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List of LIC 1 Crore Term Insurance Plans in India

Rs 1 crore insurance plan is a policy where they guarantee to pay the constellation assured of Rs 1 crore to the policy nominee on the death of the insured. The LIC policy of 1 crore offers a pecuniary backup to the family member or the assured person. Even so, the goal of all the insurance plans remains the same they compensate the dependent family member of the assured amount (Rs 1 crore in this case) in case the policyholder will demise during the policy tenure of post.

Considering the growth of inflation day by day can be difficult to pay without the insurance policy, and then additional expenses are education, medical, they can’t be ignored. After seeing this type of case, the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has made this 1crore term insurance policy. The higher quantity assured at a reasonable new premium makes this policy trustworthy for the policyholder and their dependent family members.

LIC Term insurance plans with a high sum assured of Rs 1 crore

LIC insurance plan is one of the most basic types of life insurance policies. This policy helps the policyholder’s family if the policyholder had an accident or death. There are some Benefits over the LIC term insurance where they offer the accidental death benefits like terminal illness cover, critical illness cover which they pay the death benefit in installments.

There are LIC term insurance plans with higher money assured of 1 crore insurance term policy.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Amulya Jeevan 1crore LIC term plan

In this LIC policy of 1 crore term insurance LIC, they provide insurer the 1 crore insurance plan if they had accidental death and give their all profit to the nominee of the policyholder. The term life insurance will give benefits to the depending family of the policyholder.

Eligibility criteria to buy Amulya Jeevan LIC term plan of 1 crore

  • The maximum entry age for this policy is 60 years.
  • The minimum amount assured for amulya Jeevan policy is rs 25 lacs.
  • The minimum entry age for this policy to buy is 18 years.
  • The maximum age of maturity for this policy is 70 years.

Key features of Amulya Jeevan and their benefits in 1 crore LIC term insurance policy

  • Amulya Jeevan policy can be paid half-yearly, single-mode, or yearly.
  • The sum will be paid to the nominee in case of accidental death.
  • The underwriter also provides a period of 15 days in case another one does not want to continue with plans.
  • If you buy the policy of 1 crore term insurance or a higher amount, the underwriter gives offers a discount on the single premium method.
  • There is a grace period of 16 days for a half-year or yearly payment method.

2. Jeevan Amar LIC Insurance Plan

This is non-linked and offline and has full protection term insurance plans with no profit. The insurance plan offers the expected financial cover to the family of the policyholder if there is an incident that happens unfortunately during the term insurance policy plans.

Eligibility criteria to buy Jeevan Amar insurance policy

  • The maximum entry age of the Jeevan Amar policy is 80 years.
  • The minimum entry age to buy Jeevan Amar policy is 18 years.
  • The maximum age of maturity for this insurance policy is 80 years.
  • The minimum sum assured for this Jeevan Amar policy is 25 lacs with no upper limit.
  • Jeevan Amar’s policy term ranges from 10 to 40 years.

Key features and benefits of Amar Jeevan insurance policy

  • Term insurance policy of 1 crore insurance term offers a premium rate for women.
  • The assurer also gives an option to choose the premium policy and 1 crore policy term insurance
  • In this policy, you can cover the accident benefit rider option.
  • In this policy there is 2 death benefit option which is provided by 1 crore term insurance LIC: Increasing sum assured and Level sum Assured.
  • This term insurance plan offers premium rates for non-smokers and smokers. The application of the non-smoker will be verified after the urinary cotinine test result.

3. LIC Tech Term Plan 1 crore

Tech term insurance policy is a pure-risk, non-linked premium plan that gives the option to secure your family’s future with a sum assured of Rs 1 crore.

Eligibility criteria of LIC Tech Term plan 1 crore term policy

  • The maximum age of maturity is 80 years.
  • The minimum age for this policy is 18 years.
  • The minimum sum for this tern policy is 50 lacs with no upper limit. But the basic sum of the assured amount should be a multiple of Rs 25 lacs.
  • The LIC term insurance policy plan of 1 crore term policy ranges from 10 years to 40 years.
  • The maximum maturity age for this insurance policy is 65 years.

