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Top 10 manufacturing business ideas in India with Low investment

Starting a small manufacturing business is profitable as well as easy. You can start it at any time you want and you can set up the manufacturing unit in your own house. Therefore, the cost of establishing a small manufacturing business is limited. All you need is to buy raw materials and machinery for manufacturing products. Here, in this blog, you will come to know about some of the best manufacturing business ideas which can bring you a huge amount of profit.

The best part of establishing a small manufacturing business is that you can make higher profits which makes it an excellent option to start a business at low investment. Moreover, if you would like to scale up your production, you can think about renting a machine or equipment from other suppliers.

Let’s have a look at some of the best small scale manufacturing business ideas that require a very low investment and offer higher profits.

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List of 10 manufacturing business ideas in India with low investment

1. Manufacturing detergent & soap

It is one of the best manufacturing business ideas. Detergent and soaps are essential items which are always in demand in the market. It is an excellent manufacturing business idea which requires low investment and yields higher profit. You can manufacture different types of detergents and soaps and sell them in the markets. However, for starting a new business, you have to learn the process of making soaps and detergent. You should learn the mixing technique properly and the right proportions of adding each ingredient. For better results, you can easily enroll yourself in soap making course.

You can start the business from the comfort of your home and it is the biggest advantage. You need a capital of rupees 50K and can take your business online to reach your target audience base.

2. Manufacturing sports items

Another small manufacturing business idea is start manufacturing various sports related items such as ball, bat, badminton racket, carom board etc. You can start manufacturing indoor as well as outdoor sports items which are quite famous in our country and therefore, it is an excellent manufacturing business idea which can bring you a huge amount of profit.

To start this business, you need a capital of 2 to 5 lakh. Once you start your business, you can avail small business loans from financial institutions. By availing a loan, you can easily meet the financial requirements of the business in an effective manner.

3. Hair oil manufacturing

Hair oil production is a low-cost business option which yields higher profit. And the best part of this business is that you can start this business at home. Hair oil manufacturing has a good demand in the market as people use it on a daily basis and you can find at least one bottle of hair oil in every Indian household. The materials you require for manufacturing hair oil includes perfume, base oil, some herbal extract and a mixing machine. One can start this business with a capital of 25k to 50K. It is one of the best manufacturing business idea that requires low amount of investment but yields higher profit. If you want you can register your business in the online marketplace to build a business network. The e-marketplace offers you the platform where you create your business profile, list services and products, discover new opportunities and build connections.

4. Homemade biscuits

Homemade biscuit is an excellent low investment manufacturing business idea if you are looking for a home-based business setup. This biscuit business is quite lucrative and it requires a very little amount of raw materials such as sugar, flour, a grinder and mixture. The capital you require for starting this business is 25k to 50K. All you need is good knowledge about biscuit making. Once your manufacturing process is done, you can start selling your items in nearby marketplaces and neighborhood.

5. Fashion jewelry making business

This is one of the best manufacturing business ideas that requires a very little investment. In today’s age, most of modern women now opt for the jewelry that are lightweight and pleasant rather than just hoarding on gold and diamond. One can wear this jewelry in almost every place like workplace, any social gathering, events and so on. In fact, these types of jewelries are ruling the e-commerce sector. You can post your manufacturing jewelry images in various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and so on.

6. Women’s footwear

Footwear Making business idea with low investment

The world is changing and so the choices as well. Women mostly look for home based brands and are willing to try new and unique styles of footwear. You can manufacture cruelty-free, non-leather, fashionable yet comfortable footwear for women. This manufacturing business has a huge demand in the market now.

7. Bakery products

Bakery-Business idea with low investment

In early days, we used to go to the bakery and pick up goodies as per our choice instead of going to shopping malls for buying exclusive stuffs simply to offer as a token of appreciation when visiting someone or taking healthy snack with an afternoon tea. Our choice of food has come a long way over the years. In today’s age, bakery goodies got a huge appreciation if they are made tasty and represented in a beautiful manner. A lot of items are now included in the bakery goodies. In short, the choices are endless.

