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25 Online Business Ideas You Can Start In This Lockdown

To earn money from the comfort of your hone is no more an encumbrance. It is just like your wishes turning to be true without having to spend extra pennies. There are various online business ideas and it is time that you pursue them the right way. People are realizing the important of internet business and they are making arrangements accordingly. Once you visit online and stand with an idea it will not take time for you to set up the business. You just need that little extra effort and initiative to move on with the business in the lucrative way.

To start an online business from home you can be a housewife, college goers or an employee having fixed schedule. You can sit and work at home in your preferred time. There is no fixed schedule that you need to maintain. You just need to have the right idea regarding the business you want to pursue.

25 online business ideas you can start at Home

  • Freelancing from Home
  • Be an Internet Blogger
  • Being an Online Course Creator
  • Domain name Trading
  • Idea of Dropshipping Business
  • SaaS Online Business
  • Role of an Online Translator
  • Digital Marketing from Home
  • Online Consultant for Your Business
  • Being an Online Writer
  • Having a Digital Store
  • Job of an Online Life Coach
  • Online Data Analyst Consultant
  • Profession of an Image Consultant
  • Lucrative Bookkeeping Services
  • SEO Expert from Home
  • Starting a YouTube Channel
  • Job of a Personal Shopper
  • Being an Online Transcription Expert 
  • Online Web Developer
  • Online Fitness Instructor
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Role of Online Podcasters
  • Role of a Business Broker
  • Providing Online Tech Support

1.Freelancing from Home

Freelancing is an extremely popular home based business these days. More Indian women are taking to the business to have a lucrative income. You have plenty of freelancing websites these days where you can register your specific service. You have the highest paid freelancing jobs available these days. In most cases to start working you need zero investment. Being a freelancer you can provide online services to many business organizations. As a freelancer, you can start with jobs like coding, writing, graphic designing and digital marketing.

Before you start with freelancing you should check with the demand of the job that you are in. It is important for you to be good at the job and you must make sure that all services can be delivered online with least hassle. You must also know the art of developing a personal brand and have proper marketing of the various available offers.

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2.Be an Internet Blogger

You can be an expert cook or you can even have expertise in any other field. You may want to share your ideas and recipes with the rest of the world. This makes you start your business of an online blogger. In case you travel a lot and you want to describe the places that you visit, being a blogger you can really talk about them and let people know about unknown destinations. It is the right way you share your knowledge about something you like and prefer doing.

Blogging is one of the most popular home based businesses in India to help you earn money online with the least hassle. For blogging you need to choose a platform first. Then you should pick a topic and write your initial post. To make the post interesting and attractive you can add some engaging photos. Once the blog is up and it is running your can monetize your efforts in various ways.

3. Being an Online Course Creator

Online you can adopt the role of a course creator. You can teach people something that is in demand these days. There are platforms to act like market places and this will help to build connection between the strainers and the students. With the help of the online tools you can easily create a course and sell ideas and knowledge to millions of students who visit the site regularly. It is great to have your personal website from where you can sell your courses. It is a great idea to save on cash, and have a decent earning at the end of the month. You can make use of the course creation software like Podia and Teachable to have the most educative course setting. Such software will help integrate with your website and rest of the marketing tools that will help you create successful online courses. In the way, you are not only getting the full credit of the course, you are earning the full amount without having to share the money elsewhere.

4. Domain name Trading

Trading with the domain name is one of the most popular online businesses you can try from home. The domain name is a kind of address from where it is easy for the internet users to access the websites. Just like any common items it is easy to sell and buy a domain name at lucrative prices. Doing the business is called domain flipping and you have few of the market places where you can easily sell and buy the domain names. However, you cannot expert to have immediate gain from this business. The initial phase can be tedious and the earning may be unstable. However, gradually with time you can understand the process well and start earning with the proper trading of domain name.

5. Idea of Dropshipping Business

From the base of your home you can try with the dropshipping business. It is an online business where you can make money just by delivering products at the shipping address. Here you are taking care of the shipment on behalf of the retailer. It is the business which tops the home based trading list with the set of possible advantages. You can readily launch the business from the comfort of your home. You need to invest least money in starting the business and continuing with the process However, for dropshipping business you need to invest lots of money and hardwork.

