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Saraswatarishta Benefit, Uses, Side Effects , Compositions & Dosage

Ayurveda has gifted us a lot of means to nourish us. Saraswatarishta is one such wonder of Ayurveda.

What is Saraswatarishta:

Saraswatarishta is an Ayurvedic liquid medicine known for its use in enhancing memory. At the same time, it is good for increasing concentration, attention span, and intelligence. Saraswatarishta contains self-generated alcohol in a low amount. The alcohol and water in it are the media for carrying the herbal components present in Saraswatarishta. There is 5-10% alcohol in it. Brahmi is the main ingredient of this ayurvedic Saraswatarishta medicine. It works as the elixir of the human body because it has immense benefits in it. Ayurveda classified it as Rasayan due to its utility. It can be taken life-long. Saraswatarishta will continue to maintain general well-being.  Saraswatarishta increases the immunity of the body. Memory and voice quality are immensely improved by it. This ayurvedic concoction is sold in the market with gold or without gold. Both can be taken for enhancing mental health. Saraswatarishta has a significant impact on physical health also.

Saraswatarishta Benefit & Uses:

Saraswatarishta is anti-inflammatory and anti-depressive. It also acts as an anti-stress agent. Saraswatarishta is an anti-aging agent. Its anti-oxidant property is well known. Saraswatarishta also shows anti-dopaminergic effects. At the same time, it is adaptogenic. Saraswatarishta prevents tumor development because of its anti-neoplastic property. Saraswatarishta works very effectively as a neuro-protective element. Its anti-dementia property makes it popular in treating forgetfulness. Apart from that, it is anti-anxiety. Saraswatarishta also works as anti-convulsant and analgesics. At the same time, it is cardioprotective and hepato-protective. Let us look at the benefits of using Saraswatarishta in its widest sense.

Saraswatarishta Benefits in DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY RELIEF

Saraswatarishta acts as an anti-depression medicine. Its shooting effect takes away the worry and anxiety. The Bacopa Monnieri present in it calms your mind and helps to drive away the negative energy in mind. With this tonic, all symptoms of worry can be cured effectively.

Saraswatarishta CURES INSOMNIA

Insomnia is the condition where the patient suffers from lack of sleep. To treat this, Saraswatarishta is very effective. The Brahmi inside it improves the quality of your sleep and at the same time enhances the time of nightly sleep. Thus, Saraswatarishta medicine is very much effective in Insomnia.

Saraswatarishta RETAINS MEMORY

With the growing age, memory loss and forgetfulness become an issue. Saraswatarishta has been earlier said that Saraswatarishta acts as an anti-dementia agent. Its neuroprotective property makes it a very good memory enhancer. It treats dementia and forgetfulness.


Saraswatarishta is cardioprotective. So, it is very useful in maintaining the health of your heart. To maintain the longevity of your heart, it is advised to take Saraswatarishta sold with gold. Saraswatarishta stabilizes the heart rate and maintains its function.


Saraswatarishta is very effective on the reproductive glands. It is effective on hypogonadism. It maintains the health of gonad. Reduction in hormone secretion or absence of it can be effectively treated with Saraswatarishta. Any other psychological activities of the gonad are treated with this ayurvedic medicine. It is also helpful in treating menopausal symptoms in women. Thus, it can be said sexual vigor is maintained by Saraswatarishta.

Saraswatarishta CURES STUTTERING

Saraswatarishta is called Vak vishuddhikara. Saraswatarishta means this medicine helps in improving pronunciation. It relieves the consumer of pronunciation mistakes. It is very helpful in Stammering Disorders. The patient requires to take it continuously for 6 months at a stretch.

Saraswatarishta helps in REJUVENATION

It has been earlier mentioned Saraswatarishta is a Rasayan in Ayurveda. There is no restriction on taking it throughout life. Saraswatarishta will continue to bring calmness, peace, satisfaction, and memory. At the same time, Saraswatarishta will boost your immunity so that the body fights against bacterial and viral infections. Singers use it to improve their speech quality. Saraswatarishta also relieves the vocal cord from overuse. People who need to use their analytical skill and thinking ability can be immensely benefitted from this ayurvedic concoction. It is very useful for students and researchers. So, we can say Saraswatarishta helps in rejuvenating the mind and body at the same time.

Side Effects of Saraswatarishta:

Saraswatarishta has no visible side effects if taken as prescribed by the expert. A headache may take place in some rare cases where an overdose of this medication is consumed on an empty abdomen. It is best avoided at pregnancy. During the times of lactation, Saraswatarishta is also not prescribed. But if depression or mood disorders are found in pregnancy, this medication can be used under expert supervision. People suffering from diabetes can take Saraswatarishta after checking the blood sugar level because this concoction contains sugar, although not much. So, it is relatively safer to consume Saraswatarishta after taking the expert’s advice.

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Compositions & Nature of Saraswatarishta:

The primary ingredient in Saraswatarishta is Bramhi or Bacopa Monnieri. Other herbs are mixed with it. With 1kg of Bramhi, Shatavari, Vidarikand , Haritaki, Ushira, Sonth, Saunf, each of 250 grams, are mixed. It requires 12.8 liters of water for decoction. The concoction is reduced to its 1/4th volume. Upon cooling, old jaggery or honey of 500 grams, Sugar of 1 kg and Dhataki of 250 grams are added. In addition to that, Nirgundi Seed, Pippali, Trivrit, Laung, Vacha, Kushta, Ashwagandha, Bibhitaki, Guduchi, Elaichi, Vaividang, Dalchini and gold leaf are added with each of 12.5 grams. After that, the concoction is kept Saraswatarishta in a safe and dry container.

How To Use Saraswatarishta?

Saraswatarishta is found in the market with gold or without gold. Dosage for these two types vary.

The one with gold can be taken 1.5ml to 6ml a day by children. 3ml to 12 ml is allowed for adults. Saraswatarishta can be taken twice a day. It is better taken after taking food. The best adjuvant with it is an equal amount of water. The maximum dosage a day should not exceed 24 ml.

The one without gold can be taken to 12ml a day by the children and 24 ml a day by adults. The maximum limit for consumption on a single day is 48 ml.

Nutritional Value of Saraswatarishta:

Saraswatarishta is highly nutritious for the body. It nourishes our mental health, and exudes happiness, joy and satisfaction. Saraswatarishta also nourishes the heart, gonads, and skin. The skin attains a luster with its continuous use.

So, tap on the full potential of Saraswatarishta and enjoy its nourishing benefits in your life.

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