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Best Personal Finance Blogs In India

If you are googling for the best personal finance blog which can help you to make decisions on your financial conditions. If your answer is YES! Then you landed in the best place to help you find the best personal finance blogging websites so that you can take your financial decisions wisely to invest and earn money online. There are plenty of personal finance blogs available on the internet which are proffering information to thousands of visitor’s every day and answering all personal finance queries.

In the modern era, everyone is well aware of the pros of using the internet. Finding the best personal finance advice for you is much easier now. In this blog, we will be sharing personal finance blogs which share ideas on personal financial planning like investment, tax, mutual funds, insurance, etc. You can find something best in each of the listed personal finance blogs.

Top & Best Personal Finance Blogs in India

Best 18 Personal Finance Blogs in India You Must Follow 2022-2023

1. Moneycontrol

Money control tops the personal finance blogs list in India. It is India’s leading financial investment information source where you can find everything related to a personal financial investment like share market, information portfolios, livestock price, equity, nifty, etc. The personal finance blog was begun by a team of husband and wife named Victor and Sangeeta Fernandes. Later in the year 2000, it was acquired by the E-Eighteen dot com.

2. Taxguru

Taxguru is one of the most searched personal financial investment,personal financial blog and tax information web portal in India. The investment blog provides all the necessary information regarding taxes and all types of legal, deb & money management and excise advice. Taxguru was initially started by CA Sandeep Kanoi.

3. Bemoneyware

Bemoneyaware is one of the best personal finance blog for 30 or something, containing more than 200+ articles where you can find ample topics on finance like insurance, investment, income tax, loan, debt & money management etc. The author of this personal finance blog is Kirti, a software consultant residing in a beautiful city like Bangalore. For an amusement, she does not belong to finance background but still carries a good knowledge in personal finance.

4. Basunivesh

Basunivesh is one of those best personal finance blog which aim towards educating every head to deal with their financial life decisions, deb & money management, making them aware of the hurdles which may knock the door of their life any time through any means. The mind behind this kind of thinking is Basavaraj Tonagatti who is from Banglore. Basavaraj is also a certified financial planner and one of the best personal finance advisor.

5. Moneylife

Moneylife is an online personal finance blog & magazine for 40 or something and also one of the most visited Personal financial web portal in India providing opinions and news on financial planning like investment, tax planning, mutual funds, debt & money management etc. As this is an e-magazine, so there is no particular author. However many authors pen down their views on the topics concerned in the persoal finance magazine.

6. MarketVein

Marketvein is an internet personal finance blog project containing curated content of finance blogs and money management in India. Founded by a digital consultant Rajeev Ranjan.

7. Relakhs

Relakhs is one the best web personal finance portal or blog for Certified Financial Planning (CFP) advisor in Banglore. It gives you opinions and helps you take your personal finance decisions. Founder of the website is ReLakhs was founded by Sreekanta Reddy, he is a certified financial planner and he gives opinions about investment, mutual funds, financial planning, personal financial etc.

8. Moneyexcel

Another top personal finance blog is moneyexcel. Here you will get ample articles on investment, financial planning, personal planning, tax planning, the stock market, insurance, business, and business-related ideas, real estate, etc. Moneyexcel is owned and upholds by Raviraj and Shitanshu. Their idea behind moneyexcel is to help everyone in achieving excellence in money& personal finance. Raviraj has a rich experience of 10 years in the area of investment and insurance. Whereas on the other hand, Shitanshu is an engineering graduate but have a keen interest in finance, politics, and economics.

9. WikiFinancepedia:

WikiFinancepedia is a personal finance community focused on financial learning, investing,  trading and wealth management. The personal finance community has been helping common people to learn and understand financial management and also serves query on the forum. They have more than 300 articles and curated questions.

10. Cashoverflow

Cashoverflow is one of the most visited websites for personal finance in India. Here you can get all the news, tips and opinions on saving money from the tax, shopping, travel, etc.

Cashoverflow is owned and maintained by Pradeep Goyal. Pradeep is an entrepreneur, storyteller, and content marketing expert. Quitting his well paying IT job Pradeep followed his passion and got the success.

11. Myinvestmentideas

Myinvestmentideas is another personal finance blogs ruling the internet world today. The personal financial blog provides sate information on new finance investment ideas and all the news related to finance. Myinvestmentideas is managed by Suresh KP. He is in the field of personal financial blogging since 2011. Suresh has a rich experience of more than 15 years in the field of financial planning and investment.