Key Features and Benefits of Tech Term policy 1 crore term policy

  • The term plan insurance offers term insurance premium rates for women.
  • You can select for this term insurance from limited premium payment option, regular and single premium.
  • This insurance policy will also offer death benefits in installments.
  • This insurance plan also offers the accidents benefit or in payment of additional premium.
  • There are also includes 2 death benefits: Increasing sum insurance and level sum insurance.

Top 4 Rs 1 Crore Term Insurance LIC Policy in India 2021

One of the very important features of a term plan is that the amount of the term plan is given to you. This tells the level at which your family will be secured after your death many life cover term plans are very good according to the cover provided by them. 

Most of the people choose Rs 50 lacs term plan life cover, Thus Rs 1 crore term insurance policy and more are also becoming more popular in the market.

Let us have an eye to the sum of the good term plans of Rs 1 crore that are available

  • LIC term insurance plan.
  • SBI life e shield.
  • Kotak Mahindra E-Term insurance plan.
  • TATA AIA maha raksha supreme term insurance plan.

1. LIC term insurance plan

It is a non-participating as well as non linked online plan which some premiums that provide all the financial protection of the family of the insured person in case of his/her death.

An applicant can start this plan with an online application and no intermediaries. This policy also covers the NRI but in case of NRI must be present in the country for medical that is to be done by the insurance company.

2. SBI Life e shield

This plan offers very high coverage and it is non-participating as well as non-linked if any individual wants to cover the sum to be increased to 10 % every 5 years this plan is one of the best and it is not accessible.

3. Kotak Mahindra insurance plan

This plan gives all the financial protection to the family of the individual who has died. These plans have 3 layouts that are according to the policy chosen by the individual and the policies in 3 variants of 1 crore term insurance-

  • Life secure 
  • Life plus
  • Life

4. TATA AIA maharakshak supreme term insurance plan

It is an insurance plan which has a wide range of choices for an individual. This plan has an inbuilt accelerator that payouts 50% of the sum assured of 1 crore term insurance according to the policy if the policyholder is dealing with an illness.

LIC Policy with sum assured above 1 crore term insurance

Family is the prime concern of every person in this world and even you too. If you are looking to secure them financially if something miss happens to you there are many advantages of insurance policy as they provide maturity benefits too. An individual has a lot of choices to choose the best insurance plans for themselves and their family.

LIC insurance with a high assured sum

LIC is one of India’s oldest as well as trustworthy insurance companies. It has given a lot of benefits to countless people who have lost their family member that was their source of income-

LIC term insurance plan

It is a traditional plan that gives a high sum at a very low annual premium. These plans are very good, very cost-efficient, very ideal, very protective. IT has 2 faces-

  • Amulya Jeevan 1: It is an insurance plan that gives a higher sum with a long policy in which an individual has to pay a lot of premium and it has a good maturity value.
  • Amulya Jeevan 2: Amulya Jeevan 2 has no maturity value benefits but provides the entire sum assured to the death benefit.

E-terms of LIC insurance

This is an E- a term insurance plan that can be bought online and provides discounts on the premium to the policyholder who is a non-smoker.

Endowment plans of LIC term insurance

Endowment plans offer two types of plans first is participating and the second is non-participating plans. This means some of the plans are taking a part in the company’s profits and others don’t.

Single premium Endowment Plans for LIC term insurance

  • In this plan, they offer no limit in the maximum sum assured and it can be taken the entire premium in one lump sum.
  • This single premium policy gives you maturity benefits and a guaranteed value.
  • The minimum age of entry for this plan is 65years.
  • This single premium policy can also be used to secure the loan which you take.
  • This policy will range from 10years to 25 years period time.
  • This minimum sum is 50000 and the maximum is unlimited.

New Jeevan Anand

  • This is the Endowment beneficial plans or scheme which provides discounts on premium if the sum is assured in a high premium.
  • This plan’s duration ranges are 12 years to 35 years.
  • In this policy, the premium can be paid in the quarter, half month and, yearly or in 6 months or years.
  • In these plans, the maximum and the minimum age are 55 years and 8 years old respectively.
  • In this policy, there is no limit on the major sum assured and the minimum sum assured is 1 lacs.

