A survey was organized recently where it was found that out of 100 respondents, 77 investors prefer online trading owing to the convenience of trading from home, time-saving and protection from high brokerage fees and so on and so forth. Are you one of those who prefer online trading or wish to start online share trading in India? If yes, then you are at the right place, because in this blog, we will start discussing a few simple tips for performing the trades online. Hope they will help you to invest in stocks online and release your pain.

Determine your trading style:

Not once or twice but give a plenty of thought to what kind of online trading you would like to do. Whether you will favor day trading where you will need to close out every trade at the end of the day or whether you will prefer short-term trading where you have several days time to close out the trade is something important to decide before zeroing in an online brooking firm. That’s because this decision will lead you to choose a suitable online broker. In case, you go for a day trading, then you will require an advanced trading platform with high-end technologies as compared to the long-term trading.

Trading style vs. lifestyle:

No matter what trading style you choose, make sure that it matches your lifestyle. For instance, if you opt for day trading you will need to sit at your computer for hours. Longer term trading, on the other hand, does not need so much attention. So, the shorter the term of time frame, the more intense is the trading.

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Start small:

Stock traders (especially the beginners) should start trading with a small amount of money so that should there be any losses, in the beginning, the moral value and trading spirit of the traders is not broken.

Do extensive research work:

Remember there’s no substitute for research work. So, read a lot and gather as much knowledge as possible on share trading and the stock market. The best way to keep updated with the market performance is to hire a full-service broking firm which would offer you all the research reports and stock analysis data so that you can trade based on information and not based on impulse.

Use online trading tools:

Hire the services of the best online share broker that offers advanced trading tools and technologies like stock watchlist, charting tools, alerts and other related resources for making the investment decisions at ease. Moreover, using these tools will help you to make an informed decision rather than based on gut feelings.