12. Apnaplan

Apnaplan is another blog in our top 15  personal finance blogs list in India. Here you can get all the necessary information about various financial products like investment, insurance, loans, FD, etc. The mind behind apnaplan is Amit Kumar. He is a certified financial planner. In his 400+ articles, you will find articles on real estate, investment, personal financial planning, personal finance,  the stock market, and many more.

14. Onemint

Onemint is a versatile personal finance blogs giving you information on personal finance, economics, and technology.  This personal finance blogs help you take your personal financial decisions better. It is managed by Manshu Verma who is an MBA graduate with finance. Manshu has a keen interest in personal finance, economics, and technology which can be easily reflected in his posts.

15. Getmoneyrich

Getmoneyrich is a personal finance blog which shares ample information on personal finance, mutual funds, real estate, gold, etc. The author of the onemint personal finance blog is Manish Choudhary. Although he does not belong to a finance background but shares great information in his blogs.

16. Safalniveshak

Safalniveshak is a personal finance blog which gives you tips and opinions on how to save your money. The author of this website is Vishal Khandelwal. Vishal has an experience of more than 15 years as a stock market analyst and investor and more than 7 years of experience as an investing coach.

17. Subramoney

Subramoney is a personal finance blog containing 1000+ articles on personal finance and all its related topics. The website is founded by P V Subramanyam. He has a rich experience of more than 20 years. Subramanyam is a Charted Accountant by profession and writes about mutual funds, real estate, personal finance, etc.

18. Tflguide

Tflguide gives you information on personal finance, financial planning, investment, insurance, etc. It is one of the trusted finance blogs in India. Hemant Beniwal is the author of Tflguide and he is the certified financial planner. He has done his graduation in management with finance and carries a rich experience of 14 years in the finance industry.

Best Personal Finance Blogs in India 2022-2023 with Founders Name

Top & Best Personal Finance Blogs

Co-Founder of Personal Finance Blogs

E-Eighteen dot com Sandeep Kanoi Kirti Basavaraj Tonagatti an e-magazine Rajeev Ranjan Sreekanta Reddy Raviraj and Shitanshu Pradeep Goyal Suresh KP Amit Kumar Manshu Verma Manish Choudhary Vishal Khandelwal P V Subramanyam


30 Best Personal Finance Blogs In India 2022-2023

18. EquityMaster:

One of the best personal finance blogs in India, which helps people to understand equity research and investment in stock markets.  This financial website was launched on 22 April 1996. Earlier this domain was started by renting space on another website. Its dream is to empower Indian investors.

19. Capital Mind:

Capital minds deal with the insight of markets, investments, personal finance and mutual funds. It provides financial analysis, in easily understandable language. The capital mind teams have many years of expertise in market, trading, and technology as well. The company is based in Bangalore, India.

20. Credit Frog:

Credit Frog is a Personal finance blog which provides tricks & latest offers and tricks related to credit cards. It was started with a vision of helping people to create a better credit score, personal finance blog, to get the best credit cards and get the best deals and discount while purchasing credit cards.

21.  SimpleTax India

Simple Tax India is a personal finance blog owned by Raja Babu. The financial website deals with, income tax, TDR, Pan, Budget, GST and many more. It writes over wide financial topics. It is quite popular on Facebook.

22. Free Fincal

Free Fincal is an Indian personal finance blog which deals in article sharing on topics like mutual funds , debt, money management and stock analysis. It provides free stock analysis. Free Fincal also offers various eBooks related to personal finance topics.

Best Personal Finance blogs For 30 and 40 or Something:

23. Stable Investor

The stable investor has slowly made his foothold strong in personal finance blogging in India. The stable investor is founded by Mr. Dev Ashish who is a registered investment advisor at SEBI. He has more than 15 years of experience in investment , personal finance and he is putting his experience it on paper through the stable investor.

24. My Money Sage

My Money sage is personal finance blogs anf online platform for individuals. Prathima Kishore is the co-founder of My money sage. It provides personal finance tips, debt and money management in India. It was created with a view to empowering the individual with its financial planning.

25. Good Return Money

Good Return Money is another personal finance blog, which is located in Bangalore, India. It offers shares, mutual fund a personal finance related finance tips, debt and money management blogs and articles to educate people. It also offers a classroom to educate people on financial independence.

How we have identified the best personal finance Blogs in India 2022-2023:

We have taken the help of the most accepted and trusted ranking method ruling the internet world today –Alexa. Alexa is a web analytics portal that provides information about the traffic on the websites. We have measured Alexa ranking for each personal finance blog and money blogs in India. Alexa India ranking used in this article to provide you best list of personal finance blog is as of 5th October 2020.

That’s it if you want to update this list contact us with your personal finance website details.

Marketvein Staff
Marketvein Staff
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