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Overcome The Problems With Two Wheeler Insurance Online

Has your two-wheeler met with an accident? Have you suffered something very important (loss of somebody/anything related to two-wheeler)? While the loss of a person cannot be compensated financially, but all other losses related to your two-wheeler or your belongings can be compensated with the two wheeler insurance online. With a few clicks, you can quickly buy a two wheeler insurance online and even check all the pros and cons by visiting the insurer’s website.

For instance, Bajaj Allianz two wheeler insurance portal gives you easy access to its different types of two wheeler policies. Read through each policy before you make sure which Bajaj Allianz two wheeler policy you want to buy. Thus, you can overcome several problems of buying a two wheeler policy, be it Bajaj Allianz or HDFC Ergo, IFFCO Tokio, New India Assurance, etc., by visiting the online portal and making a viable purchase. With a well-known two wheeler insurance online, you can overcome several issues that may arise when you meet with an accident. Here is a discussion about the problems overruled by buying Bajaj Allianz two wheeler insurance online.

Bajaj Allianz two wheeler insurance online- Problems fought and overruled

  • Online purchase involves hassle-free procedures
  • Ensures quick claim settlement
  • If cashless facility is not available, 75% discount is available on account payment only in cash
  • In case of No Claim Bonus, about 50% of NCB is transferred to another insurance provider
  • Claim support provided round the clock
  • Instant claims assistance is available along with SMS updates receivable on the claim status
  • The best part is that the authorized workshops as listed under Bajaj Allianz will provide efficient and quick inspection of your vehicle along with high service standards
  • The claim process is absolutely easy as you can register your claim through online without having to visit the office of the insurer
  • The various documents to be submitted during claim settlement can be place through online. Send a scan or photocopy of the documents through online. These documents include duly filled claim forms, copy of estimate repairs, copy of cover note, registration book of your two wheeler, copy of driving license, original insurance policy in case of total loss/theft/accident, RTO transfer papers, a letter of subrogation, etc.

What you have to do when making insurance claims for the accident?

First, you should notify the company regarding the accident, and there should not be any delay related to it. Inform the insurer immediately if any accident has caused severe damage to your vehicle. Notify the company the policy number, time, date and venue of the accident. Remember, your two wheeler may be taken to the nearest Bajaj Allianz workshop to get it repaired. After the company receives a duly filed insurance claim form and also the costs, it will organize a thorough examination of your bike so as to detect the extent of damage. Eventually, your company will pay off to the workshop.

Thus, learn about the various benefits that you can receive from your two wheeler insurer and only then you will know the problems can be sorted by buying insurance from the company.

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