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30 Profit Making Small Business Ideas with Low Investment in India

Investing in a business is a serious decision to make. However, if you keep your senses right and think wisely there are businesses where you need to invest low or you can start the business at zero investment. It is an option where you can make good revenue with the small-scale business idea. It is quite true that the current generation is always full of startup ideas. In fact, there are opportunities that you can make place in the Indian market with the best of ease. Small business ideas are at plenty and you have to select one suited to your budget and taste.

There are ample and enough options for the aspiring entrepreneur to make a mark with innovative business ideas. If you start a low investment business you need to have a personal space or you can even rent a space at low cost. It is better to begin low and once you start making profit you put in additions to make the business big and significant. In case you want to start a no investment business it would be wise to plan for an online business and act accordingly for the idea. There are ample online business ideas to help you invest time without money and have a decent income at the end of the month.

Whether online or in-house the business you start should be effective to help you prove your ability in the field. With the right talent and intention it would be great to do business with extra effort and of idea. This will help you flourish in the impending years with low investment efforts.

List of Small Business Ideas in India

1.Online Method of Education

Imparting education is one of the most popular low investment business ideas available to you right here. In the present competitive world the students are in need of right guidance to make a mark in the educational career. If you want to give it the right shot start searching for an academic center offering stupendous educational guidance in the preferable subjects. You can join a traditional coaching class, but recently there has been a craze of online education. In trying to teach online you only need to invest money time and talent. You can charge the students hourly basis based on the subject specifications.

There are several online platforms like SimpliLearn, Unacademy, Topper and the rest. You can be a part of the podium and once you join the brand you can start teaching successfully. In time you will gain the popularity and recognition and more students and teaching brands will contact you in time to lend the correct academic services with precision.

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2. Content Writing Business

Writing contents is one of the busiest small business ideas these days. It is a great way you can earn online by writing for the online readers and clients. There are giant companies to hire your service and they can employ you on contract or as a regular writer. There are mid-level media start-ups to the websites and the bloggers and in case of those who are in need of contents. In the impending years the demand for contents would increase making more scopes for the writers in showcasing their talents. If you belong to the team of the video creators, podcast recorders, editors, photographers, writers and other possible ways of content creators then you can really make it big in the plausible time.

In the content arena business idea, investment is pretty low but the income is huge. You just need the right option and you should join a proper content house where you can learn and impart service at the best way. Also this idea suits when you want to work from home.

3. Photographic Business in India

Being a professional photographer is a lucrative business in India. You can start an agency on your own and head the team with the learners in the field. For this you need to rent an office space if you can’t do the business from home. It is necessary to have a personal site where you can talk about your photographic services. You should possess an office address where people can place orders for you to accomplish the assignments in style.

However, in the business of photography there should be minimal investment for buying the photographic tools and devices and paying the assistant staffs. This qualify for best business ideas or small town with low investment.

4.Business of App development

You can start a business in India with low investment with the fellow app developers. There is no end in the list of small business ideas and development of apps is just something innovative. For this you need to have a website of your own. It is true that most of the sites should have the app version for promoting and expanding the specific business. You have the best of opportunities to have proper growth in the field. If you are interested to learn app development then you are sure to have lucrative business options ahead. You have the app learning courses online and once you know the details thr business becomes easy for you.

Once you have completed the app development course you can invest time in becoming a freelancer and accomplish tasks accordingly. You can now easily reach out to people who are looking for app developers. However, if you have money you can start your business with the group of app developers and have a lucrative earning in the long run. This business idea needs a lot  of coding and client engagement skill.

5. Digital Marketing Business

If you are confident you can start with a digital marketing business in India. The world is going through several changes and alterations. There is no place for conventional marketing at the time. However, people are now advancing and shifting towards the concept of digitalization. Now, people prefer spending time online. This enhances the importance of digital marketing dramatically. If you have experience in the building of backlinks you can work in improving the results of Search Engine of the website with the rest of digital marketing aptitudes.

