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Why you need a digital marketing strategy in 2017?

Business in the latter half of the 21st century means finding the best ways to market your company, your products and your brand. To achieve these goals, the power and strength the internet holds is inevitable. Yet, we see so many companies and businesses that have not embraced the realm of internet fully and have not harnessed the power the internet has to give.  Not inculcating a digital marketing strategy to make their digital presence on the internet is downright negligent and impractical. Needless to say, a good digital marketing strategy can do untold wonders to a business. With the changing trends and times, trying to market your products without formulating an effective digital marketing strategy in 2017 is only unproductive and futile.

Our innovative tech advisers and digital marketing specialists at MQT Global, are well aware of the evolving E-commerce demands of both the business and customers of the business. We are aware of the changing trends, technologies, and customer behaviors and the dire need to adopt a digital marketing strategy.

So, why do you even need a digital marketing strategy in 2017?

Here’s why;

1) Giving direction to your business

Businesses devoid of a digital marketing strategy fail to have strong and clear strategic goals. They are unclear, unsure and hesitant about what they wish to attain through the internet, when it comes to increasing their customer base or strengthening relationship with existing customers. Businesses without clear strategic goals are hardly able to gather enough resources to attain business objectives. They lack a sense of direction and cannot fully evaluate their performance in achieving their set goals. An effective digital marketing strategy gives businesses a sense of direction.

  1. Do you know your business’s online market share?

It is an alarming situation for you and your business if you do not know your market share. By not equipping yourself of these facts, you may end up underestimating your customer demand online. By formulating a digital marketing strategy a business gets some wide, clear insight into their online marketplace and its dynamics.

  1. Your competitors will grab a larger market share

Businesses that do not bother formulating or implementing an effective digital marketing strategy are unconsciously adopting a rather ad-hoc approach that renders unclear strategies. With gives you’re existing or startup competitors to take over your market share.

  1. Your business has a weak online stance and no digital footprint

By creating a clear and powerful online customer stance, you can strengthen your customer base greatly. It will drive new customer towards you and keep existing ones engaged and loyal.

  1. You do not have a close rapport with your online customers

As this influential saying goes, how well you know your online customer is undeniably the “most measurable medium ever”. While Google Analytics will simply apprise you about the number of visitors, yet it will just fail to tell you what these visitors think about your business. It is crucial that you resort to a digital marketing strategy and troubleshoot you this failing.

  1. Your digital marketing team and resources lack resources

By failing to address this very important aspect your business is losing out on some very tough competition in the industry. If you have assorted insufficient resources towards planning and executing your marketing strategies, any tactics used will be ineffective and lack a specialization. This makes your business vulnerable and weak to face some competitive threats.

  1. Wastage of money and resources because of duplication

If you have sufficient resources, without formulating a good digital marketing strategy, it can all go to waste and render undesired outcomes. It will lead to duplication of tasks, wastage of resources and unavailing the economies of scale.

  1. Your business is not optimizing

Nearly all the companies that run a website have analytics, yet no teams or individuals are assigned to review and execute them appropriately. Formulating a decent digital marketing strategy is a stepping stone to oversee improvements in other important aspects such as email, search and social media marketing site user experience etc.

We at MQT Global are trained to provide you the best on the Internet. Join hands with us today and help us build you more. Contact our experts at www.mqtglobal.ca

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