Jeevan Rakshak

  • In this term insurance policy if you have an accidental case and term insurance riders and disability.
  • In this policy, the death benefit which is provided will never be less than 105% of the premium that is paid by the policyholder.
  • In this policy, they add some additional bonuses if the policy is mature.
  • In this policy they have no limits on the maximum sum assured.

Limited Premium Endowment Plans

  • This is the endowment plan where the premium is not paid upon the duration of the policy but is limited for the time period only.
  • In this policy, they have 3 tenures are 12 years and 15 years and20 years.
  • In this policy, the term premium is either 7 or 9 years.
  • These plans offer both maturity benefit and death too.
  • In this policy, the minimum term assured is 3 lacs but for the maximum, they don’t have limits.

LIC’s Jeevan Lakshya

  • This will be assured by an Endowment plan that provides maturity benefits and high sum assured to the policyholders.
  • In this policy premiums are paid annually, quarterly, half-yearly.
  • The duration of this policy is up to 12 years to 24 years.
  • In this policy, the minimum premium assured is 1lacs, and no limit for maximum

New Endowments plus

The new Endowment Plus is a unit-linked insurance plan (ULIP) and an endowment plan which they invest in many funds. It allows the policyholder to take benefits from it and build savings for it-

  • In this policy, the entry age is about 50 years.
  • In this policy, the minimum premium is about Rs 20000 in a year with no limit for maximum premium.
  • In this policy, the policyholders get some options to switch between many funds.

Money-back plans

A money-back plan is a life insurance policy that comes both for death and maturity benefits. It provides the life coverage policy and the maturity benefits are paid in installments in the way of survival benefits in 5 years. This plan is also available for 25 or 20 years plan term insurances. The premium which is paid to the family is tax-deductible under section 80C of the income tax act 1961.

New money back plan- 20 years

New money-back plans are that life insurance plans in which they come with a limited premium paying term. And this also has a combination feature against death which the term insurance along with the periodic payment at specified duration of the insurance term.

Benefits of LIC Money back Policy 20%

  • Survival Benefits

In this 20% of the sum will be paid to the policyholders as the survival benefits and the policy continues.

  1. Paid at the end of the 10th policy year
  2. Paid at the end of the 15th policy of the year.
  3. Paid at the end of the 5 years.
  • Death benefits

If the policyholder is dead within the duration of the insurance, then the sum of death and the bonuses will be provided to the nominee of the policyholder.

  • Additional rider available 

LIC’s disability rider and accidental death- 

  1. Income tax is also a benefit on the premium for section 80c and the claims received as per the section of 10D in the income tax act.
  2. In this policy you got a discount for half-yearly and yearly discounts.
  • Maturity benefits

If the policyholder survives with any kind of accident till the duration of the policy the holders get a 40%assured insurance and bonus paid to the policyholder as a Matured benefit.

  • Bonus

In this policy, they participate in the bonus of the company and the policy includes the final additional bonus and reversionary benefits.

New money back plans 25 years

Just like 20 years plan this also comes with a premium time period but its duration is 25 years. This plan is the best-combined plan for money back and death policies. This term insurance plan will help your family and give them financial support. In this plan, you also notice that if the policyholder has any accidental case then the sums are a pain in full maturity or lump sum to their family.

Features of LIC money back plan 25 years

  • In this policy, the plan provides a bonus at the end of the duration of the policy and also paid the additional bonus if the policyholder is dead and the maturity of the plan.
  • In this policy, the premiums are paid only for a limited duration.
  • The survival benefits are paid every 5 years which has a fixed portion of the sum under the plan.
  • In this policy death benefits are not deducted if the payments are paid under the money-back benefits.

Eligibility Condition of LIC bank plan

  1. Maturity age = Maximum is 70 years.
  2. The premium payment option= Limited pay
  3. Age at Entry= Maximum is 45 years and the minimum is 13 years.
  4. Premium payable plan duration is 20 years.
  5. The minor sum required for plans is Rs 1 lacs and is no major limit for that.