With the help of the skills you can have options to earn more money. As part of the domain you have rest of the things and you can start indulging in the concepts to have a huge income at the end of the month. In the way, you can start from the scratch and progress with utter development. In the recent days there has been a hike in the digital marketing genre and it is a great small business idea one can try. This small business idea can be done by any one with little effort. You must be good in your analysis skill to earn profit from this idea.

6.Translation Business in India

A translation service can be a business for you in India. You can be the translator dealing with comments and subtitles. Here you have the responsibility of translating one language to the other. This makes you good in several languages at the same time. In translation business you can even head a team with writers, editors and translators. There are movies and a show in need of translation services an there is the necessity to change the language with apt subtitles. In the present era there is a big scope for translating and subtitling services. This will help the event reach to the greater part of the population.

In India opting for a translation business is turning out to be immensely successful. You can start as a freelancer or you can even create a business group for translating things with the best of success. You receive a pretty payment at the end of the assignment and there are more perks you can enjoy in the field. The above business idea has lot of compensation when you select correct language.

7.Consultancy Business in India

It is easy to be a consultant in India. For this you don’t have to make any investment if you are working from home. In case you are working with a team it becomes essential to hire an office space. Then it becomes necessary to pay the rent and give salary to the team members. If you are a good consultant then you should develop the skill to help people manage big businesses. People will come to you for essential business managing tips and ideas and you can help then with the best suggestions and advices. You can even be a social media influencer and in the case you can teach people how to reach heights.

For instance if you are a fitness coach you can start with a fitness consultancy. In case you are a life coach you can provide with counseling services. The consultancy service is gaining momentum rapidly with the rest of the specifications. This small business ideas is on boom and almost all MNCs do it.

8.Manufacturing Businesses in India

Product making or manufacturing business is quite common in India. There are people in the low income group who start with the ideas leading to enhancement in items and standard of living. You have the various small scale product manufacturing tips and this can help you earn loads of money if you are doing things the right way. Some of the ideas include making of pickles, candles, shoe laces, agarbattis, cotton buds, ice cream cones and the rest. Candle is a demanding item in India especially during the festive seasons. For the reason, candle making is considered a lucrative business in India. Similarly you can even manufacture agarbatti sticks as it is a must item needed for Pujas.

There are more things like making of buttons in India as garment industry is pervasively huge in this part of the world. It is interesting to know that India stands close to China in the making of footwear and shoes. Thus, with so many options in hand there is no end to manufacturing things in India. This business idea requires a good investment which scales from low to high.

9.Ecommerce Reselling Business

In India you can start with an ecommerce reselling businesses with widest scopes and ideas. You can readily purchase things and sell them at the ecommerce sites. You can even manufacture your own good and sell them at the place. Amazon and eBay are the two destinations where you can sell reused things and make money out of junks. The concept of reselling refers to the fact that you can buy bulk products online from distributors, whole sellers and manufacturers and then sell the items to customers with an extensive profit margin. It is a great reselling idea and things are absolutely legal in the aspect.

You have the best of perks associated with ecommerce reselling. There is no need for you to have a personal inventory here. In the case, it is easy to launch a business within a time span of limited thirty minutes. It is easy that you are reselling the product on the same day when you are buying it. This is one of the most successful small business ideas in india.

10.Market for the Graphic Designers

It is quite lucrative to be a graphic designer in India. If you have learnt the art of graphic designing you can make money out of that. It is easy to master the art of graphic designing and make it a business in life. On gaining an experience in the field you can have an income out of graphic designing and selling the creations for some money. However, there is nothing to worry as there is scope and necessity of graphic designers in India. India is progressing towards digitalization. Each day the new and innovative websites are created and graphic designers are needed in designing the pictographs and images for the specific websites.

In India these days there is plenty of demand for poster makers, brochure makers, images and more of graphic contents. It is clear that Indian industry is in need of graphic designers with great talent, and it is the best source of income these days. One of the most popular business ideas picked up by professional to earn good money in small time.

11.Having an Esty Shop

If you prefer to be creative and love giving shape to artistic things like templates, handicrafts, greeting cards and rest of the things. Then it is time that you open an Etsy shop for the selling of the crafts that you have created. First, you need to open the Etsy account and take snaps of the products that you have made. Then you can list the items on your profile and connect the bank account accordingly. This will help you receive the payments after easy selling of the goods in style.

