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Points To Consider Before Getting Your House Exterior Painted

A dreamy abode is alluring, rock-solid, and soulful. For the interiors to be delightful and endearing, it is important that the structure of the building from the outside is secured, well-founded and reliable in all weathers. Interiors paints or exterior, they change the beauty of the entire house. Nevertheless, the exterior of your house makes an immediate impact on the onlookers; hence you must give as much importance to exterior walls as you give to the interior. After all, it is all about creating that striking first impression and making your house stand out from the crowd.

Exterior paints are way different from the color schemes, pattern, completion time, technique, and colors too. While there is a lot of thinking that goes into doing the interiors, the exterior painting is less complicated than we think. Often exterior paints are simple plain bold colors without any pattern.

Are you thinking of selling your property then here is another reason to get exterior paint i.e. to increase the property value, exterior paints glam up the property by a notch higher. Having said that, it aids in enhancing the look and feel of the house. Minor cracks, dry walls, age of the house can be at once restored with a fresh coat of exterior paint. It is also a great way to attract potential buyers, most of the time properties that are clean and well kept have a higher rate of returns, lesser duration to seal the deal too. It is therefore great to paint the exteriors.

Executing exterior house paint ideas can be a costly affair if not backed by proper research and preparation. Here are some tips and exterior house paint ideas that you may consider before diving into the project.

1) Quality of the paints:

Most people, while selecting the paints for exterior walls compromise on the quality of the material. But what they fail to realize is the fact that the durability of a substandard product is very limited and in the longer run, it fails. Better quality results in better coverage, hence make it a thumb rule to never compromise on quality. Also, today with so much technological advancement, many companies have come up with budget-friendly exterior wall painting solutions. Before finalizing you can also compare Asian Paints color price with the other companies in the business.

2) Selecting the right paint: 

Depending upon your requirement, there is a multitude of options available to choose from. Choices such as waterproof, dustproof, stain-proof, glossy, etc are a result of progression in the paint industry. Also do keep in mind the durability warranty of the paints. Compared to numerous brands available, Asian Paints color price is competitive and has various quality parameters mentioned above.

3) Timing:

The decision to select an appropriate time of the year is as critical as selecting the color. The summer season is usually considered to be an appropriate time for the exterior wall painting as the temperature is best suited to dry up the paints and the probability of a rainfall interrupting your work is also less.

4) Selecting the right color:

In the process of finalizing the color, it is also important to keep your surroundings in mind. Select the colors which best compliments your area. This will also help in making your house more visually appealing. If there is a possibility, apply some sample colors from the shade card on your walls and see how the look turns out. Also, try and restrict to a maximum of two-color combinations as it gives a sense of clarity as compared to the muddle created by the use of multiple colors. 

5) The scrapping of the exterior walls:

Paints do not stick to rough and uneven surfaces. Hence make sure to scrape off or even out any surfaces on the exterior wall using sandpaper, to give it a smooth finish. Scrapping may take a day sometimes considering the paint condition, but is advised to take time and consider scrapping the entire surface, make it plane for the next paint to sustain for a longer time.

6) Application of primer: 

It is always good to apply a coat of primer to provide an even base, upon which the color gets applied. Technological advancement in the industry has led to the introduction of products containing paints and primer in one. You can choose such options as well. Traditionally primer used to be the first coat followed by the paint.

7) Covering up the windows and doors:

Make sure to wrap/cover up your window panes, lampshades, and doors with drop cloths to avoid any kind of spillage of paints on them. Covering up may take extra time but it is worth spending on. Also, ensure you buy sufficient plastic sheets to cover up any area that you don’t wish the paint to be spilled on.

8) Post Painting Job:

While the time before painting job and during the job duties are one side of the coin, the post painting job activities are equally important. Removing of paint fumes, spills on furniture, floor, or any other surfaces should not be neglected. A slight delay may dry the paint completely and it gets difficult to scrap it down. There are many occasions where the paint spills solidify into thick mass and deny to get scrapped. Instead of going to professional cleaning services, an immediate resolution would save time, money, and effort.

9) Regular maintenance and inspection:

Inspecting your exterior walls at regular intervals is a good practice towards increasing the lifespan of the paints. Early detection of any chip off or patching up of any peeled surfaces at regular intervals helps in arresting the spread.

10) DIY:

An exterior DIY is always tricky and it needs an extra eye for detail and hands to help too. Having said that you surely would enjoy an exterior DIY as there is a bigger scope to show your DIY skills. With exterior DIY it is recommended you keep some help handy as

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