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Top 5 Ways to Make Money with Videos Quickly

Earn Money online with VideosHave you ever thought of making money online? Video cam generates you lots of money in a current video blogging era. Yes, you heard it right. You can make money online by creating videos and sharing videos on video sharing websites. You just need to be well in basic social engineering skills and some video editing tools. In this article we will read about 10 easy ways to make money with videos. But before that, let’s learn that how these video sharing website works and what is video blogging.

When you want to learn about making money with video, you must be aware of video blogging. These video blogs are short video shared on various shared or private video sharing platforms. The video blogging skill with video editing skill will make you in win-win situation. If it is what you like to do as a hobby, then why don’t you start making money with videos?

There are many opportunities on video sharing websites where you can earn money from your videos. These videos need more viewers and subscriber to gain more traffic. This traffic is monetized by showing ads from video sharing website. Those earning from your video is shared with you. Apart from this you can create personal or professional videos, app videos to make money from video.

Let’s learn about 10 ways to make money with Videos in short time.

Earn Money From Videos by uploading it on You tube

You might be watching videos on YouTube on a daily basis, but several peoples are earning money online by creating and sharing on YouTube. You just need to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of view in past to monetize your video blogs. It is very important to create Adsense account and integrate with your existing channel.

1000 Subscribers? It may look difficult at the beginning, but you can achieve easily to earn money online from videos with our researched strategy. Below are the quick points to get 1000 subscribers quickly and earn money online from videos.

  • Create a compelling channel name: Short and funny name can be easily memorized. And it tends to subscribed by more user.
  • YouTube Banner: YouTube banner is one the important part of your channel. You should make creative and attractive banner to attract your subscriber.
  • Be aware of current trends: Keep your eyes open and capture laughing /Cry moments of your daily life.
  • Try different niche: if you put all your effort in one niche, it may be lead to boring videos. Make sure all video are funny and full of emotion.
  • Edit your video: Polish your raw videos and make it presentable and pitch to subscribe to you in the end.
  • Optimize Video: Put proper title and Meta, to be able to appear in YouTube SERP.
  • Engage, share, and earn: share and engage with your videos to generate traffic. This traffic will help you monetize well.

If you want to know Step by Step guide to earn money from YouTube click here.

YouTube alternative to earn money from videos:, and video are best alternative to YouTube. pay you via PayPal if your video makes for front page and their gallery, The price range from $2000, if your video makes at home page and $25 if you videos included in the Gallery.

For Dailymotion, the rules are same as I have mentioned above. You should have at least $100 in your publisher account to get paid.

Earn Money by making App Videos:

Currently, 70% of internet traffic comes from mobile so mobile app is important for all businesses, hence mobile app video importance existence lie in this. So all mobile apps require app video introduction, by creating a good introduction video you can earn money.

There are many freelancing websites available where video making will allow you to earn you money online. You just need to be active and propose client o freelancing websites.

Create Video Lessons to Make money online

If you are an expert or pro in any technological language or professional skills, you can earn money by making video lessons or tutorial video. The video lessons can be hosted on various free websites like YouTube, Udemy and other.

Some educational website will provide you platform to present your skill through video on these websites and charge user on per registration basis.

Selling Product and earn from affiliate link

You can earn money online by creating a video for affiliate products. Describe products on video sharing website and place your affiliate link in the bottom to make money from your videos. For example, you can create a video of title “best technical gift under $25”. Describe each video and place a link in the bottom to provide users with a chance to buy your affiliate products.


you can earn money online by creating videos but you need to keep patience and should be creative to make videos. It has been seen that videos with emotion earn more views quickly. You need to use social media websites effectively to gain traffic and engagement.

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