If you would like to become a manufacturer of bakery items, you can refine this concept. You can use healthy ingredients such as low-calorie butter, whole wheat flour, natural sugar, skimmed milk, dark chocolate, natural sugar etc. though, these items are a bit costly but by educating people about the benefits of eating healthy food, you can build up a separate market base for your products and offer healthy alternatives to cookies, cakes and other bakery food items. Focus more on maintaining hygiene and including healthy ingredients in your items.

8. Organic Farming


India is slowly growing and following trends from all over the world. be it fashion, food, lifestyle, beauty or clothing, we are taking small steps towards being modernized and digitalized to cope up with the rest of the countries. One such aspect is food. Indian people are becoming more concerned about eating healthy and organic food using organic ingredients. These types of ingredients are manufactured without using harmful fertilizers and chemicals. Therefore, these fruits and vegetables are become cleaner and healthier than those available in the local markets.

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If you want to be a manufacturer of organic food items, you should first communicate with the local farmers to farm fruits and vegetables in an organic way. Since this organic farming is natural and no pesticides or fertilizers are used, it is both time-consuming and costly. But if you do right marketing, it is possible to create a demand in the market for your organic farming products.

9. Crockery and cutlery business

cutlery-top-business idea

These are often used in every occasion and festivals. These are the treasured assets found in every Indian home. These are also made useful gifts to give to a newly married couples. Not only this, for any type of festivals or anniversary, they make the perfect gift item. Once can choose a complete set or some part depending on the budget and requirement. In today’s market, cutlery and crockery sets are available in various ranges as well as colors.

If you would like to become a manufacturer of crockery and cutlery set, you must have proper knowledge about the industry. You should learn about the various metals, their usages, their advantages and disadvantages. You can focus on manufacturing one type of cutlery or crockery set like melamine, crystal or glass sets. Create some unique designs which are not common in the market, make them look trendy and lightweight, you can see a rising demand for your manufactured products.

10. Manufacture ready to eat meals

meal preparation idea to generate profit in less time.

 In today’s age, we people are living hectic schedules due to work pressure. We look for less time-consuming things. For food also, our choice remains the same. We look for readymade meals that can be prepared in less time. Ready to eat meals are the best options that does not require any cooking skill and takes less time to prepare. You just need to heat the packets in the microwave, then cut the packet and serve, your delicious meal is ready in few minutes. More than thousands of Indians travel to foreign countries for work or study. Ready to eat meal packets is a fuss-free alternative for those individuals who don’t have much time to involve in cooking, they can carry such packets with them. Therefore, manufacturing these ready to eat meals is a great business idea. As a manufacturer, you need to give focus in adding healthy ingredients to your food. Once you prepare these meal packets, you can easily supply them to malls, stores and other food outlets for sale.

Tips to make profit in small business

Small businesses owners must change their practice of business in order to make more profits. Here, in this section of the blog, you will come to know about some useful tips that will help you making profits in small businesses.

1. Operating procedure should be changed

You must generate sales reducing the expenditure. Now the question is how you can increase sales. For increasing sales, you must try cross-selling method. This method is all about introducing a new service or product which complement your offered products and services. Along with this, you can also provide special discounts and deals.

2. Always stay connected with your customers

You should always stay connected with your customers either directly or indirectly. Build an online reputation and use various social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, twitter etc, create your own website and stay connected with your customers. By creating an website, you can take the advantage of affiliate marketing which helps to drive more customers to your website.

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3. Maximize the cash flow

For regulating a small business efficiently, you need to maximize the cash flow the right way. Make a plan and manage your expenses that way and cash flow accordingly.

4. Regulate management cost

Create a system for all your employees and keep all information always updated. Try to automate the entire process. It will help running your business smoothly and also scale down the workforce.

Therefore, these are some useful tips which you should keep in mind while making profit from best manufacturing business in India.

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