6. SaaS Online Business

There are various online business ideas in India. Among them you can be proud to be a SAAS business owner. You can be a part of the team of the senior and the middle level of the developers. and youv along with the team can kick start the software process as part of the SaaS service. and for this you need to create the SaaS concept from where you can earn money randomly. Here you have the software that is licensed based on the subscription and this is centrally hosted. You can start the business from home and in the later stage you can own an office with the growth of the business. SaaS is one of the popular small scale businesses and you can earn huge profit out of the plan.

7. Role of an Online Translator

It is great to have an online business from home adopting the role of an online translator. For this you have to be fluent with multiple languages. This will help you become a talented translator over the period of time. You can be a successful part of the niche industry and you start translating things by picking up the right jobs. This is specifically in the area where you have sufficient knowledge on the subjects. You need to have perfect grasp in the area to be a master translator. It is sure to let you have an idea regarding the various international languages. Apart from being a freelance translator there are more platforms for lucrative translation jobs.

You even need to translate papers for the students. In the manner they can cope up with crucial courses with the least effort. You can translate the languages in movies by delivering suitable subtitles.

8. Digital Marketing from Home

It is lucrative to have a digital marketing agency online. This is one of the best online business ideas you can try in India. Here you don’t need to have more money as start up costing. If you have experience in running Facebook and Google campaigns it would be great to market on the various and effective social-media channels or you can even plan to write SEO contents. This will help your business attract greater clients through the process of digital marketing with the best of profit level. An idea of search engine optimization will help you fetch more online clients these days.

With right keyword searching you can get interested people looking at your website finding the preferred services or products. With this you can start your own online agency from home and have a decent fiscal turn out at the end of the month. Now, you can earn money from the home destination through article writing and digital marketing.

9. Online Consultant for Your Business

It is great to adopt the role of a social media consultant from the comfort of your home. This is one way you can earn huge money by giving advices online. The kind of marketing can help increase the number of audience visiting the specific website. However, for this it is not enough to keep non dumping contents in each of the platforms. The specific platform will work on an algorithm that is necessary for a marketer in understanding things before he can expect to have good results from the multiple marketing campaigns. For the reason, the small business owners and the solopreneurs do hire the online consultants who have specialization in the specific platform.

It is the job of the online consultant to drive successful results from the specific podium. It is something to make you earn both money and fame over the period of time, and with right suggestions and solutions there is utter improvement in business.

10.Being an Online Writer

Online you can make the best use of your ideas and write novels, short stories and essays along with the other literary creative aspects. This is a smart and intelligent way to have a home online business in India. It will help you work as an authorpreneur making you adopt the suitable styles of writing and publishing. The area which you would like to target has to be lucrative. You just cannot keep on digging for the entire life.

Once the area and the topics are decided you can start writing in the genre. To do the business it is not necessary for you to be a publisher writer. There is no need forb you to have years of experience in the field. You can start writing all of a sudden. You can start writing and selling your eBooks directly.

11.Having a Digital Store

One of the great and earnable Online business ideas is to start a digital store from home. Among the several factors you can start with the launching of the 4G and cause a reduction in the offering of the internet package. This will help in increasing the kind of internet penetration and there will be more wealth from the consumers. It is the best you can fuel the idea of online shopping in India. However, in case if you already have a store offline the job becomes easier. You just need to look for a suitable platform and open the online store. Shopify is the destination where you can create your own online outlet and in the way you can directly sell your goods to the buyers.

12.Job of an Online Life Coach

Online it is easy to become a life coach. It is a great home oriented business idea in India. This is a stupendous industry growing each day. If you like teaching people and want to bring out the best from them here is the suitable option you can have. Interested candidates will start joining your classes and if they feel the advantages they can even recommend others. If you are a good online coach it will not take time for you to have large groups of students in the least time span. To become a life coach you don’t need to have specific degrees in the field. It is just that you must have the aptitude and the knowledge to start with the classes immediately.

