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The Importance of Video in Digital Marketing

Your brand stands tall on a pillar called storytelling, which is why you need to use content marketing, distribution strategies, and excellent attraction methods to carve the perfect story. It is a fact that video is one of the most defining marketing trends.

Marketers are continuously working on increasing their investments around this strategy to enhance engagement. The consumption of video content has risen monumentally in the past two years.

YouTube happens to be the second most popular website for end-users. At least 92% of marketers globally use an online video maker to create videos, connect with customers, and contribute to conversions. 

If you are still contemplating whether or not to introduce video in your marketing strategy, here are a few points that might showcase its importance:

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a visual medium for attracting attention, educating potential customers, and engaging them. It is a type of content that requires minimal attention span and offers full context. 

For many marketers, video marketing is a medium to talk to customers about their latest products and services. It helps maximize a brand’s reach using a prominent and exciting format.

The Growing Importance of Video in Digital Marketing

With digital marketing gaining more precedence, videos have become essential for storytelling. In this section, we will take you through all the reasons to make videos and include them in your marketing strategy. 

Excellent Returns on your Investment

Videos are capable of conveying context, sometimes in under a minute. They are conversational and attract attention immediately. As a result, it helps improve the returns on investment for your brand.

Let’s understand the investment in this case. You will need to invest in video-making and editing tools. However, you don’t need to create professional and well-crafted videos all the time. You can use your smartphone and turn any content into an engaging video.

The idea is to excite, educate, and engage the customers to decide to purchase your products/services. When you start making videos, you will see a gradual growth in business profits. 

Boosts Conversion for Business

Imagine walking into a store where the salesperson talks to you about the product. They convince you about the pain points the product resolves and why it is an essential addition to your life.

Cut to the digital world, and there is no human connection. However, videos can become your salesperson and give your brand the human touch. They can talk to customers about the pain points, the possible solutions, and why your product/service is essential. 

Such videos can help the customers make the right decision and improve the conversions for your business. 

Bolsters Trust and Credibility

It is not enough to just acquire a new customer; you need to retain them and invest in customer loyalty. However, the first step to loyalty or acquisition comes in trust. If the potential customer cannot trust what you have to offer, they won’t make that purchase. 

Videos can help you bolster trust in your brand. It doesn’t sell your product; it educates the potential customer about the pain points and what kind of solutions they need. It talks to them about things that they need. 

Videos are a great way to connect with people, listen to them, tell them stories, and answer their questions. With time, you will see people beginning to trust your brand. They will listen to what you have to say. This, eventually, helps in improving retention and advocacy. 

Boosts Search Visibility

If you check the SERPs for the key phrases you have typed, you will notice a dozen YouTube videos reigning at the top. Google also loves videos and offers them as part of the search results. Most people prefer viewing a video to reading an entire document. 

With a certain level of optimization, you will see your brand gaining maximum visibility online. Your videos and content come to the fore whenever people search for relevant phrases. This eventually helps boost your brand image and enables better reach. 

It would help if you optimized your videos for the right keywords and phrases so that the number of times it is visible on your user’s results pages automatically increases. 

Best Fit for Mobile Viewing

When it comes to mobile viewing, videos are considered a user’s best friend. Reading text or going through images on mobile can sometimes be challenging. Moreover, it won’t help attract their attention or even engage them. However, videos can be compelling and can engage them even when traveling. 

Viewing videos on the phone is easy. Audiences can and do watch under one-minute videos while traveling as well. It helps them make quick decisions without waiting to get to a more significant device. 

If marketers want to touch base with their mobile customers, they should make mobile-optimized videos that educate the customer and inspire conversion. 

Improves Product Understanding

Whether you want to give a demo of a product or offer a tour around a real estate property, videos are your go-to medium. They offer enough clarity on the products as well as services. They provide information and benefits that can help the customers make the right decision.

In some cases, videos can offer a complete understanding of how to use them for electronic products. It gives users a thorough demonstration, improving decision-making. 

You can also include animated videos when you want to talk about the benefits or value-added factors of a product/service. They will convey to the customers why they should consider the product in an exciting way. 

Improves Social Shares

If you want to reach the maximum number of people, you should definitely consider investing in videos. People love sharing videos they like. You would have often shared videos you received on social media, right? It is a chain reaction and one of the best ways to boost your visibility. 

However, you do have to think through the content and invest in the correct type of videos for your market and audience to enable extensive shares. 

Impactful Storytelling

Marketers have always believed in the power of storytelling. It has become essential to show stories about your brand’s power and educate the customers.

Video content allows you to convert any idea into a beautifully woven story. You can create exciting tales that connect with the customer through the medium.

The best part about showcasing your stories through videos is that people will consume this content faster and understand it better. They learn more about your business, its products, and its niche through these videos. 


Videos are an integral part of your marketing strategy. It would help if you started thinking of video-first content to build your brand and attract potential customers’ attention. 

To create engaging videos, you should:

  1. Research your audience and know what makes them consume videos
  2. Know the type of videos that will help make quick decisions
  3. Invest in the right video creation tools and resources to create videos
  4. Build a solid strategy that will win your customers. 

Don’t forget to set aside a defined budget to help you achieve your marketing goals with videos!

Marketvein Staff
Marketvein Staff
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