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How a part-time master’s degree help your career?

With each passing year, competition in the market is getting tougher and more challenging. One needs to acquire special abilities, skills, and knowledge to stand out from the crowd and succeed in a competitive environment. Industries, nowadays, are looking for professionals who have advanced academic degrees as they are more proficient and competent in accomplishing tasks.

An individual with a master’s degree is preferred more in jobs. Also, the growth of people stops after a certain point in their career if they are the only undergrad. Therefore, the master’s degree gives an upper hand to individuals and makes them more potential in getting jobs.

Nowadays, people want to upgrade their knowledge along with their jobs. Thus, a part-time master’s degree is a solution for such people who want to make their tuition fees easier to pay by working at the same time. Part time master’s degree in Singapore equips its students with the necessary knowledge and skills through lectures, holistic student services, and resources by breaking down geographical barriers.

Singapore is famous for providing a high quality of life in entire Asia. Singapore has become a magnet for thousands of ambitious students around the world. Students who want to pursue their higher education in Singapore get to experience the diversity, beauty, and vibrance of this place.

According to a survey, the number of jobs that require a master’s degree at the minimum will increase by 18.4% by 2022. Therefore, obtaining a master’s degree will become mandatory for those who want to work or get higher positions in their respective jobs. Here, we have prepared a list that will help you in understanding how a part-time master’s degree help your career:

  • Can earn along with study: Taking a wise decision in a career is rarely easy. After, completing a bachelor’s, one gets confused between continuing study right away or should start work. The best thing about a part-time master’s is that it allows you to work along with the study.
  • Helps in gaining expertise: Obtaining a part-time master’s degree gives a more in-depth understanding of one’s speciality. After pursuing post-graduation, an individual becomes an expert in a particular field. Specific knowledge in a particular discipline allows you more freedom in that field.
  • Increases earning potential: One with a part-time master’s degree has more potential to earn more income. Every level of education widens opportunities. With the additional qualification and experience, one can expect a higher salary and position than one with an under-graduation degree.
  • Flexible in nature: Part-time master’s degree is flexible and allows you to learn online according to your convenient time and place. It does not bound you to a particular geographical area.
  • Increases creativity: One of the major attractions of a part-time master’s degree is that it allows students to upskill their knowledge through tutorials, quizzes, and lectures along with the day-to-day job. This encourages individuals to think more creatively.

There are many reasons to obtain a part-time master’s degree as future employers see this as evidence of good time-management of skills and commitment. So, what are you thinking about now? Go and upskill your knowledge and make a well-informed decision.

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