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Modern Wood Kitchen Design Ideas in 2020

Stylish, Warm and Elegant – Wood has some few special qualities that other material can’t even get closer to. Wooden designs are mostly known to have a warm character and fortunately it has a great variety of textures, grains and tones. With a tremendous set of wood kitchen designs to beautify the areas from floor to the ceiling, the emerging trends in styling are the obvious choice in any home. And you know what the best part is, wood has astounding abilities to add enticing looks to your kitchen regardless of the style you choose every time.

Even the history justifies that the wood has been the material of choice for hundreds of year and is an evergreen material. The entire kitchen design industry is working non-stop to come up with new ways of shaping wood to create modern wood kitchen designs.

What Suits You?

Almost everyone, who is considering the kitchen designing is ambiguous about what would be the most suitable option to get along with. Since kitchen is the heart of your home, it has to be the most beautiful and elegant place there. Just remember one thing, there is always a wood kitchen finish that perfectly suits your requirements regardless of what budget, design preference and space you have. While brainstorming some possible designs as per your kitchen needs, you can also check out these modern designs that would surely be of great help. So let’s dig in;

1.Modern Solid Walnut Kitchen

Alongside being well-known for the style and elegance, the wood veneers like walnut adds durability to your wood kitchen designs. Furthermore, the entire view exhibit captivating and eye-catching statement it’s combined with the contrast of the lighter stone surface. While dealing with the kitchen design, it’s essential to find the right balance of textures, tones and materials. So just try to implement this one of the prominent wood kitchen designs to your cooking space and see the result yourself.

2.Rough Texture Wood Kitchen

From its name, it might sound quite weird as people mainly prefer the clean designs to maintain the simplicity while keeping up with the elite exposure. But that’s not exactly the case here. Instead, this design is simply super striking that will embellish your kitchen with an incredibly distinct finish. As per the material formation and its quality, rough and rustic wood is known to be coarser than the other wood types.

Make sure to have it designed in such a way that the kitchen worktops forms a stunning contrast yet combination with heavy concrete surface. Forming a rich mix of texture and colors, the entire design turns up warm, inviting as well as clearly functional. This particular design idea is used in modern and traditional kitchen design.

3.Modern Oak Kitchen

Currently, this particular idea is known to have beaten almost every other design in the kitchen design industry. The concept of OAK initiated long ago at Victorian Time. Though the time has changes, but few treasures of past are still unique and matchless. The Modern Oak Kitchen has little to zero cabinetry that actually helps in showcasing the true diversity of this wood. Oak comes up with the enticing balance of timelessness, design & elegance but just make sure to use it in combination with the dark walls and the countertops (in contrast).

Moreover, the wood actually fit perfectly in modern yet minimalist decors. Though cabinetry may not be a favorable trend for the Modern Oak Kitchen but the versatility of this design makes it possible for the oak to blend nicely with the white facades kitchen cabinet. Since the designing has no limits, you can cover the floor with oak material as well. So just don’t think anymore and get ready for the marvelous look for your kitchen interiors.

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