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Things to Know about Clothing Label

It is wisely said that ‘first impression is last impression’, well it goes good in every situation, especially when you are trading in garments. Usually, a single glimpse of the garment is enough tells us about the inner story line of the clothes. Then the question arises what is the first thing you see on garments? Well, the answer may vary from person to person, but mostly the label or tags attached to garments drive the first attention. Being a manufacturer, one should always keep this material high in quality and appearance, but there are various questions and confusion revolves around the mind regarding clothing label.

In this article we will answer about few questions which every manufacturer want to know.

  • Woven and Satin: which is better

Well the answer is quite simple. Manufacturer has to know about its priority and the aim of clothe to decide.

Talking about woven labels, these are naturally soft and feel quite nice to the clothes. The biggest quality of this type of label is that it is available in various colour combinations, depending on the requirement of your brand. It comes in very reasonable price making it more demanded in beginners. Also, the durability factor of these labels is higher than satin, as they withstand same in many washes.

On the other hand satin labels are very-very delicate, soft and look much trendy due its shine, but dig a big whole to the pocket, as the manufacturing cost is more. Also, it won’t scratch customer’s body, increasing its chance to be attached with garment for longer duration. It has a major drawback that it could not resist handful washes and start fading very early.

  • No to heat transfer

Heat transfer causes lot of pain to the manufacturer, though it goes very well with the skin. The process is a hassle and very costly. First of all manufacturer needs a heat press for the process and most of the manufacturer lack this machinery, so ultimately they have to take the garments to another company and apply the labels, which is very costly process. Further, they have to adhere those labels on the garments, which is also an expense. Over all the process is a hectic one, and suggested for only those who have proper resources.

  • Usage of Printed clothing label

These labels are very much in demand and widely used by most of the designers. One very unique feature of this type of clothing label is that it is flexible and spacious. It gives edge to designers to put special information and messages along with the name of brand and tagline. Also, one could experiment with font style, photography and colours.

  • Care label is must

Yes, there should be no confusion in doing it. One should absolutely put a care label in each and every product. This label is actually a piece of instruction and suggestion to the user about how to use and care of the garment for maintaining its durability. Content of all fabric, washing instructions, washing symbols, RN #, and where it is manufactured; all these information must be included in care label.

In comparison with last decade, the usage of clothing labels has increased in the industry. The features it poses and the addition it brings to style quotient of clothes makes them very essential part of garment.

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