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The Role of Regular Exercises in Cancer Treatment

Cancer ExercisesFighting cancer should be your only goal when you are diagnosed with cancer. It is crucial to take proper care and devote special attention to your health. Studies have revealed that the most effective way of taking care of yourself when you are down with cancer, is by staying physically fit and active. That obviously, does not imply that you are encouraged to participate in a marathon or you should consider scaling a mountain. It simply means that you must follow a regular exercise routine. Every day as an integral part of your cancer therapy. In this context, you must acknowledge that moderate aerobic exercise like taking a walk every day in combination with using light weights for proper strength training and riding a stationary cycle could help in boosting well-being and spurring recovery.

Cancer Research & Testing

Cancer is regarded as a genetic disease in the sense that it is caused by certain changes in DNA which control the manner in which cells are supposed to function, particularly, the way they would be growing and dividing. All these changes could be inherited but usually, most of these changes take place randomly during your lifetime because of the errors that may take place as cells divide or because of the exposure to the dangerous DNA-damaging carcinogens. Every individual patient’s cancer would be having a unique combination of different genetic changes. We know that Tumor DNA sequencing also, known as Genetic Testing or Genetic Profiling is an effective test for identifying all these unique DNA changes. Browse reputed sites such as MyBioSource, your trusted source for proteins, antibodies, ELISA Kits, and peptides. They provide scientists and researchers with an outstanding one-stop-shop for complete research reagents requirements.

Benefits of Regular Exercises                                 

  • Reduction in Body Fat and Improved Immune System

Studies have revealed that regular exercises after having been diagnosed with cancer, could be instrumental in reducing fat and improving body mass index. Regular exercise would help in lowering blood pressure, boosting the immune system and increasing bone mineral density.

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  • Much Enhanced Fitness

Doctors recommend a daily workout regimen for cancer patients. When you perform regular exercises while the treatment is going on or even post-treatment, you could notice a definite boost in your overall strength, aerobic capacity, walking ability, and flexibility.

  • Less Exhaustion & Fewer Side Effects from Cancer Treatment

Cancer patients reported less cancer treatment associated negative side effects once they started performing regular exercises even after the treatment was over. Moreover, the patients who followed a strict daily workout regimen even during the treatment felt less sleeping issues and definitely less nausea. The major improvement that was common across all patients who did regular exercises, was reduced exhaustion or fatigue.

  • Improved Quality of Life

Cancer patients who followed a strict workout regimen every day, also, experienced a boost in overall well being including emotional and mental health. There is a definite improvement in the overall quality of life. Patients experienced a renewed vigor, enthusiasm and fighting spirit. Patients aged 80 and above, who indulged in regular exercises, reported reduced memory loss issues.

  • Reduced Risk of Cancer Relapse /Recurrence

As regular exercise would be boosting the immune system, all those cancer patients who are used to exercising regularly would be minimizing the risk of cancer recurrence or relapse. Patients who lead a physically active life would be reducing their probability of dying from cancer. They would be living longer as compared to cancer patients who do not follow a regular exercise routine.

Conclusion: Proceed with Caution & Care

It is mandatory to consult your physical therapist or your doctor regarding the kind of exercise you will include in your daily workout regimen to make sure all is safe.

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