It is the best way you can enjoy an online presence and have a positive expansion in the genre. The Etsy shop will help you gain recognition and popularity and it indeed become an innovative source of income. It can serve as a part-time business idea and if you have some capital in hand you can convert the same to a full time occupation. This business idea requires patience and time investment.

12.Indian Business Blogging

An Indian blogger can make good business out of the skill he has. You can even plan to have a new business with ream of bloggers working under you. This makes you responsible for giving salary to the people who are working under your supervision. If you have skill and expertise in the genre you can at best share your ideas with the others through effective blogging. For example,, you can make videos on the specific subject that you are good at and then you can post it on YouTube. It is the best platform where you can show your talent at the best. If you are a good photographer you can present your talent on instagram.

It is true that you can make plenty of money through effective blogging. Here you have the opportunity to create contents based on your talent and interest. However, the highest investment that you have to make is buying a laptop or a desktop in sufficing your purpose. This is one of the most popular small business ideas which can be profitable if you run it on a plan.

13.Food Business in India

India is a land of food lovers and starting a catering business from home is quite easy. If you can cook nutritious and yummy meals then here is the best platform for you to food business. It is a fast paced era and you dint have much time for yourself. There is hardly any time that you buy things and make food for yourself. There is even a section of the populations who are sick and cannot get up and cook. Here, the people completely depend on food delivering service. This has led to the increase and popularity in food business in India. Each day there are plenty of people to order for food and they pay the vendors on monthly basis.

Food is an essentiality in life and you require the same on daily basis. Thus, there is no drop in the earnings. There are more people in India taking to catering and online food business. This business ideas requires good investment to become profitable.

14.Customizing T-Shirt Business

If you love painting you can start with a T-Shirt printing business in India. You can buy plain t-shirts at low cost and then paint on them and sell them at better price to people offline and online both. You can even customize the t-shirts along with other items like hoodies, bracelets, caps and bags. The craze for customized items is so high that even people are looking for customized bed sheets. Thus, in India it is good for you to start a business of making and selling customized items. You can have an online business where people can lend you ideas and designs that you can print on the t-shirts and personalize the items for your convenience.

Every day you can produce t-shirts in bulk and this will help you have the best of earning with every bundle. However, you can take extra charges from the customers in case they ask you to personalise the items. Selling customized t shirt is  trending business idea in India.

15.Lucrative Editorial Business

In India you can start editorial services at home. There is no investment initially if you have a laptop or desktop for you. In case you have a team and you employ other people in the editorial job then you Hve to arrange for money to pay salaries and the rest of the essentialities. The field has huge scope and option for expansion. There are several services under the editorial sector and you can try this right from the comfort of your residence. You can do a business of copyediting where you have to check the write-ups to look for grammatical errors and other typographical and stylistic mistakes.

As part of the editorial business in India you can play the role of a proofreader. Here you have to detect the copyediting changes and correct the errors to make changes in the article. It is the ending step of the editorial process. This can be easily part of top 10 small business ideas with low investment.

16.Business of Web Development

There is no doubt that you can earn money through web development business in India. If you are a web developer you have list of true things to do with your talent. As a web designer you should capitalize on your skills and take money by constructing websites for the others. In case you are not sure how to build a website you can take help from external sources and make the process simple and achievable. In case you have interest in matters of website development then you can gain knowledge from online sources like Coursera, Udemy, and the rest of the online available legit courses.  

It is easy that you do website development on freelance basis. For the purpose you can build a profile on various podiums like Upwork, Fievrr, and the rest by taking orders from the clients. However, you can even look for web development orders on platforms like Internshala, LinkedIn, and more.

17.Idea of Dropshipping Business

In India you can do dropshipping to earn money. Here you need the involvement of the third party suppliers who are responsible of storing and shipping the items to the clients on behalf of someone else. The idea is great as you can do the business without investment. Companies that sell products cannot always store the items in bulk. Owners of such companies approach others in the deliverance of the orders to the exact addresses. The third party is the kind of wholesale retailer and normally posses a warehouse and can run various shopping operations. This is how the dropshipping business keeps on functioning.

