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How to Move into a New Office Without Stoping Deliverables | MarketVein

How to Move to New OfficeMoving into a new office is a labor-intensive process that requires a transportation of furniture, office equipment and various other documents. The most challenging part is to transport a server or a safe.
In addition, a relocation can temporarily stop the workflow and lead to losses. Thus, it is recommended to turn a reputable moving company, for instance, to Regina movers company.
However, it is also possible to arrange a move single-handedly. Here is how you can do it:
You can arrange a move to a new office with the help of your company’s employees. This option is suitable for small companies with a small budget. In order for the process to go well, we suggest you follow the plan:
– Do an audit and get rid of unnecessary and old things;
– Make a group of people, to whom you will delegate the arrangement of the move. Make sure that each participant has some specific task to complete;
– First, you should collect small items. Empty the drawers and cabinets. Pack office supplies and other things in packages;
– Documents and money should be collected separately and while transporting those, you should watch them closely;
– Get the furniture and equipment ready. If possible, disassemble the items and put things in separate packages. Pull out the drawers and shelves. If it is not possible to dismantle those, you can keep the retractable objects together with scotch tape;
– For the packaging of various devices, you can use cardboard boxes. In addition, make sure to write down the contents of boxes somewhere.
– For furniture packaging, use bubble wrap and tape;
– You should transport large-sized furniture first;
– Divide the staff into two groups. One group will be sending the boxes, and the other one will be unpacking them in the new office.
A self-relocation can lead to negative consequences. Among those are a breakdown of computer equipment, a loss of valuable documents and things, a loss of time and stoppage of the workflow. To avoid trouble, it is better to contact some moving company.

Turning to a moving company

A good moving company will simplify the process of moving and make it smooth. Many agencies provide a full range of services, including packaging, dismantling and installation of furniture and equipment. We suggest, you check out find commercial and office movers in Regina.

Transportation of office equipment such as servers and safes

A transportation of servers is a demanded service when moving into a new office. As you know, a server provides operation of other computers. The functioning of the whole network depends on it; therefore, the transportation of the server is a responsible task. It requires care, accuracy and professionalism.
Another problem you might face when moving into a new office is a transportation of a safe. The main difficulty here is its weight, dismantling and subsequent installation processes. When loading and unloading, it is necessary to use a jack and a manipulator. Sometimes, you might also need a tail lift or a platform.

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