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Step by Step procedure to clean Limestone surface

Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed mainly of marine organisms like coral, forums etc commonly used for flooring, wall tiles, chips, shower surfaces, and outdoor pathways. Limestone can have a long, useful life (Great Pyramid of Giza is the best example to justify) and it is quite soft. Limestone can be easily scratched, damaged and carved by acidic substances so get it done professionally without damaging the wall.

If you don’t have a neutral pH Limestone Cleaner then it could break down the surface of limestone easily. So choose your Limestone Cleaner wisely to avoid damaging the beautiful walls. Here are some easy steps that’ll help you out with cleaning of limestone.

Things You Will Need: Washer, pH neutral limestone cleaner, Bucket, towels or clean mop, Soft-bristle scrub, brush, Oscillating tool equipped with a hook and round pad accessory and sandpaper.

Step 1: Wash the limestone walls with a spray of water and remove all the dirt and dust from the wall. Note that a gentle nozzle should attach to a washer so that it cannot damage the wall.

Step 2: Mix 2-3 drops of pH neutral Limestone Cleaner into a bucket of warm water. These specialized cleaners are easily available at store or can also order online.

Step 3: Now wipe out the whole surface of smooth or polished walls with a towel or clean mop by dipping it in the cleaning solution. If it’s a clumsy wall then use soft-bristle scrub brush or can also use old toothbrush.

Step 4: Do it at every portion of the wall, when done with all the section then rinsing it by using clean water. Do clean the surface as well don’t let it soap dry as it may cause streaks and layer on the surface.

Step 5: Change the cleaning method if the wall become dull. Rinse it with water till the surface is clean.

Step 6: Afterwards let polish smooth limestone surfaces dry with a cloth. Dry the entire surface with towels and repeat if necessary. Let the rough surface of limestone dry naturally.

Step 7: If still noticing some stains then use an oscillating tool equipped with a hook and round pad accessory fitted with sandpaper. This may change the surface of the stone but it’s the only option left when cleaner fails to clean it.

Notably for effective cleaning use a pressure washer to remove tuff stains from limestone. Use the machine on a low setting to avoid damaging to the limestone. For further help and information related to limestone cleaner get in touch with experts or logon to company’s website.

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