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Spinal Surgery: Lumbar and its types

Spine Surgery: Lumbar spinal surgery in the patients applies to any type of surgery in the lumbar spinal region or lower back. Mostly two types of surgery of lumbar spine surgery which constitutes the most common surgical proceeding for the lower back remedy.

Lumbar Decompression

The main aim of the decompression spinal surgery is to lessen the pain which is generally due to nerve root pinching. The two main causes of the lumbar nerve root pressure are from lumbar herinated disc and other is lumbar spinal stenosis.

And type of pain arising is generally referred to as a radiculopathy, or sciatica. The surgical procedure involved in treating these types of pain to relieve patient from stressful and unbearable conditions is called decompression surgery and it involves removal of small portion of the bone over the spinal nerve root, to lessen the spinal nerve pinching arising from its root and give more space to its healing. There are two bifurcations of this type of decompression spinal surgery.

Decompression surgical treatment on the spine is done to lessen then pain caused by the damaged nerve arising from the spinal root.


This type of surgery is performed to relive the pain that is occurring from the lumbar herniated disc. Mostly useful for the leg pain which is due to herniated disc, often called as sciatica.

Lumbar Laminectomy

This type of surgical treatment is performed for pain from lumbar spinal stenosis. Aim of this surgical treatment is to give more space to the spinal nerve and allows more room for the nerve root, thus reducing pain and give empty time for its healing.

Though there are various alternative to above mentioned surgical treatments of the spine, such as an X-STOP which is a possible choice of treatment instead the patient is not willing to go for the laminectomy for lumbar spinal stenosis.

Lumbar Fusion

Lumbar fusion helps the patients getting relived from the pain that is arising from the motion segments in the lower back and it’s rather painful for the patients or the person to move either side ways. Generally this type of spinal surgical treatment is performed for the pain and disability commonly due to lumbar degenerative disc disease or a spondylolisthesis

These types of surgical treatments involve the grafting of bone to the painful vertebral segment which results into lessening the pain arising from the joint. Medical devices and a bone stimulator along with the bone graft procedures are commonly used with the spinal fusion. For more details logon to the website or can contact spine surgeon Florida for further procedure.

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