don’t forget to keep up with the local newspaper and websites that offer the entire guide for free.

Be Local

“When in Rome, Do what the Romans Do”. Similarly, it applies to your travel instincts as well especially when you prefer to fully enjoy your vacation. Just roam around (while having map), eat local food, take local transport and learn few words that will be of great help. Few greetings in Arabic would be of great help and if not, it’s totally fine because most of people there speak English. So just don’t worry about the language barriers when you fly from Doha to Dubai.

Every Tourist Attraction Isn’t Important

What matters the most is that how you enjoy your vacations. Don’t ruin things by insisting on seeing every singles tourist attraction within short period of time. Remember, quality comes first not quantity especially when it’s about travel. That may not really matter that how many tourist attractions you visited in Dubai unless it’s about posting on Facebook. Having great and precious time while visiting fewer best places is what makes it more valuable.

Fewer Stopovers are Good

This might sound like another version of previous point but it’s has something new as well. If it’s the travel mood of 8 days, make sure to prepare a list of few stopovers of 2-3 cities. When you here for travel, getting up early morning and rushing for site-seeing can be very tiring. This won’t make you feel refreshed after you return from the holidays. Frankly, you might need another vacation to recover from your previous marathon vacation. So just take it easy and enjoy the smooth ride.

Last but not the least, make sure you plan maximum memories as it’s going to be one of the most beautiful and memorable moments of your life. Fun, joy, peace, great memories and relaxation, perhaps that’s what traveling is all about.


Are you planning a travel to Dubai this season? Just check out this article and learn how to choose the best travel package