For dropshipping you need minimal tools and inventory. Moreover, you can start the business with least investment. Dropshipping has a variation called ecommerce inventory management. You can initially start the business from your own city and gradually expand the territory with greater demand and interest for the specific products in offer.

18.Being a Fitness Trainer

It is great to be a fitness trainer in India. You can start the functionality online and people who are suffering from fitness problems can take tips from you to help you maintain normal and healthy physiological structure. People who have health issues can join the fitness coaching and it is time for you to deliver with online fitness classes with ideas and innovations at par. If you don’t like going out of home and do fitness training, you can join the fitness classes and rejuvenate your health and well being. Moreover, in the lockdown situation when social distancing has become a part of our daily life it would be right to join an online fitness class without having to face adversities.

You can be a gym trainer or a fitness coach and try giving your lessons both online and offline. Online you can reach greater audience and have more earnings this way.

19.Selling Handicrafts Online

It may be so that you have the hobby of sitting at home and making different items. You can make use of the skill by selling your handmade items and earn both money and recognition. Most people these days are making use of the small scale business idea to reach to great heights and have decent income in the field. In the way you can showcase your talent to the rest of the world and earn universal appreciation. You can have an online business of handicraft. You can make decorative pots, candles and the rest of the items and display them online. This will help you fetch money on regular basis.

There are plenty of sellers selling things on Shopify and they know how to make an online market for handmade products. You can make your model and opt to have a place at Etsy. In the way you can launch your own ecommerce store.

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20.Concept of Voiceover Service

Sitting at home you can plan for voiceover services and it is a kind of small business you can do with a team. Studies reveal that the voiceover industry is growing at rapid rate. It is easy doing business as internet can connect you well to all parts of the world and you have the scope to be popular when people can understand your language well. You can even work in dubbing contents to various languages. This will make the users all over the world access your videos and in case you have a good and audible voice people would love to hear you speaking.

It is the kind of business idea that people did not know for a long time. So you can give it a shot and earn fame though the business venture. If you have an attractive tone of speaking there would be people loving to listen to what you have to say.

21.Option of Internet Advertising

In India you can earn lump sum money through the option of internet advertising. Internet is something applicable in all parts of the world. You can start the business with least investment and you just need to have high speed internet connectivity. It is great to have your own advertising business at home. You just need to have the advertisement requirements before you so that one can start working on the projects instantly. You can create the solutions and distribute them through popular blogs and the popular sites based on the specific location and target audience. You can carry on with the advertising on Facebook, YouTube and rest of the social media options.

You can present the advertisements in the form of texts, images or they can be video based.. It is for sure that you will earn lots of money through this business and you will never be out of work as there is no stop to internet connection.

22.Food Business in India

Food business ideas in India are really on the forefront. You have the best of options in the area and all things are just perfect for those who would like to start with a business at low investment. One way to earn money is to make thin and crispy papad. It is a scrumptious side dish that can make Indian meals better tasty and nutritious. To make papads you need ingredients like wheat flour, oil and spices. There are more condiments to make like pickles and achars. You can start these businesses right from home and things seem profitable as many Indian houses cannot go without serving pickles at meals.

You can even make plans to make ice creams and the business is sure to prosper especially during the summer time and festive seasons in India. Ice creams and chocolates are always in great5 demand at the Indian market and there is plausible flow in revenue.

23.Indian Jute Bags

In India you will find several street hawkers selling jute bags. However, you even have the stylish jute stuffs being sold at the supermarket. Go green and environmental protection are the concepts which have led to the popular usage of the jute bags in specific. It is a way you can vote for the eco-friendly items and the awareness is quite in vogue. More people are these days shifting to biodegradable bags and these are turning out to be lucrative both for the sellers and users. The bags are made with jute aka or the golden fiber. The material is tough and durable and can be customized into fashionable versions.

The manufacturing process of the jute bags is quite simple. The bags are designed to various colors and shapes and the start-up business idea is just stupendous. In fact, jute bags are highly popular among those you have affiliation for natural products and pure items.

