Taking the Engineering route to Investment Banking


Engineering students can be seen in the grove to be switching places in the field of finance. A certification in investment banking is one way that they are finding it easier to get into the industry due to the ease that they have in clearing the paper using their quantitative aptitude. But the affair is not one sided. Even the Investment Banking firms have admittedly an inclination to hire engineers who have made the switch due to their impeccable logical skills.

There are no shortcuts to success. Making the switch into Investment Banking is just the first step towards that dream career. Next up, lies the challenges. Investment Banking as an industry may demand of a professional to take cuts it the salary. Perform consistently taking in the profits for consistently and keeping a vigil on the market. Clearing the paper for that Investment Banking Institute was one thing. One ought to know the ins and outs of the financial world and for that, it is required of the individual to learn from scratch. Acquaint yourself with a few courses that teach you like school students.

The greener side of the grass.

Following would be some of the advantages that are to be cashed on, by engineers:

  • Investment Banking is starting to favor more & more engineers considering the technical aptitude that they bring to the table.
  • Engineers can easily catch hold of calculus, which is heavily used in programming by various Investment Banking Firms.
  • Students from a particular field such as Chemical engineering could leverage their industry insights and advice in researching for equity options in suitable companies after having procured a  investment banking certification.

Getting the boots off the ground.

Financial Modeling or CFA is the launch pad that everybody vies for to get into Investment Banking. While CFA acquaints you with the terminologies of finance, it is financial modeling that familiarizes you with various instruments of investment.

Learning from the right Teacher.

The market has various names to offer when it comes to trainers in the field of CFA. Also, keep this important fact in mind as you enroll for an NSE Certified financial modeling course. The prep. Provider will be able to guide you in a better fashion and get that elusive certification in investment banking.

Landing that first job.

Upon clearing CFA level 1 examination, you will be eligible to start applying to various profiles at small equity research firms. It doesn’t matter till the start is small in scale, as long as it helps you learn more & more about the industry.

Keep growing the knowledge base.

There are many companies in India, that want their employees to go for NSE modules. Therefore, even after you have successfully cleared your CFA levels, it would be suggested that you continue honing your certification in investment banking.

Trading: the real deal.

End of the day, be it, investors, traders or market makers, people are in the market for one purpose and that is to make money. Choose your trades with a long-term perspective and draft the reasons for which you chose one stock over the other. With time, you would realize that you have prepared a financial model of your own, that could impress those firms that you’d like to work for. The exercise further helps you with reasons to back your answers and land in a good place in Investment Banking.