LIC’s New Bima Bachat

This is a plan which protects and saves the plans which are not linked and participate in the profits of the company. This plan is a money-back plan which gives financial protection against accidental death during the tenure of the insurance policy terms. In this plan they also take care of liquidity they need along with the loan facility.

Benefits of LIC Bima Bachat

  • Survival benefit

Under this policy the survival, 15% of the sum will be paid to the policyholder as survival benefits, and the policy will continue for the duration of the end. Under this policy, if the policyholder dies during the duration of the policy-

  1. In this high sum discount available under this policy.
  2. In this policy, the sum will be paid if the policyholders die within the 5 years of the LIC bachata bima plan.
  3. In this policy, if the policy completes the 5 years of bima bachat the sum will be assured and loyalty will be paid as death benefits.

LIC Bima Bachat Premium Details

Age Policy 15-year policy 12-year policy 9 years
30 years 77300 74212 72356
40 years 78184 74867 72908
30 years 77350 74212 72356

Pension Plans

A pension plan is the saving for you when you’re retired from the job and in this saving, you will depend on your whole life in it. Pension plans will choose by both adults or young it will help to secure your future in it-

Sr. No. Product name Plan no. UIN No.
1 LIC’s Saral Pension 862 512N342V01
2 LIC Jeevan Akshay-7 857 512N337V01
3 Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana  856 512G336V01
4 LIC New Jeevan Shanti 858 512N338V01

All these plans provide you with the specific help when you need it the most as a customer. If you want maturity plans then you choose an endowment plan, if you want protection then there are various LIC term insurance and pension or money back plans. And if you are not favorable of risks then you have ULIP plans which help you to make savings through investment in equity markets and debt.


In the current day, life insurance is a must, because anything can happen. It can be a miss-happening too. Since the premium of the policy is rising inflation, it is advised to buy term insurance plans while being young for the future.

If you want to live your life tension free about your family and loved ones will be safe in the future, the LIC term insurance plans will help you in that as you see the term plans and their basic information it will help to choose a better plan to secure your family and will take care of them if something miss-happens with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is term 1 crore plan insurance?
Ans. 1 crore term insurance policy is a one-time plan who provides all the sum assured to the nominee, in the case of accidental demise of an insurer. This 1 crore term insurance plan helps the family of the policyholder and provides financial help to them.

Q2.What is the premium amount for 1 crore term insurance?
Ans. Here we show you some 1 crore term insurance plans comparison with each other:

Insurers Name  Plan Names Premium
AEGON Life Insurance ITerm term insurance plan 8891Per Annum
Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance  iSecure term insurance plan 14512 per annum
HDFC Life Click2 Protect Plus term insurance plan 11144 Per Annum
SBI Life Insurance eShield term insurance plan 6300 Per Annum

Q3. Why do we need a 1 crore term insurance policy?
Ans. A 1 crore term insurance policy is necessary or important for you and your family as it will help your family after your death and cover all your liabilities like a car loan, home loan, and other debts. Some 1 crore term insurance plan provides monthly payouts and also offers the lump sum values which offers regular income also.

Q4. Explain the best 1 crore term insurance plans in India?
Ans. There are 5 best 1 crore term insurance plans in India-

  • ICICI Prudential= ICICI term insurance plans have a settlement claim ratio of 93.7% and the ICICI Prudential plans come at Rs 18,292 annually.
  • LIC 1 crore term insurance plan=  LIC 1 crore term insurance plans settlement claim ratio is 97.9% and the sum assured they offer is 1 crore with a premium of Rs 14,599 annually.
  • HDFC Life=  HDFC gives Click2 protect plus plan with the premium payment of Rs 11,144, this plan has claim settlement ratio of 90.4%.
  • MAX Life= Max Life insurance plan with an annual premium of Rs 9045. This insurance gives a claim settlement ratio of 95%.
  • Star Union Daichi Life Insurance= Star Union Daichi Life insurance offers a premier protection plan and Rs 21,999 paid for annual premium and has a settlement claim ratio of  93.5%.
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