13.Online Data Analyst Consultant

From home you even have the option to work as a data analyst consultant. For this you need to have strong knowledge in subjects like economics, mathematics and finance. This can in time turn out to be a great online business idea for you. As part of the digital era there are large corporations and companies that are in look for the various professionals who are able to analyze huge data from them. This is where you can well play your part. Being the big data consultant you will help in the decoding of data to reveal the real information. This will help you detect the behavior of the buyer and his spending habits.

14.Profession of an Image Consultant

In the present era the professionals try hard to project the right image. It is the same for the companies and the celebrities. This is the reason people are ready to spend huge bucks in hiring an expert with proven track record in the field of image management. If you have already worked for the PR and if you have been a part of the celebrity management industry it would not be difficult for you to mention few of the names and make a flaunting of the knowledge of the specific industry in an attempt to impresses the possible clients.

The most popular image consultants are those who hold a successful track record and the kind of updated and useful knowledge of all the latest data and news along with the trends in the specific genre.

15.Lucrative Bookkeeping Services

Among the variable online business ideas at home it is perfect to start with bookkeeping services. The enhancement and the spreading of the online accounting applications like Xero and QuickBooks has made it immensely easy for the bookkeeping professionals to perform on the accounting file from any place and at any point of time. Now, you can easily enjoy the flexibility of learning virtually with the clients without the usual commuting problems.

The trend is becoming quite popular in India with some of the leading organizations to seek service of the expert and apt bookkeeping professionals to maintain the order of the accounts at a fixed rate. The option is all the more lucrative in case of the accounting and the finance professionals who are trying hard to work on their personal terms.

16.SEO Expert from Home

At home you can easily start an online business concerning SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It is the most critical aspect in any business with just an online business. The job happens by making use of the various keywords in contents which goes well with the popularly searched terms on the notable search engines like Google and the rest. The site with the best SEO optimized contents will come up in the line and you can see them on the first few pages of Google. Some of the best companies have the dedicated SEO teams and you can even do the job from the comfort of your home.

Being an SEO expert you can get in touch with the big companies online and offer your services as the best SEO consultant. This will help the companies to take help from the experts from home without having to maintain a dedicated expert team.

17.Starting a YouTube Channel

From home you can start your own online YouTube channel and it is one of the several n online business ideas that can help you earn both fame and money on equal footing. Starting an online YouTube channel is an excellent business idea which can really add to your economic affluence. You can easily launch a free video by sharing the channel with the YouTube partner program. You can shoot the creative videos on a specific topic or theme that you excel at. You should follow up with the kind of strategic promotion in case of the notable social media podiums like Twitter and Facebook.

18.Job of a Personal Shopper

You can also play the part of the personal shopping consultant. If you like online shopping you must be aware of the latest and the popular fashions and trends. As a shopping consultant you can help people with ideas regarding seasonal dresses and colors to suit your personality. You can tell the shopping freaks regarding the difference between Jimmy Choo and Versace. This way you can start your own online business and in the process you can earn good cash in the long run.

You can play the role of a Personal Shopper having a team to do the shopping on behalf of the client. When people are too busy and have least time to visit shopping malls and online outlets you can appoint a personal shopper for the reason. You can even give expert suggestions to the clients to do the shopping based on the requirements the client has. This os one of the conventional way of making money online.

19.Being an Online Transcription Expert 

It is the right time you play the role of an online transcriptionist. As part of the job you have to convert the audio file into text and this service has been around for several years. However, in the recent time people have witnessed a spike in the necessity of hiring transcriptionists with the mushrooming of the variable online transcription necessities. For the service you don’t need any formal experience. You just need to have sharp ears for the dictions and you should be able to type faster. You will get payments based on the quality of your job and also for the in-time delivery. In short, the more files you are able to convert the better payment you are sure to get.

You can start the job in a little way first and once you develop mastery in the field you can start taking up transcription assignments in bulk. You can even teach people how to transcript and have a team under you.

20.Online Web Developer

You can jolly well start a web developing business from the destination of your home. The developer is the person with qualitative professional significance. It is right to state that importance of a web developer lies in the deliverance of quality websites over the years. He has the expertise of designing a website based on the various client requirements. and to make the online business workable you need to have knowledge of coding and for this you need to invest much time and energy.

