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How about skydiving as a new hobby? Try it at these great spots in India

Thrill seekers can enjoy many adventure sports in India, as well as visiting cultural and historical sites, admiring areas of natural beauty, basking on gorgeous beaches, shopping in vibrant markets, and dining on delicious food. Why not try your hand at skydiving in India and feel the rush as you take in the sights from above?

If you’ve already experienced hiking, biking, parasailing, bungee jumping, white water rafting, cliff jumping, rock climbing, parachuting, diving, caving, kayaking, surfing, and all the other adventure sports in India, here’s where you can get your next adrenaline rush with some skydiving adventures:


Pondicherry Travel Guides

Formerly known as Pondicherry, and often still referred to by this name, Puducherry is a pretty town in Tamil Nadu in Southern India. It was previously the biggest French colony in the country. In addition to popular sightseeing and leisure spots, like the diverse religious buildings, the French Quarter, Goubert Market, and Paradise Beach, it is quickly becoming a top spot for those seeking a thrilling high whilst on vacation. Skydiving really started to take off in the town in 2012, and you can enjoy either a tandem jump or a static line jump over the scenic area. AFF is not offered here.


Located in Karnataka in Southern India, Mysore is known for its plentiful cultural attractions. Hire an Indian travel guide and spend exciting days exploring places like Mysore Palace, the Chamundi Hills, Lalit Mahal Palace, the Sand Museum, and Jayalakshmi vilas mansion, catch the beautiful musical fountain in the pretty Brindayan Gardens, and take kids to Happy Man Park, Melody Workd, and Mysore Zoo. Inject a thrill into your Mysore travels and go skydiving too! The area is known for being one of the best skydiving spots in all of India. You can take a couple of days to undergo professional training for the ultimate rush of an accelerated free fall (AFF), or do a static line or tandem jump and feast your eyes on the stunning views from high in the sky as you make your way back down to terra firma.

Aamby Valley

The scenic Aamby Valley is located close to the city of Pune in India’s state of Maharashtra. Jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet, strapped to a professional for a tandem jump, and soak up the natural beauty all around. Undulating hills and green valleys stretch into the distance, and the township is a great place to take a peek into local life after you have come back down to earth. Don’t forget your camera! Static line jumps and AFF are not available at Aamby Valley.


Deesa is in Gujarat, and it was the first place in the country to be certified for skydiving. Adventure camps are hosted here throughout the year and people of all experience levels can enjoy the excitement of jumping out of a plane and skydiving. Tandem and static line jumps are available. You can also enjoy accelerated free falls upon completion of a multi-day course. The city sits on the banks of the River Banas, and local attractions include Hari Manjil Palace, Banas Dam, Sidhambika Temple, Satrah Sahid Dargah, Jalaram Mandir, Sai Baba Temple, and Vishavkarma Temple. Why not stick around for a while after your jump and explore the area with an India travel guide?


Located in Uttar Pradesh, skydiving is possible at the disused Aligarh Airstrip. Visitors will do an exhilarating tandem jump, and different packages are available for extra services, such as photos and a video. Other types of skydive are not available at Aligarh. Places of interest in the locale include Aligarh Fort, the ruined Dor Fortress, Jama Masjid, the ISKCON Aligarh Temple, Khereshwar Temple, Achal Taal, and the Clock Tower; try and spot the sites from above on your skydive! If you want to relax after the action, head to Shekha Jheel Bird Sanctuary; your jump is sure to have given you new admiration for flying creatures!

Whilst the above five places offer permanent skydiving opportunities, with regular camps, keep your eyes peeled for news of other camps in different parts of the country. Skydiving is a relatively new adventure activity in India and, as such, operators try different areas to see if it is popular or not, and to offer experienced skydivers the chance to enjoy different views on their adventure. Skydiving used to be offered in Dhana, but, at the moment, jumps are suspended for the foreseeable future.

Get high, literally, and don’t miss out on skydiving when travelling around India!

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