What are the Steps to Solve Offline Error in Printer


The printer is much required in a number of cases. Those who need to print different documents and work with data in the physical copies need to have the printouts at any moment. In such a case if the printer shows offline error it just does not irritate one but also consumes valuable time that can be otherwise used for some productive work. There may be reasons such as corrupt software or drivers of the printer, conflicting addresses of IP and many other factors that can cause trouble to the printer performance and make it appear offline.

In such a case one must know what are the steps to solve offline error in printer which are mentioned here to resolve the issue.

  • Install, Uninstall and reinstall: The drivers are the main area that can help the printing job to reach to the printer. In the case of any problems with the printer driver, one may not be able to send the job to the printer as a printer may show as offline. In that case, one needs to check if the drivers are perfectly installed or not. One can go to the control panel and remove the printer first. Also, uninstall the printer from programs. Now one can install them again and reboot the system as well as the printer. Usually, with this step, the problem must be resolved.
  • The update of drivers: Many times, it happens as there is an update for the printer sent by the producer, but one may not have installed it to the system. In that case, also printer may show as offline. One needs to update the printer by visiting the site of the producer.  Once the printer is updated, one needs to reboot the system and try for a test print. The problem must be resolved.
  • The conflict of IP address: In the case of wireless printer this problem may occur. To resolve this trouble, one needs to match the IP address of the printer with arouter, and in case one requires needs to assign a static IP so that the problem does not occur in future. For assigning the IP address, one can take support from the internet.
  • Just restart: Many times, only restarting the printer may make things normal. It is the easiest option one can go for. Just try to restart the printer and see if the printing is through now.
  • Check the printer: As soon as it shows the printer offline, one needs to check if the paper tray has enough pages or the cartridge is loaded with ink or not. In thecase of absence of paper or ink also it may show the printer offline.
  • Default printer setting: If one is suing the network printer and there are multiple printers associated with the system, one needs to check the right printer first. It may be a case that a wrong printer is chosen. In that case, choose the right printer and by clicking right click make it default printer. This will help to resolve the issue.