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As a contemporary web developer you should know about the improved techniques much better than CSS, HTML JavaScript and PHP. As a web developer if you want to get into the business fast you should have familiarity with current technicalities with supporting framework and the various design strategies. If you are ready to work hard in the genre you are sure to get better paid in the professional sphere. This is evergreen online business idea.

21.Online Fitness Instructor

You can play the role of an online fitness instructor and make people aware of the right health standard. If you want to have a healthy lifestyle and a fit body you can join the online fitness guide and take help of the instructor. It is time that you start your own fitness channel on the YouTube and regularly start uploading the fitness videos. This can range from the starting level exercises and effective diet tips. The instructor will tell you how and what to eat and suggest ten minutes effective workout sessions. He will also talk about correct postures and will help with more related fitness data for enhanced wellbeing.

Once your channel acquires traction you are able to sign up with the YouTube partner program for the reason to earn money from the posted ads mainly from the destination of the private companies. Now you can start by subscribing only for the services for sharing the right fitness data and positive physiological details. This online business idea is demand.

22.Mobile Application Developer

Online you can play the role of a mobile application developer. A device without the entertainment and the engaging apps will not suffice your purposes. The various mobile applications are attracting the attention of the mass and here lies the reason as to why most people make use of the device at the most lucrative sum. Most of the renowned companies are trying to hire the mobile application developers and they are ready to pay good money for the set of new ideas. So, if you are sure to have a fun and cool idea for the new and the innovative application and you also know the method of coding you can start to create the app yourself. On the other hand, if you have the idea you can share the same with the software developers who are always in search of the next big and happening app for the latest tablet or the mobile device. This online business can make you millionaire if done properly.

23.Role of Online Podcasters

Online these days it is not unusual to be a podcast expert. In the simple terms, podcasting is the distribution of the audio files mostly in case of the MP3 format. However, this you can straight download from the internet. It is one of the best online business ideas. After the completion of downloading it becomes easy for you to listen on any computer or the kind of portable device like the mobile phone or the iPod. Podcasting in India is a completely new concept and it all started in the year 2006. At the time there were only 3000 podcasters in the country. You had Hubhoppers available for both the iOS users and the Android users. There are more options of podcasting in India these days and you can install some at the Google play store and enjoy the essence of the technicality.

Now it has become easy for the users to record their voice and share the stories or the contents by means of the new podcast. These days a podcasting company produces shows on variable topics based on pop culture to styles, trends and rest of the concepts.

24.Role of a Business Broker

To have the best online business idea you need to talk to a consultant who has an extensive experience in the corporate field and is fluent with several rules and norms that helps in regulating the various business practices in India. When lending business ideas to others you are simply doing the job of a business broker. The broker can help with the specialized suggestion in case of both the sellers and the buyers. He can have a private business in assisting people in the methodical selling and buying of things. He will conduit in case of both the parties and make happen a good deal. Once the transaction happens the broker is sure to receive the right commission.

25.Providing Online Tech Support

Sitting at home you can lend tech support to most of the people facing problems at homes and offices. This is one of the superior online business ideas you can practice with the rest of the essentialities. If you are an IT expert and you are holding a business online and it can be extremely profitable in the long run. The business is named as remote IT support and the kind of support services are extremely affordable than setting up an in-house-team. They are the providers of online tech support and the professionals are trained in the manner that they can aptly handle all the IT related issues from remote destinations. The experts lend support from computers and can handle networking and security themes.

With the hiring of the online tech support specialists it is possible for the small and the medium sized businesses to access the variety of the IT support options and services without the necessity to invest much money and time in the process of hiring. For a tech professional the option holds a lucrative and a long time business opportunity with correct handling and possibility of growth and development.


There is no doubt that there are online business ideas to help you have potential career graph in the impending time. With the internet entering your homes and offices on global basis it is always important to start an online business from home with the best profitability. However, if you have the required skill and experience in the field you will be able to cope up well with the business idea. In most cases starting an online business calls for zero investment. Here lies the essentially of starting an online business with more lucrative options.

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