24.Paper Making in India

In India necessity of paper is always and everywhere. So you can be a part of the paper manufacturing industry and make easy supplies of the white sheets. In India papers are needed everywhere in school, colleges, and offices and corporate. Even in the world of digitalization there is no stop to the popularity of paper usage. There are different sizes of paper to suffice with various requirements. You Have variations like small copies and envelopes along with paper sizes of A2, A3 and A4. There are better needs of paper these days and there in continuous expansion in the industry.

However, it is not easy to manufacture paper from your home. You need to have a solid base where you can place the machines and start manufacturing. Thus, you have to start the paper making business with the bit of more capital and it is sure to turn out lucrative in the long run.

25.Vertical Garden Planting Business

Vertical farming in India is one of the successful future business ideas for you to pursue. It is the way you can grow plants in a vertical region in steps. For the vegetation you don’t need to apply soil. Here plants can thrive with the use of aeroponic or the hydroponic methods. At the farm you can even grow regular agricultural plants as part of the challenging environment. The plants are grown at places with arable lands and it serves as a promising field for the modern age farmers. You can take jobs of building vertical garden in homes or offices. It is a way you can make your interior look green and beautiful.

You can have a vertical garden set up at the balcony area. This helps you feel fresh when sitting in this part of the house. As an interior decorator, you can call for someone who can well implement the concept of vertical garden.

26.Online Teaching Business

At the age of COVID – 19 you cannot go out to teach. This is when a job of an online teaching will be highly suitable. Online reaching is one of the best businesses you can start with at the pandemic time. This will help the students adapt to changes and now they can attend online classes to learn the subjects with precision. Now, most of the schools and colleges have shifted to the method of online education for ensuring the safety of both the teachers and the students. As part of the online teaching business you can prepare notes and share the materials with the students on net with the best of responsibility.

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27.Travel Business in India

It is great to opt for a travel planning business in India. You can plan trips for other people within the budget they can afford. For this you need to have the right knowledge for hotels and bookings and you should also know about the routes in details. With the inventories in possession you are able to p[lan travels for your customers with best of success. You can even have the franchises of the notable travel companies and this will help you set up a business much faster. You can help people with flight and hotel details to help them travel with utmost liberty.

28.Video editing Business

Being a video editor you can have a solid business which you can easily head with a team. There is a huge consumption of online movies, video contents, video ads, short films, web series, TV shows and the rest. However, there is an increased demand of people who are able to produce such contents, edit the matter and present them to the rest of the world. Video editing is the kind of manipulative art to help handle video content to make things look attractive, user friendly and engaging. It is a profitable business idea but you need to have the skill to edit and make videos.

29.Transcription Service in India

In India you can try for transcription service and earn money seriously. It is one of the most lucrative online business ideas with the set of essentialities. In the context you have to hear or look at things and change the data to the textual format. The services are needed in various languages. Ads, medical videos, famous speeches, and the courtroom methods are in need of transcription services. However, if you are translating things in more languages along with English you need to have knowledge about the dialects. For the transcription service you need to have sharp ears and fast writing skills. The most exciting news is that you can try the job from home and can enjoy flexible working hours.

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30.Wedding Planning Business

You need to be n expert to plan a marvelous wedding. In India people spend big money in trying to make the wedding perfectly majestic. There are so many rituals involved as part of the main event that you need to plan accordingly. As a planner you have to do everything starting from selecting garments for the bride and bride groom, plan for events and check the menu and quality of food being served. Being the planner you should have a team under you working day and night to make the celebration successful. It is just the way you can make people feel special on the occasion with lots of decking and stupendous arrangements.


Having a small business in India at a low cost is fairly simple. You just need to be systematic and investment money accordingly. However, whether the business idea is big or small you should plan things based on the nature and amount of earning you would like to have each month. There are online concepts you can explore to have a better idea regarding how to make money through lucrative trading. In India there are plenty of innovative people. They make use of their creative thoughts and ways to make profits in business. There are plenty of small business ideas for you to nurture and decide on. This way you can make your career steadfast and promising.

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