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6 Reasons You Should Spring Clean – Even When it’s Not Spring

A spring clean is a time to refresh. Each year, many people make it their mission to clear out their wardrobes, pull out the cupboards and sift through old belongings. It’s a therapeutic experience and one which doesn’t just have to be done during the spring. Whether the blossom is starting to bud or the leaves are turning orange, here are six reasons you should spring clean.

1: It Increases Productivity

Cleaning is a quick way to take a slump and turn it into productivity. If your household items are piling up and your kitchen is in desperate need of TLC, it can be difficult to get anything done. Putting on some music and getting started on sweeping the cobwebs will clear your mind just as much as it will clean your house.

2:  It Helps Allergies

Cleaning is an essential part of combating allergies. By performing a spring clean, you get a huge jump on the nasty symptoms. Mold and dust are notorious for causing wheezing chests and itchy noses, so be sure to get rid of all signs during your spring clean. If you’re worried about triggering your allergies while cleaning, Pataday is an itchy eye drop that will help protect your eyes and you can always pop an anti-histamine or wear a mask.

3: You Will Find Forgotten or Lost Items

One of the wonderful things about embarking on a spring clean is all the little odd items you have long forgotten about. You might find a picture that you haven’t seen in years or an old necklace from a relationship you’d almost forgotten. Sometimes, you might spend hours searching through ancient boxes dwelling on sentimental items and the memories they hold – and that’s an important part of the process! You cannot refresh without facing the past, after all.

4: You Get Some Exercise

Cleaning burns lots of calories, so don’t worry about skipping a gym day on the week of your spring clean! You’ll work out all your muscles as you reach tall shelves, bend under cupboards and push the vacuum back and forth. Don’t be surprised if you wake up the next day with sore legs.

5: You Can Get Your Family Involved

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a one-person job – in fact, it shouldn’t be. If you have kids, teach them responsibility by allocating jobs. The process will be much more fun and it’ll get done faster. You can even set goals, such as: by the time this album has finished, the whole of the living room has to be organized. Have fun with it and cut the time it takes in half by doing it together.

 6: Feel Refreshed

At the end of your spring cleaning, you will feel refreshed and ready for anything. By clearing out the old and cleaning the mess, your home becomes a blank canvas. Take the opportunity to make a fresh start by giving your home some much-needed fresh cleaning.

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