One and Two Stage Systems Tooth Implant System


Tooth Implantation is divided into one stage and two stage implant systems. In the One stage system implants are placed, covered with the gum tissue and left to integrate with the bone. Where as in second stage systems, the implant is uncovered a “healing abutment” which connects it to the mouth above the gum and gum tissue heals around it in few days of tooth implantation, after 4-6 week of crown’s period it can be fabricated for tooth replacement.

Types of Implant Restorations:

  • Single tooth replacements: This uses one tooth implant and as the name suggests and support the single crown
  • Multiple tooth replacements: In this type of tooth implantations many missing teeth are replaced with multiple implants supporting fixed bridgework as small as a 3-unit bridge usually accessed by two implants, or with multiple implants supporting if the number of teeth to be replaced are greater. Typically 4-8 implants are needed to replace a full jaw of teeth, 10 or more crowns by fixed bridgework
  • Combinations of fixed and removable bridgework: the affordable dental implants is usually used to provide a sectional support of fixed bridgework, from is attached a removable section.
  • Over-dentures: In this type of tooth implantations two or more mini-implants, are placed to provide support to the denture and it also protect the underlying bone. The traditional full dentures directly creates the pressure on the gum and bone letting bone loss by resorption, tooth implant done over-dentures protect the underlying bone.
  • Anchorage for tooth movement: Implants which are used today whether, standard, mini, or micro-mini provide non-movable and stable anchor units to allow quicker and easy tooth movements.
  • Temporary bridgework: This type of affordable dental implants works on micro-mini implants which are afterwards taken out when the permanent implants are healed and teeth permanently replaced. This facilitates that now a person be not without teeth and can therefore be socially comfortable and functional.

In the present days exists more than 40 different types of traditional or standard implants, which are highly recommended and affordable dental implants. Mini and micro-mini implants bifurcated on the basis on their modus operandi. In mini implants they have usually smaller diameter where as micro-mini dental implants are of the deviations and are smaller, narrower and have screw like in appearance, with temporary in nature and designed to be easily removed.