How to Take Care of a Senior Family Member Diagnosed with...

Old Person with Alzhiemers
According to the National Institute on Aging, Alzheimer’s Disease affects people over 64, with early-onset Alzheimer’s afflicting those as young as 40....

The Most Effective Way to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test

Drug screenings prior to employment are already much of a hassle yet a few employers are making things harder by asking people to...

Various Role of Dentist and Types of Dentist Specialties

Roles of dentist
A person must visit the dentist twice a year even if there is no sign of problems as it helps in diagnosing any health issues that may arise in future.

Natural Remedies To Get Rid of Tooth Decay

Yes – various dental problems can affect various age groups from infants to adults. These problems may lead to unbearable pain or some serious dental...

The Mechanics of Top Detox Shampoos for a Hair Follicle Drug...

hairfall detox shampoo
Unlike the more common urinalysis, a hair drug test can paint a picture of your entire history of substance use (or abuse), and it takes a mere three days to get the results back.

Vasant Kusumakar Ras : Benefits, Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Price

Ayurveda is the study of maintaining health in healthy body and bringing back the same in the debilitated body. These 6000 years old science...

Saraswatarishta Benefit, Uses, Side Effects , Compositions & Dosage

Saraswatarishta – Uses, Dose, Side effects and Ingredients
Ayurveda has gifted us a lot of means to nourish us. Saraswatarishta is one such wonder of Ayurveda.

Praval Pishti: Benefits, Uses, Dosage, Ingredients, Side Effects & How to...

Praval Pishti – Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients, Side Effects
What is Praval Pishti? Made with coral calcium, Praval pishti is an Ayurvedic medicine used for the treatment of fever, cold, cough, pitta, ulcer, jaundice,...

Chitrakadi Vati : Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients, Side Effects & How to...

Chitrakadi Vati – Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients And Side Effects
Since time immemorial, Ayurveda helped as maintain health and happiness through its magical power. The main aspects of human existence are food and digestion....

Arjunarishta: Benefits, uses, Side Effects, Compositions & Nutritional Value

Arjunarishta Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients, Side Effects,How To Use
In ancient India, Ayurveda was the essence of life. It developed simple rules and medicines that were available around us. In its long history...

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