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The Do’s and Don’ts You Need to Adopt a Unicorn in Online Marketing

Ever heard of a marketing unicorn? If not, then keep reading and you will know.

Marketing unicorn refers to those magical campaigns that make it to the top 1-3% of all marketing campaigns. That’s the level of effectiveness that they are. Apart from making it to the top, these campaigns have exceptional CTRs, open rates, conversion rates as well as engagement rates. 

So, if you own a business or are an online marketer, here’s your guide on how to be an online marketing unicorn.

Aim for High Organic CTRs 

The click-through-rate matters. You were wrong all this time if you thought otherwise. And now the organic CTR matters more than ever. So, if you want to compete with other brands and websites and wish for your content to make it to the top, you will have to focus on increasing your click-through-rate. Not just this but you will also have to pay attention to other engagement factors. 

Following the steps given below will help you sort the CTR issue out:

  • Look for the content that has average or below average CTR for its rank.
  • Once done, have a look at the titles of your content. Ditch the boring ones. Instead, experiment with emotional headlines. 
  • Focus on improving your intent match. This will keep your bounce rate to a low side. 

If you succeed in increasing your CTR, you will experience an improvement in your ranking as well. 

One of the many factors that can help you increase your CTR the viewers’ landing page experience with your website. Especially if a potential customer has access to one of the best Internet services like Spectrum Internet plans and has no issues with his surfing device, he will question your website for any lag that occurs. Therefore, work on that. 

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Ad Click-Through Rates Matter Too

Aiming for a high click-through rate for SEO is not sufficient. It is also necessary for you to aim at having a super-high ad click-through rate as well. This is because you tend to save money if your ad has a high engagement rate. Ads that succeed in engaging more people, get placements at a lower cost per click on not just Google AdWords but Twitter Ads and Facebook Ads as well. 

By now, you must be wondering how to achieve this. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Ditch the ‘adding dynamic keywords’ strategy. It does not create unicorn ads. 
  • Focus on four key emotions when creating ads including anger, affirmation, disgust, and fear. 

P.S. High CTR translates into high conversion rate.

Remarketing or Super Remarketing?

You might or might not have noticed that it is becoming harder with every passing day to make yourself noticed by people. The competition in the world of online marketing is insanely fierce. Under such circumstances, it becomes difficult for content creators to make it to the top. However, it is not impossible. Here are a couple of tricks if you wish to get yourself noticed:

  • You should put some strain on your brain to come up with a smart social ad strategy. This will help you to promote your content to the perfect audience. 
  • Consider social media remarketing to increase engagement by two to three times.
  • Once done, step up to super remarketing. This is a combination of many things including remarketing, behaviors, demographics and high-engagement content. 

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Facebook Organic Reach Sucks

Yes, you read that right. It’s time you get that back. Instead, focus on the following:

  • Use preferred audience targeting. This will help you to target organic posts including ads. 
  • Create a special bond with people who like your content by inviting them to follow you.
  • Post video content. It will increase your engagement rate by many folds. 

Social Ads and Influencers

You should not worry if your business is not a big name as of yet. Here’s the trick. You can come up with good social ads. These ads fool the viewers into thinking that you are a big deal indeed. Here’s all that you will have to do:

  • Build awareness regarding your brand by targeting your ads at specific companies or employees. 
  • Write an extraordinary guest post for an influencer and promote it.
  • Don’t shy away from tagging your favorite influencer and doing an engagement campaign with them.

Outsmart Your Competition

By following some of these amazing advertising strategies, you can easily outsmart your competition:

  • Target the users whose interests include your competitors.
  • Use your competitors’ brand names. You will have to make use of these names to keyword target your ads.
  • Bombard your competitors’ YouTube videos with your brand’s ads. 

Apart from doing all of the above, also make sure that you are tech-savvy. Ensure that you have access to a fast Internet providing service. Because you will need it to keep track of all your competitors’ activities. Spectrum Internet support service along with the blazing-fast Internet that it offers makes it a favorite among many. You can have a look at other options as well. 

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